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Innovative marketing solutions delivery high-quality services to businesses: BrandCraft

Innovative marketing solutions delivery high-quality services to businesses: BrandCraft

In the highly competitive world we live in, marketing plays a crucial role in building businesses. The right marketing strategy can make or break businesses. Globally, there are various companies providing excellent marketing strategies, among them BrandCraft stands out. BrandCraft is a growth marketing agency specializing in achieving organizational growth for clients using a complete suite of branding, design, video, content, and digital marketing services. Known for initiating growth for businesses better than other agencies, the team is hyper accountable to performance in digital and creative services. As a team, BrandCraft is entrepreneurial-minded, understand business, and highly value direct communication. As a result, each client receives unfiltered data and consultation. Owners and executives value this performance, transparency, and honesty.

BrandCraft’s vision for the future is to help businesses both identify their target market and test their assumptions through research and execution. BrandCraft continues to elevate the service offerings of growth-oriented organizations who desire to achieve measurable and financially rewarding ROI for their marketing investments. The company is committed to serving motivated leaders and organizations. Using BrandCraft’s growth marketing methodologies, it leverages their motivation into a well-thought strategy and activates using its world class marketing services.

Integrated Marketing and Design

BrandCraft is here to alleviate the growing pains of marketing a growing business. It offers companies thoughtfully prepared creative services and tailored digital marketing solutions in response to data and analytics. BrandCraft does this all while keeping your brand cohesive. It’s the only way it imagines a modern company could compete and survive in an oversaturated market – at least without spending a billion bucks .Search Engine Optimization is a long term investment in your web property. BrandCraft uses modern SEO techniques to increase traffic and long term search visibility. It's a long play that requires earning traffic. No short term gains here - this is for the long haul. Search Engine Marketing is for quick results and improved visibility for keywords you may not rank well for. The benefit is you get real qualified visitors, quickly, and can start generating leads. Most businesses would be wise to leverage both SEO and SEM. Display advertising works great for brand awareness campaigns and to advertise products or services that may have low search volume. The benefits of display advertising are the ability to market directly to specific audiences. Social media remains the king when it comes to brand engagement, community building and reinforcing your brand image. Social media also is a key indicator for search results and increases the visibility and recognition of your brand.

Website Design and Development

BrandCraft takes a custom approach to each web build. From content to design its sites are custom built by its in-house design team and built to perform for its clients. Improve your customer's online shopping experience with a clean online catalog designed for the way your customer shops. Leverage your traffic from digital marketing efforts with a website designed to capture leads without distracting from your customer's experience on your website. 85% of consumers will interact with your website from a mobile device. Keep them engaged with a website built with mobile-friendly navigation. The world on the web moves fast, and a website facelift is needed to stay current with the times.

Graphic Design

As your business grows, your graphic design needs usually increase with it. Between logos, business cards, stationary, flyers, cut-sheets, and displays, your graphic design needs can be tough to manage. Graphic design is a communication tool that shares your brand's culture, style, and message. Make your brand message clear with a logo, letterhead, email signature, cards, brochures, and flyers designed with results in mind. Reinforce your marketing campaign goals for your next trade show, expo, or signage with detailed large format design. Graphic design is crucial to any multipage print material. When presenting your customer heavy information, effective graphic design will keep them engaged and package the content effectively

Branding, Identity & Logo Design

For startups or established organizations. BrandCraft’s process was developed for companies like yours to define and create the unique elements to Increase the value and reputation of your brand. Branding and identity can be a tricky thing to manage. Successful branding requires consistency at all touchpoints of your brand. This consistency leads to trust and buy-in from potential customers. Knowing the identity of your brand – how it looks, sounds, and feels – ensures the quality of that consistency. Working alongside you, BrandCraft can create a detailed brand identity that will act as your guide to consistency to increase awareness of your brand. Startups can be an exciting time for the founders.

Meet the leader behind the success of BrandCraft

Torey Azure, CEO of BrandCraft. Torey founded BrandCraft in 2012. An artist at heart with an entrepreneurial spirit. Torey’s background winds through Science & Engineering (a registered Civil Engineer) until he decided to chase his true passion – marketing. After short stints away, the Tri-Cities area lured him back to plant roots and put up shop. Free time consists of golf, coaching, beer tasting (12oz tasters), and photography.

“We are committed to serving motivated leaders and organizations. Using our growth marketing methodologies, we leverage their motivation into a well-thought strategy and activate using our world class marketing services.”

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