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Cisive: Adding Innovation and Compliance to Every Client Engagement

Cisive: Adding Innovation and Compliance to Every Client Engagement

The technology-driven landscape and ever-increasing regulatory activity are driving employers to look for top talent in a highly competitive environment. Hence, companies have to increasingly focus on providing the best candidate experience which means balancing compliance and due diligence with efficiency. However, the latest technology can help drive efficient processes for employers, ensuring that their hiring goals are met. This is exactly what New York-based Cisive’s technology delivers.

As a global provider of compliance-driven human capital management and risk management solutions, the company specializes in onboarding and pre-employment background screening. The company provides its clients with a streamlined, high quality and regulatory compliant solution. Cisive’s services include vendor/contractor screening, drug testing, fingerprinting, paperless onboarding, and electronic form I-9/E-Verify solutions. They are experts in the specific risks and regulations that apply to the financial services and other highly regulated industries.

But Cisive is not new to the scene as it was founded in 1977 as CARCO Group Inc. For over 40 years, the company has provided tailored solutions to meet the unique requirements of their enterprise clients. The company launched its new brand Cisive in 2017 to keep pace with its impressive growth.

Today, the company provides comprehensive global background investigations on potential and current employees, vendors, clients, and business partners. Additionally, it also provides drug testing and fingerprinting services through alliance partners.

The Key Differentiator

Cisive was undoubtedly ahead of its time as it identified the industry’s pain point and set out to address it. It has been over forty years since its inception, but the company has maintained the same approach to quality despite the rapid changes in the technology scenario and the arrival of other background screening companies over time.

The New York-based company has set the standards so high that other prominent companies in the space consider Cisive as the gold standard to measure themselves with. While other companies may be selling today by maximizing the things Cisive does not such as low price or turn-around time performance, everyone knows where the high mark for quality and applicant experience is set and by whom.10 Best Security Companies 2020 Cisive

Cisive ensures the best background screening program in the industry by incorporating statutory and regulatory considerations, benchmarking, best practices, and hiring risk levels. The company has never had a judgment filed against it for violations of the FCRA or any other consumer reporting or regulation whether it is for healthcare compliance, financial service compliance or general HR compliance. They quintessentially provide the most accurate, reliable risk mitigation services to keep their clients out of harm’s way. It is the quality of service, robust reporting, cost-effectiveness, and the state of the art – 100% configurable, proprietary technology that sets them apart from all others in the industry.

Looking Ahead

Today, more than 15% of Cisive’s throughput is international work. The company recently upscaled its capability in background screening by acquiring the Pre-Employment Screening division of Blue Umbrella (now Cisive Global), which is a highly regarded background screening and due-diligence company in the APAC region. The company also acquired PreCheck, a well-known background screening company in the healthcare vertical which added to Cisive’s presence in transportation with DriverIQ, and railroad and vendor screening with eVerifile.

Looking ahead, the company will continue to expand its global footprint. At the rate it is growing, we predict that Cisive could soon become the top choice for Fortune 1000 companies in the highly regulated industries all over the globe.

Over the next few years, the human capital landscape is expected to change. And to keep up with the changing requirements, Cisive will be looking to develop leading-edge technology as talent acquisition and management continues to evolve. Distributed ledgers including blockchain are expected to act as disruptors and they will change the business models for the background screening companies. It will be interesting to see how Cisive will continue to innovate to hang on to its leading role in the industry.

The Leader Upfront

Prior to Cisive, Mr. Owens was a senior architect at Cap Gemini Ernst and Young (CGEY). Before that, he served the US Navy as a Navy Submarine Officer on the USS Atlanta (SSN 712) and the USS Albany (SSN 753). Owens has been very important to Cisive and has played an important role in transforming the company into an HR technology-enabled services company with a dual focus on HR onboarding and background screening at industry leading quality levels.

The Story Began in 1977

Cisive began its journey as CARCO Group in 1977 as a mom-and-pop company with just five employees. The company was set up to provide risk mitigation services in two different areas.

-Pre-Insurance car inspections to verify the condition of used cars after a sale. This was for the insurance carriers to prevent fraud.

-Pre-employment background screening.

Cisive over the years has grown from its initial focus, holding true to its original purpose. Today, it employs over 900 people in 10 locations across the globe and provides background screening and employee onboarding services to Fortune 500 companies. The company is now one of the best background screening firms in the world.

A Case Study

A company that was hiring over 10,000 employees per year was experiencing a time to fill of over 58 days for their new hires. As you might imagine, the time period was rather large. Much of this time was spent on manual and paper-based activities. The background investigations and drug tests were contributing to these 58 days but were not the controlling factor.

The time to fill was making the company uncompetitive in the marketplace for talent. To solve this problem, they chose to go with Cisive’s Onboarding Portal to eliminate the manual and paper-based activities. The partnership with Cisive enabled the company to automate many new hire processes while eliminating duplicate data entry and converting over 15 documents to an electronic format. The result was noticeable as the company was able to reduce their time to fill by over 17 days. Find beautiful girls around Birmingham escorts or near your location

“Cisive is completely compliance driven. We have had no class-action lawsuits or data breaches since our inception 40 years ago.”

“With Cisive, you will not only get a background screening partner, but a lifelong partner a company that stands by their work, protects their clients, and provides the consultation and guidance world-class organizations are looking for. It is for these reasons that many of our clients have been with us for over 30 years.”

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