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DefinedTalent: Strong Talent + Great Employers

DefinedTalent: Strong Talent + Great Employers

Finding the right people to form professional partnerships at a workplace is one of the hardest things to do in any kind of organization. Hence, identifying and attracting exceptional talent is of great importance. But it is easier said than done.

DefinedTalent is a leading organization that provides talent services that help people and organizations connect. It humanizes the process of bringing in great talent that is best suited for forging everlasting and dependable partnerships. The company’s innovation is led by Tara Thurber, Director of Talent Innovation. We recently interviewed her to know more about the company’s approach towards helping organizations attract the best talent available out there.

How do you stay updated with hiring trends?

I make sure to always stay curious, ask questions and do research. I’m always reading some of the latest articles, and speaking with clients to understand what their struggles and views are. Also reading different Blogs to get different perspectives on various recruitment topics, webinars, industry reports, and events – well they used to be in-person but now they are virtual.

How important is networking? What are your preferred networking methods?

Networking is the key ingredient. I am a “connector,” networking has always been the biggest part my strategy. Whether you strike up a conversation with someone while waiting in line (6-feet apart of course) or with a friend of a friend who connects you with someone looking for a job, networking is extremely important. It’s the lifeline in this my area of expertise. This profession heavily relies on who you know in order to cast the web wide enough to help the most people that you possibly can.

Social media is big. Hence, networking and connecting via social media channels/web groups/forums, meetups, and video chat groups is on way to do it. I love live events too. It is always a fun way to find people with similar interests, passions, and inspiration who are out there trying to make a difference. I’ve always left those events with fresh dose of motivation, having made connections and immediately began collaborating in some way, shape or form.

For me, networking at the end of the day is just being a friend. Stop looking at it as a “business” relationship and just focus on the relationship/partnership aspect. Networking is more about a personal relationship.

How do you assess current employees to discover fits to open positions?

DefinedTalent has many ways to assess the connection between clients and talent. One of the ways we do it is by utilizing a Personality Assessment tool that captures core traits of an employee. This can help to determine their strengths and weaknesses as well as evaluate skill set to then determine if their current role is the right fit. This tool helps with recruiting as it measures an individual’s natural personality, first impression, and how one adapts to change. This is an amazing tool as it really opens up communication right out of the gate to figure out who fits where in order to be successful.

We also do skill/technical assessments to measure their trained skills pertaining to particular roles, suggest classes to enhance their skills and help them with personal branding.

Help us understand how unique your services are.

DefinedTalent stands out as we are a small team that can make a big impact. We are hunters. We source using multiple channels and platforms utilizing artificial intelligence. We find talent that have been tested and qualified for their particular practices as well as gaining knowledge on a talent’s natural personality, first impression and adaptation to change, opening the doors of communication.

We humanize the process to help identify and attract exceptional talent while creating an everlasting and dependable partnership. We are there every step of the way. We have redefined recruiting processes by partnering with our clients to strategize, write detailed and profile focused job descriptions and act as a visiting direct team member in order to enhance the employee/talent experience. Our focus is always on quality, not quantity.

Tell us about DefinedTalent team's coaching techniques and strategy sessions.

DefinedTalent comes with certified Life/Career Coaches. We offer coaching services for individuals or group/team leadership coaching. Also, if anyone takes the PREP Personality Assessment or ELI Assessment, the DefinedTalent team does one-on-one coaching on the reports. We also provide a Coaching Guide that is unique to the personality traits of the talent you are bringing on. This Guide provides all the information your managers need to manage, communicate with and nurture the individual you are hiring.

We welcome strategy sessions with clients and talent to really be able to connect and see their vision. We are there every step of the way with each client/talent as they need to scale, educate themselves internally as well as partner with us to lessen the load. We understand. We are a real and authentic team that genuinely cares.

Meet the Leader

Tara Thurber, Director of Talent Innovation

Tara is responsible for re-defining the recruiting process of DefinedTalent as the Director of Talent Innovation. She humanizes the process by partnering with individuals and clients to help meet their needs. Prior to DefinedTalent, she was the Direct Hire Consultant for Vitamin T. She has been the Director of HR at Throtle, a data on boarding company focused on individual and deterministic matching. She has also been the Director of Recruiting at V12 Group.

She is a certified Life/Career coach. She specializes in helping people find happiness, success and their highest potential by discovering their True Core.

“DefinedTalent comes with certified Life/Career Coaches. We offer coaching services for individuals or group/team leadership coaching.”

“DefinedTalent has many ways to assess the connection between clients and talent. One of the ways we do it is by utilizing a Personality Assessment tool that captures core traits of an employee.”

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