Alexa Coherent Solutions designs and builds advanced optical test solutions used by world-leading scientists and engineers

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Coherent Solutions designs and builds advanced optical test solutions used by world-leading scientists and engineers

Coherent Solutions designs and builds advanced optical test solutions used by world-leading scientists and engineers

Coherent Solutions make the world’s highest performing test and measurement instruments for high-speed optical communications. This is a privilege the company never takes for granted. In fact, like millions of businesses, it directly benefits from the advances in communications technology its products enable in research labs all over the world.

It’s this global perspective that has enabled the company to emerge as a world leader from its headquarters in Auckland, New Zealand. They are surrounded by technology companies making a worldwide impact. This provides daily inspiration to build best-in-class solutions by focusing on its customers’ needs and harnessing the latest advances in technology.

The firm’s motivation also comes from a desire to solve problems. And just like the industry Coherent serves, that’s how the company likes to measure its success. Coherent Solutions knows that the only way to be a world-class business is through its passionate and loyal customers and it will never pass up the opportunity to help them succeed.”

This customer-first philosophy extends all the way from sourcing the best components, assembling the highest-performing test instruments and empowering researchers and engineers with easy-to-use software. Coherent goes the extra mile to deliver the absolute best solutions to its customers. On this the company won’t accept compromise.

Coherent’s international team of engineers and developers has global experience, knowledge and capability. They understand your problems and can build bespoke solutions, backed by exceptional customer service. Coherent loves the excitement of solving complex and challenging problems that push the boundaries of technology. Coherent Solutions is up for the challenge and it hopes you are too.

World-leading photonics test and measurement solutions

The IQTransmitter enables quick and simple generation of phase modulated optical signals in one easy to use benchtop unit. It offers world-leading bandwidth of 40GHz, unrivalled by other commercially available coherent transmitters. Plus its unique range of customizations gives you unrivalled flexibility and even greater value.

The LaserPXIe 1000 Series is a Continuous Wave (CW), tunable laser source offering high-power output, narrow 100kHz linewidth and 0.01pm resolution tunability.

With seamless PXI integration, LaserPXIe can be easily integrated into new or existing PXI test setups. Save space, lower your costs and improve testing efficiency while delivering reliable and repeatable results in production or research environments.

Coherent Solutions’ epIQ-BERT is a 4-channel Bit Error Rate Tester for the design, characterization and production of optical transceivers and opto-electrical components at data rates up to 29 Gbps.

With 4-channels and exceptional signal fidelity, epIQ-BERT is a cost-effective solution for 100 Gbps test systems.

OSAPXIe – Optical Spectrum Analyzer Module: Coherent Solutions’ new OSAPXIe brings cost-effective spectral test and measurement to the market in a compact PXIe form factor.

OSAPXIe enables new measurement capabilities in PXI for truly effective mixed-signal testing. Conduct all your DUT characterization from one platform and spend less time switching cables and patchcords between instruments.

IQReceiver™ is the gold-standard coherent receiver for the measurement of coherent modulation formats such as QPSK, 64QAM and ODFM.

Features of IQReceiver™

High-performance, low-noise coherent receiver: IQReceiver is designed and built using the highest-performing discrete fiber optic components to provide superior fidelity measurement of coherently modulated signals. To minimize noise, IQReceiver does not use a transimpedance amplifier (TIA), a component often found in commercially available ICRs.

Dual polarization measurement: IQReceiver houses polarization selective hardware to characterize polarization multiplexed signals. LO input, signal output and internal laser outputs all use polarization maintaining (PM) fiber for the highest versatility.

Four single-ended outputs: Designed to be used with any real-time oscilloscopes with sufficient bandwidth and sampling rate, the single-ended outputs make it convenient to pair with the four input channels of most oscilloscopes. In high-bandwidth oscilloscope configurations where there are only two channels per unit, IQReceiver’s slim profile and wide footprint enable it to be placed between multiple oscilloscope units.

Built-in narrow linewidth tunable laser: IQReceiver comes with a built-in narrow 25 KHz instantaneous linewidth laser, making it perfect for coherent modulation formats that require high phase stability.

19 inch rack mountable: IQReceiver can be paired with the rack mount brackets for easy mounting in any 19 inch rack.

Product warranty: This product comes with a 3 year warranty.

Support and Resources

Relative Intensity Noise (RIN) Measurement: Semiconductor laser Relative Intensity Noise (RIN) is an important parameter that can cause significant degradation to the performance of fibre optic communications links. It is important for both laser manufacturers and systems designers to understand how RIN is measured to ensure reliable, accurate and repeatable results.

Meet Andy Stevens, PhD|CEO

Andy is a result-focused professional, offering comprehensive experience and visible achievements in the development and manufacture of opto-electronic, photonic and electronic products. He has a proven track record for building and leading successful product teams that take products from conception through to high-volume manufacturing. Andy is acknowledged for his ability to develop and maintain long-term successful relationships with partners, suppliers, and customers around the globe.

“From enabling pioneering experiments to driving highly-efficient production testing, you’ll find us working with customers to solve complex problems with simple, intuitive solutions.”

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