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Create the best customer experiences, at scale: Edify

Create the best customer experiences, at scale: Edify

Co-founded by Cameron Weeks and Bracken Fields, Edify is a global communications company with the goal of making business communications as easy as personal ones. The pair created their first VoIP company in 2007, grew it into a global platform, and have been building contact center solutions together ever since. Their mission to fix enterprise communications once and for all led them to start from the ground up with a platform of their own. Edify knows the frustration of bad service because it is also a customer - so the founders built Edify to finally give people the technology they need and deserve.

Customer service is broken - stuck in a time warp. As everything has evolved around it, the technology available to support the way businesses engage with customers has mostly stood still. The tools we have on our phones are wildly superior to what's available to us when we engage with our favorite brands. The truth that no one wants to say out loud is that Big Tech has held the customer experience hostage for decades with its giant servers, complex implementations, buried software, and expensive contracts. And that's just not ok with us. So Edify was founded to seize the opportunity in the void and to remove the roadblocks between your brand and the experience everyone deserves. Edify is a customer helping customers. Employees helping employees. Edify is a group of people helping people have better experiences at work and in life.

With customer experience being the final frontier in winning the hearts and dollars of consumers long-term, the brands that prevail are going to be the ones who have the tools to do what no one else can. At last, there's a predictable, reliable, cost-effective, transparent, full-featured, cloud-native, easy-to-get-and-use, intuitive, accessible, genius single piece of software that's changing everything.

Edify CX unites CCaaS, UCaaS, and CPaaS/API functionality in a cloud-native solution that lets users move seamlessly among channels within one conversation, just as it does on our phones. By switching to Edify, you get:

  • Global availability
  • Real-time redundancy
  • No-waste pricing
  • 100% SLA Uptime guarantee
  • Unparalleled call quality
  • Higher agent productivity

... And a whole lot more. The time for more enjoyable work and better service experiences is here - and so are the tools.


The best customer service experiences happen by design. Construct robust, highly personalized customer journeys, tailored to your needs, with Edify’s drag-and-drop workflows tool. The company likes to call it “the brain” of the platform. It’s easy to see why. Many other CX tools require specialist expertise or they solely handle routing. Edify’s workflows feature a simple interface and power customer interactions from start to finish. Build robust workflows in minutes, leveraging multiple data sources, with no coding required. This powerful tool is also available as a standalone product - Edify Workflows℠ - for customer experiences that don’t require live agents. Get customers exactly where they need to go and keep their data current. Plus, at the conclusion of every interaction, workflows can automatically send wrap-up notes from the agent to your CRM. This means the next time that customer calls, your agent can pick up exactly where they left off.

  • As a no-code visual design tool, workflows make it easy to build customer journey flows. Closely manage every step and design every aspect of the conversation flow within a single interface with features like:
  • Self-service via chatbots, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and speech-enabled Interactive Virtual Agents (IVA)
  • Built-in AI for agent assistance, like dynamic scripting
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for real-time agent guidance and links to knowledgebase articles
  • Triggers and interaction prompts for proactive service
  • Post-interaction surveys

Help customers across every channel, 24/7, so they rarely ever need (or want) a human. Hammond, Edify’s bot, gives customers self-service abilities first, moving conversations to the right agent when necessary. Hammond understands natural human language, whether written or spoken. Automatic sentiment analysis saves time and boosts data analytics - as well as flags important coaching and training opportunities. These technologies, coupled with seamless ties to leading CRMs and other sources, finally make frictionless self-service possible. If customers don’t need to talk to a live agent, why would they? Make it easy for them to find all the answers, on all channels, at any time. Edify’s virtual agents use conversational AI and ML. By utilizing chatbots alongside your human workforce, you can create a truly seamless service experience. Most importantly, it makes doing business with you a whole lot easier for customers. Get customers to where they need to go. Fast. Create quick and effective call flows using drag-and-drop workflows while ensuring a great self-service experience every time. Intelligent IVR flows utilize triggers to route interactions to a live agent when necessary, so customers aren’t left waiting.

With machine learning-powered bots providing instant support and routing, customers don’t have to wait for the next available agent. Say goodbye to missed chats and abandoned call queues. Edify’s built-in bots are the answer to staffing your customer service department seven days a week. Natural language understanding (NLU) and sentiment analysis enable bots to understand and answer a variety of questions in record time. And with multi-language support, every customer gets answers to what they need. The best part? AI and ML-powered bots get better over time, right along with your customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores.

Cameron Weeks, Co-Founder and CEO

“Edify delivers an all-in-one contact center and unified communications solution that works on every channel, for every customer, to solve every problem. On a single screen. Do More With Less.”

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