Alexa ClearDATA – Helping Healthcare Professionals across the Globe to Safeguard Their Sensitive Data through Its Certified Cloud Platform
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December Edition 2021

ClearDATA – Helping Healthcare Professionals across the Globe to Safeguard Their Sensitive Data through Its Certified Cloud Platform

ClearDATA – Helping Healthcare Professionals across the Globe to Safeguard Their Sensitive Data through Its Certified Cloud Platform

The application of cloud computing in healthcare has been gaining a lot of traction recently. Whether it’s a part of the organization’s strategic vision of adopting digital transformation or a pressing need due to the changing environment. But if applied correctly, the role of cloud computing in the healthcare department can be quite prominent. Using cloud computing in healthcare is helpful in many areas, such as making the exchange of medical records easier and safer, automating accounting and supply operations, and simplifies the creation and maintenance of telemedicine applications. Cloud computing in the healthcare industry enables worldwide remote access to information, automated backups, and fast recovery. In addition, most cloud service providers offer risk management and monitoring services to protect against unauthorized access.

Unlike self-hosted models, cloud infrastructure provides the flexibility to increase or decrease their data storage depending on the patient inflow. This way, healthcare institutions can adjust their infrastructure cost depending on fluctuations and remove unnecessary expenses, which in most cases sums to a huge amount. The healthcare industry relies on huge stores of data, and the storage capacity needed to retain it all is substantial. To make matters more complicated, the list of requirements continues to grow as the amount of data amassed increases exponentially over time. Healthcare providers can access cloud computing solutions with a seamless experience, gaining all the benefits above and more. That means unlimited storage capacity, unprecedented scalability, improved security, remote care possibilities and machine learning and AI capabilities.

ClearDATA is a certified cloud services company trusted by healthcare professionals across the globe that safeguards sensitive data and powers their critical applications available across the major public cloud platforms. For healthcare organizations, customers receive one of the most comprehensive Business Associate Agreements (BAA) in the industry, combined with market-leading healthcare-exclusive security and compliance solutions, and multi-cloud expertise. ClearDATA's innovative platform of solutions and services protects customers from data privacy risks, improves their data management, and scales their healthcare IT infrastructure, enabling the industry to focus on making healthcare better by improving healthcare delivery, every single day.

Providing Healthcare Professionals with Best Cloud-Based Services

Healthcare Security and Compliance Platform: Healthcare is rapidly moving to the public cloud to scale - to harness the tremendous, untapped value of public health data and improve their constituents' outcomes and experience. However, many organizations express a lack of confidence regarding where to begin shoring up gaps in privacy, security, and healthcare compliance to safeguard the best sensitive health data (PHI/PII) in the cloud. These gaps create risk, and risk creates damage to your reputation and your finances. ClearDATA can help. The company's proprietary software serves as the Platform's foundation, arming you with automated safeguards, automatic remediation, and line of sight to real-time compliance reporting. Also, it provides solutions to assist your team in the identification, management, and use of PHI/PII in a compliant manner. The platform is both layered and modular to allow your organization to innovate in the cloud using the latest advanced software development technologies, including machine learning and artificial intelligence. Professional and tiered managed services complement the software package, ensuring seamless integration with any healthcare organization's cloud strategy.

ClearDATA Comply™: ClearDATA Comply™ is a multi-cloud healthcare compliance solution that alleviates the risk of non-compliance for standards such as HIPAA and GDPR, while also offering protection for your cloud environment. The HIPAA compliance software and services are available across the three public clouds (AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud). Comply automatically configures services in a safe and compliant way, so you know the resources that your team spins up are secure and protected to process, transmit, or store sensitive data and PHI. Comply comes with Automated Safeguards, which keep you protected throughout the lifecycle of your application. Comply also gives you visibility into your compliance status, as well as in-time and trend reporting, through Compliance Dashboard.

ClearDATA Assess®: As healthcare adopts advanced technologies to improve patient health outcomes, security incidents and breaches continue to increase in number and in sophistication. Risks that might compromise sensitive data within an organization can arise from any number of directions—an unguarded workstation within an office, a misconfigured server or firewall, or even a disgruntled employee are among many of the ways an organization might experience exposure. For this reason, organizations that handle protected health information (PHI) or have signed a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with a Covered Entity must conduct a Security Risk Assessment (SRA) on an annual basis, per the HIPAA Security Rule. ClearDATA Assess® software can help you meet the SRA documentation requirement from HIPAA, as well as understand and address where security and compliance vulnerabilities lie within your organization in order to safeguard sensitive data.

Designed to be a "one-stop-shop" for a healthcare or life sciences organization's compliance needs, ClearDATA Assess transforms the formal security risk assessment (SRA) service by providing customers with a software front end to make the process more efficient and manageable. Currently, SRA projects are mostly a human-driven assessment of risk for a healthcare organization, usually handed over in several documents. ClearDATA Assess introduces software to collect and house artifacts to analyze, as well as Risk Analysis Reports and Risk Mitigation Plans that are produced as part of the assessment. Customers will be able to take advantage of an easy-to-use interface to manage remediation tasks identified.

ClearDATA Locate®: ClearDATA Locate® is a product suite based on cutting edge technologies, such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML), engineered to enable customers to identify, manage, and compliantly use data sets that contain Protected Health Information (PHI) or Personally Identifiable Information (PII). ClearDATA Locate Mask is Software as a Service (SaaS) that allows healthcare organizations to mask or redact sensitive and identifiable data located in documents. Users can choose to mask up to 15 identifiers to mask or edit the field in their data. ClearDATA Locate Mask offers two tiers of identifiers available for masking, allowing more flexibility to mask only the data you need without removing all of the value from the dataset.

The Ardent Visionary behind the Success of ClearDATA

Darin Brannan is the President and Chief Executive Officer of ClearDATA. He is a highly successful tech entrepreneur and prior venture capitalist who is passionate about improving healthcare. Before joining ClearDATA, he founded, a leading Cloud Computing/SaaS provider. He raised $65M from top VC firms, grew the company to 700-plus employees, achieved a successful IPO, and recently valued it at $2B.  Before, Darin founded Verio, which grew to $325 million in revenue, a successful IPO of $1.2B market value, and sold shortly after that for $5.5B cash to NTT Data. 

Mr. Darin honed his skills in building start-up companies while working as a venture capitalist at Norwest Venture Partners and Burr, Egan, Deleage & Co., where he sourced, invested, and helped guide a dozen start-ups that were successfully acquired or went public. He is frequently invited to speak at venture capital conferences, including VentureBeat Summits, with his extensive VC experience. He has also presented at numerous national health IT conferences, including Cloud 2.0 and the Juniper IDEAS Connected 2015 Conference. Also, he sits on the boards of ClearVoice and @Risk. Darin holds an M.B.A. in International Studies from the University of Hartford and a B.S. in Business Administration and Aviation from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

“As the market leader for healthcare cloud computing and information security services, our solutions enable our customers to fully automate, protect, and securely manage healthcare applications, data, and IT infrastructure in the cloud.”

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