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DataStax: Active Everywhere, Every Cloud

DataStax: Active Everywhere, Every Cloud

Data-driven decision making and application development are changing the world we are living in. The traditional relational databases that are used around the world are simply not good enough anymore to process the huge volumes of data and to run applications continuously. New problems require new solutions. In the present day scenario, the enterprises need an always-on distributed cloud database to handle the huge volumes of data. DataStax’s Enterprise platform, with its right-now approach, provides exactly this.

Located in the hotbed of technology, the Silicon Valley, DataStax came into being in the year 2010. DataStax helps the enterprises of today with their real-time and always-on distributed cloud database that is built on the Apache CassandraTM. Moreover, DataStax can work with a hybrid cloud environment.

Today’s demand of high scale, high performance, and continuous availability cannot be met with the old relational databases. DataStax powers real-time mission-critical applications that are available on a continuous basis. Their flagship product, DataStax Enterprise enables companies using it to make data a centerpiece of their organization. This further lets the DataStax customers scale and innovate at ease at a breakneck speed.

The company also believes in preserving data autonomy. The DataStax customers get to retain complete control of their data irrespective of the infrastructure that is being used to control the data. This gives their customers the flexibility to manage their data in multi-cloud environments without relying on the underlying infrastructure. Thus, enabling companies to use the multi-cloud data management strategy.

The company has grown significantly since its inception and helps the world’s leading brands, including Capital One, Cisco, Comcast, eBay, McDonald’s, Microsoft, SafeWay, Sony and Walmart, transform their businesses through right-now applications focused on enterprise optimization and customer experience. With as many as over 400 customers from all over the globe seeking DataStax’s help, the company is growing by the day as its demand increases in the market.

The DataStax Chief

Billy Bosworth, CEO

When he joined DataStax in 2011, the company was sub-$1 million in revenue. Under his leadership, the company grew to a $100 million dollar company with over 500 employees today. Billy is a tech pioneer with over 25 years of experience in the field. His role in the database industry has ranged from database administrator to a senior executive.

Prior to DataStax, Billy was at Quest Software. Here, he was the VP and GM of the database business unit. Under his leadership, Quest Software’s database business grew from supporting traditional RDBMS to a portfolio that included tools for NoSQL, cloud, columnar, and Hadoop databases. Before Quest Software, Billy spent most of his career as a software engineer. He holds a B.S in Computer Science from the University of Louisville. He was also a scholarship football player for the Cardinals while he was studying here.

eBay and DataStax: A Success Story

eBay is one of the World’s largest online marketplace where practically anything can be bought and sold. Since 1995, the company has been worked as a medium where buyers and sellers come together. Today, the online giant serves 171 million customers with over one billion live listings.

eBay has been the customer’s pick for over two decades because of its ability to turn huge mountains of data to intelligent searches that provide insights to its customers. Their data centers have regularly performed billions of reads and writes every day. But the demands are growing all the time. For as much as a billion live listings the company needed a solution that would help them meet these demands without having any bottlenecks, scalability issues or any transactional constraints that plague traditional relational database approaches. eBay also wanted to perform a rapid analysis on a broad assortment of the structured and unstructured data it captured.

The DataStax Solution

DataStax deployed its DataStax Enterprise Platform to solve these issues. With its reliable, real-time, distributed and fantastic capability to scale, the DataStax Enterprise was used across eBay’s data centers all over the world. The result was nothing short of amazing!


  1. Storage volume went up automatically, up to 250 TBs.
  2. The capability of handling data velocity with 6 billion and 5 billion reads per day.
  3. It helped the company develop the product catalog. The catalog is a core to eBay’s amazing customer experience.
  4. Users could now search by product instead of going through listings with just a click on their mobile device.
  5. Enabling a visual search option. This lets the users in searching the eBay inventory by taking a picture of the item they want.

We have to be ready for disaster recovery all the time. It’s great that Cassandra allows for active-active multiple data centers where we can read and write data anywhere.

-Technical Architect at eBay

Get a holistic, real-time view of every customer to create seamless, instant, relevant experiences.”
DataStax powers the Right-Now Enterprise with the always-on, distributed cloud database built on Apache CassandraTM and designed for the hybrid cloud.”

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