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Coreix – Providing Next-Generation Virtualization Solutions for All Verticals

Coreix – Providing Next-Generation Virtualization Solutions for All Verticals

Website hosting companies that offer Managed Services are valuable business partners. They are especially valuable to those who need a full service support team from their website host. The host manages the client’s server and takes care of all technical issues and maintenance needs. The client still has full administrator access but does not have to worry about upkeep on the software. Of all the options offered by website hosts, Managed hosting will fit the needs of many companies the best. It might cost more than other options, but the increase in reliability and features makes it worth it. The client still has the access they need, but none of the technical issues to deal with. Considering the potential profit available from having an online storefront, this is a smart investment for most companies.

Coreix is a managed hosting, colocation and network services provider which offers secure, agile, scalable and robust hosting solutions to clients in varying sectors including enterprise, financial services, government and public sector as well as Insurance, wholesale, oil, bitcoin and manufacturing. As each of their clients have a different bespoke requirement, the team at Coreix also offers tailored hardware and software solutions ranging from single dedicated servers to managed multi-server clusters, public and private cloud services, secure cages, private suites, from its energy efficient carbon neutral tier III datacenters across London to cater to their needs to their locations in Frankfurt, Sofia and beyond.

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Coreix Affiliate Programme: Coreix was formed in 2003 to answer the need for a customer-driven managed hosting provider with unparalleled expertise, cutting-edge technology and award-winning industry-leading customer service. Their partner channel allows you to utilize the expertise either by introducing them to clients directly or by reselling their services and technical support. Make the most of the SLAs and accreditations allowing you to focus on what is most important to you, your business. Leverage the full product portfolio here at Coreix and partner with them to sell their services.

Public Cloud Services: Cloud computing provides easy, scalable access to computing resources. It’s so versatile that almost every business today runs with at least one cloud component. At Coreix they have a variety of public cloud platforms which the company has partnered with. They have developed extensive expertise and offered innovative products that give you reliability and security for your data. Coreix Public Cloud allows you move and innovate faster without the worry of resources or infrastructure. It offers a nearly limitless pool of raw compute, storage and networking components. With Coreix public cloud you get the advantages of public cloud but with their additional SLAs to ensure they can answer any questions you may have. This allows for you to benefit from the scalability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness of cloud but unlike the public providers, they offer the Coreix SLA as a standard to field any questions or concerns.

Private Cloud Solutions: A private cloud is a computing service offered either over the Internet or a private internal network to selected users (your company) only, not the general public. Being a cloud service, private clouds have all the cloud benefits of self-service, scalability and elasticity with additional control and customization. Private clouds deliver a much higher level of security and privacy. The main advantage of a private cloud solution is that resources aren’t shared with any external entities. A private cloud consists of cloud computing resources used exclusively by your organization. This is hosted by Coreix on one of their data centers or multiple depending on your requirements. The services and infrastructure are always maintained on a private network and the hardware and software are dedicated solely to your organization. These solutions offer greater visibility into infrastructure and enable more stringent cloud security in addition to easier control over data locality, improved data governance and low-latency performance.

Managed Services: IT works best when you don’t notice it. But when things go wrong, resources are stretched, staffs are reduced, vendors are late or maintenance is not maintained, your IT performance is at risk. Which means your business is at risk. The truth is, most companies don’t have the resources, expertise and financial resources to manage their infrastructure in-house to a reliable and secure level. With Coreix, your IT is in safe hands. They can handle all your essential IT requirements, including the support needed for remote office working, within the SLA and all to its exacting high standards. 

Andy Roberts | Managing Director

With over 25 years' experience in the finance sector – Andy brings extensive knowledge of the financial services sector, especially related to IT, Governance, Compliance and Risk Management. Andy has been an executive and non-executive director of a number of companies in a variety of industries. Andy’s primary role as Managing Director is to lead the business, define the company’s strategy as well as heading up the company operations.

"Our datacenter facilities give you the option to choose from simple shared colocation all the way through to private suites, allowing us to cater for all business requirements."

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