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Delivering dynamic content that can't be ignored: Enplug, Inc.

Delivering dynamic content that can't be ignored: Enplug, Inc.

Traditional digital signage is so difficult to use, that the task is perceived as more painful than it is important. As a result, the same content gets left on loop for a long time. But digital signage has the power to improve internal communications and capture customer interest. But for many organizations, digital content management is still time-consuming. Non-reliable management tools make it difficult to know which displays are working and what content they’re showing.

Enplug’s award-winning digital display software streamlines digital signage management. Manage your screens anywhere, anytime with smart content scheduling, live content previews, device monitoring and automaticsocial media filtering.

Our signage software takes the guesswork out of digital displays, giving brands and marketers the ability to focus on what matters — delivering dynamic content that can’t be ignored.

Enplug Reliable Enterprise Tools

Enplug Enterprise offers the scalability, security and control needed to power even the most sophisticated digital display networks. Manage thousands of screens and users with enterprise digital signage that ensures your network is up-to-date and secure.

Complete Flexibility to Scale Your Enterprise Network

Advanced User Roles: With user roles, you can create customized groups of user permissions that make it easy and secure to manage hundreds of internal enterprise users. Access to content and settings for each display streamlines the process of coordinating screens between multiple locations and departments.

Unlimited Users & Cloud Storage: The best digital display networks have great teams behind them. We believe you shouldn’t have to upgrade when adding new team members. That’s why we make it easy to add unlimited new users. With Enplug Enterprise digital signage, you'll never worry about how much content you have or where it’s stored. We let you focus on what you do best – keeping your audience interested and informed. And you get the confidence of best-in-class security since cloud content is served from a global CDN (content delivery network) over encrypted communication channels.

Automatic Updates: When you choose Enplug Enterprise, you’re investing in the future. We release updates to our display software and management tools on a weekly basis. We’ll never charge you for updates because we want you to always have the best and latest in enterprise digital signage software.

Custom Apps: Want to integrate your digital displays with your mobile app or other internal systems? Enplug’s versatile commercial sign software gives you the ability to develop a private app for your network. All of Enplug’s apps are built using the Enplug Developer SDK  

Leading enterprise security

Security Processes Are Core to Our Product: Enplug’s advanced  enterprise signage software features, internal technology, and procedures ensure customer data and accounts are secure. Our engineers use continuous automated security testing and recurring comprehensive 3rd party penetration testing and security audits to stay ahead of cyber-security best practices.

Security Features Are Designed for the Highest Standards: With User Roles, Configurable Password Policies, Two-Factor Authentication, and Single Sign-On support, Enplug customers have full control over access to their display networks. Enplug servers are hosted at Tier IV or III+, SSAE-16, PCI DSS, or ISO 27001 compliant facilities.

Leading Cloud Digital Signage Software

Whether you’ve been using digital signage for years or are just getting started, storing your digital content so that it’s easy to access and maintain is the best way to make sure your communication strategy is a success.

Cloud-based digital signage hosts and manages display data off-site and delivers your latest content wherever, whenever. In a digital-first world, this flexibility helps you meet evolving consumer and employee expectations to create meaningful connections with your audience. With its flexibility, security and scalability, there’s a compelling case that cloud-based digital signage solutions offer a smarter approach to digital content as compared to traditional on-site solutions.

Benefits of a Digital Signage Cloud

Enplug’s digital signage management solution lets you schedule, preview and post content anywhere, anytime. And, with our cloud-based solution, you’ll get more efficient digital content management that includes:

Simple Setup: Cloud-based digital signage software is easy to set up, integrate and deploy since it requires no local space and won’t interfere with existing applications. This reduces potential entry barriers and eliminates excess complexity.

Lower Costs: Cloud solutions are typically priced monthly or annually, and are much lower than the cost of buying and maintaining server hardware.

Complete Accessibility: Content stored in the cloud is accessible anytime, anywhere and from any device, allowing you to check display status, push new content or schedule posts on-demand.

The Enplug Advantage

As a full-featured cloud digital signage software provider, Enplug offers a powerful signage management platform that hosts your digital content in the cloud.

Our advanced user roles and permissions make it easy to manage access to your visual content, while our identity management features guarantee it’s secure. With server maintenance and updating handled by our team of experts, your data is stored securely and always accessible, so you’ve got more time to create content that conveys your brand message.

“Enplug digital signage makes it easy to scale your communications with compelling content delivered to screens across the room or around the world.”

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