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Collabtech Group: Trusted Global Provider of Modern Collaboration Services

Collabtech Group: Trusted Global Provider of Modern Collaboration Services

Collaboration is the way forward. This belief is especially prevalent in the biggest of tech companies of today since collaborative services are helping cover many gaps in industries. And one of the best providers of these services is Collabtech Group based out of Mesa, Arizona.

Founded in 2016, Collabtech Group got its big break when it provided services for the launch of the original Microsoft Surface Hub. The company has been able to sustain a great relationship with Microsoft since then and has grown. We interviewed Shawn Leonard, CEO of Collabtech Group, to gain some insights into the splendid work that the company does and its relationship with Microsoft.

Why did you choose to become a Microsoft solutions provider?

When I started Collabtech, I had another successful business. During this time, some of the work I did involved Microsoft around the early collaboration work in the original enterprise space which was very exciting. I asked Microsoft at the time “I’m thinking of going all in on this collaboration space...What do you think?” and the overwhelming response was “Yes”, matched with an enthusiastic support. It was at that point that I realized that I had to give it a shot. We haven’t looked back since then. That initial encouragement from Microsoft was invaluable.

Could you talk about your products and services in brief?

Our services bring our clients’ collaboration hardware and software products to life by providing a high-quality experience including installations, integrations, and user adoptions. Our business model is different which means that we don’t compete with other Microsoft partners. But we provide services to help their partners engage better with their own clients. Our aim is to help organizations work better together.

How did the client responses motivate Collabtech to grow as a company?

Clients did not have the knowledge they required to get the best out of the products they were purchasing. Our motivation came from wanting to solve this common problem. So, we partnered with the vendors to solve this problem. We began initially with only one client and today we provide services for five of the top six technology brands worldwide. By building our reputation through consistently delivering value and maintaining our core knowledge base as early adopters of the latest collaboration technology we remain at the top of our field.

How do you manage to serve the needs of the highly volatile market?

We do this by being flexible, maintaining consistency in service quality, and the currency of knowledge. We continue to expand our relationships and the product range that we provide. Traditional business models now require complimentary, nimble, and trustworthy relationships. It is this combination has brought us a lot of business by demonstrating an ability to work with others.

What is the impact of cloud on a company’s IT infrastructure today?

Collabtech is a fairly young company (established in 2016). It was born in the age of cloud so it is fair to say that our company would not have existed without the cloud. Cloud is part of our DNA and our customers. Moreover, it has shaped our team’s experience.

We use collaboration technology as the backbone of how we work and it has benefitted us in a range of ways including talent attraction and retention. For example, by providing a flexible approach to work, we hire for the right person regardless of where they live. This means we get access to a wider range of people into the business and they tend to stay longer.

Do you think IT enterprises should embrace AI to drive business processes?

I cannot profess to be an expert in AI, but I have a straightforward view. If embracing AI means removing repetitive tasks which people don’t have to do and if its application, instead, frees them up to work at a higher value for themselves, their organizations, and society, then I can’t see why you wouldn’t consider AI.

What are the five success factors of your organization?

We keep our approach simple and focus on action. We do this by:

1) Having the right people

2) Providing an end-to-end global service (we cover 120 countries)

3) Building trust in all our relationships

4) Doing what we know well

5) Having fun

How big is your organization today?

We punch above our fighting weight and are hiring almost every day. We have global coverage which extends to over 120 countries in 7 different languages. Our company is truly a family. I’ve known our management team leaders for over a decade and some for more than two decades. So, this means that we have experienced people in our team whom we trust to do well in global as well as in the local markets.

Collabtech Pioneer

Shawn Leonard, CEO

Bit by the entrepreneurial bug, Mr. Leonard has loved building business from a young age. He loves meeting new people from around the world and likes learning about the latest collaboration technology.

“Become a part of the modern workplace and experience productivity at its best with services from Collabtech Group!”

“I think it’s important to be transparent, enjoy what you do and whom you spend time with – time is too short to not enjoy your work.”

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