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Carebook: The Future of Care Is Data-Driven

Carebook: The Future of Care Is Data-Driven

The world is becoming more connected with each passing day. The health and wellness sector is also included in this development. After all, integrated health is empowering people and supporting them in their health journeys. Carebook, a Canadian company is at the intersection between health tech and human engagement. It is helping healthcare and wellness businesses understand the future of care.

Founded in 2012, Carebook has grown from being a company that had just five employees early on to a team of 40 in 2020. Based in Montreal, Carebook’s core is based in science and technology. The company relies on its philosophy that is people-first and its goal is to deliver connected health for everyone. Carebook is a powerful health platform that is capable of creating highly engaging, customer-centric digital products for pharmacies, insurance providers, governments, businesses, and more.

As newer technologies disrupt the health and wellness market, businesses need to develop solutions that are up-to-date with the times. Carebook is an expert in development of mobile and web apps. These can bring people and tech together by integrating systems like loyalty and dispensing. The company also has a scalable and secure Microsoft Azure system that can support the latest tech software such as rPPG which can be used to measure vital signs by detecting blood volume changes in microvessels.

A Great Workplace

Carebook is recognized as one of Montreal’s Top Employers and one of Canada’s Top Small & Medium Employers. The recognitions have come to the Montreal company due to its people-centric approach. “Foundationally, the approach to our team is the same as our approach to building products. We focus on people,” says Pascale Audette, CEO Carebook Technologies Ltd. Carebook’s team consists of talented people from diverse backgrounds including experts in the fields of health, digital engagement, engineering, and design, as well as advisors from the pharmacy industry.

The company is consistently on the lookout for quality talent to include in its team to build the best solutions in health and wellness. This also means occasionally consulting experts in the field to help steer growth in the right direction, which is why the company recently established an advisory board.

Carebook is a SME but it believes in taking care of its employees. This is evident when you glance at how it takes care of the employees. The company offers benefits that are akin to some of the largest companies out there. Its comprehensive plan includes a complete annual health assessment at a top healthcare clinic, a telemedicine app that provides 24/7 access to a health professional to the whole family and extra perks such as free flu shots and massage therapy.

In these pandemic-induced bad times, uncertainty and health issues are on the rise as employees work from home. Carebook being in the health and wellness space felt it was the company’s responsibility to take care of its employees. “Our employees know that they matter to us as much as our clients do”, says Audette. Carebook has provided office chairs and computer screens to their employees’ homes and they were each given a special $150 allowance to spend on anything that would help keep them physically and mentally healthy, such as an online gym class, a subscription to a meditation app or even a plant to brighten their work space. “Daily video meet-ups are held, and I make a point of offering words of encouragement and support as often as possible. In addition, those with children at home can work flexible hours. A virtual cocktail hour and a breakfast once a week have also been implemented to help alleviate feelings of isolation and keep our spirits up,” adds the CEO.

The Leader

Pascale Audette, CEO

She is a senior executive with over 20 years of business management experience in balancing strategy and operations. She has an established track record of building teams of experts committed to sustainable growth—including five years leading the explosive global expansion of The Walt Disney Company’s Club Penguin. Pascale understands the power of human engagement and is pairing this with scientific research to revolutionize the way people engage with their own health and wellness. She has a knack for managing change through growth, and developing new international markets.

She has co-founded, grown and sold her shares of Hyper Hippo Productions, a digital gaming studio. She has been on the board of many organizations. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Administration/Business from University of Quebec in Montreal.

“With the right information, prioritize and target your campaigns and health outreach programs for greater revenue and health outcomes.”

“Carebook is committed to our client and user security and privacy. We have strong corporate values around privacy, ethical collection of data, and use of personal data, and we employ strict adherence to the HIPAA & PIPEDA safeguards.”

“We believe in a world where everyone is empowered to be actively engaged and fully supported in managing and improving their overall health.”

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