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Delval Technology Solutions Providing Comprehensive  IT Management

Delval Technology Solutions Providing Comprehensive IT Management

"We manage our customer’s infrastructure and we manage their IT budget as if they were our own."

In today’s digital world, reliable information technology systems, security and networks are what sets your business apart from your competition. The ability to execute and operate efficiently enables you to deliver value to your customers. Businesses need to have a technology partner who can ensure that their systems and technology are working at a level of excellence. Delval Technology Solutions, based in Southeastern Pennsylvania, is a leading provider of Managed IT and Managed Security services. In its tenth year of business, DTS is focused on helping its customers achieve their information technology goals.

DTS provides the full range of traditional managed IT services, managed security services, and cloud based solutions that enable them to efficiently and systematically manage their customers’ technology infrastructure. The company also offers a co-managed IT service that enables them to work hand-in-hand with existing IT staff when that is required.

Their strategic partnerships and buying power enables them to provide enterprise-class solutions to small and medium-sized organizations. Over the past couple of years they have driven hard into the security service and compliance market. “We understand the latest industry trends and regulations that are driving the ever-increasing need for IT security and compliance in the private marketplace,” says Micah Bosico, President and Founder of DTS.

While maintaining an in-house full-time IT person is often a temptation for many companies, Delval provides a depth and breadth of service that a single IT person simply cannot match. Their systems management practices ensure that most problems are eliminated before they even occur.

A Trusted Partner

Most businesses depend on their IT infrastructure and consider it to be “mission critical”. DTS provides the IT solutions they need to protect that infrastructure and keep it operating reliably so companies can remain successful. It doesn’t matter whether you are in the financial, healthcare, or manufacturing vertical - if you need a solid infrastructure, Delval can help.

One of the reasons DTS has been so successful since its inception in 2010 is due to its customer-centric approach. “We are successful only when our customers are successful. We earn our customers’ trust every day, and over the past 10 years our quality of service has enabled us to achieve the highest customer retention rates in our industry. Quality service, proactive systems management, and advanced security services give us the edge we need to deliver consistent value to our customers,” says Bosico.

The Delval team strives to invest in the growth of every one of their customers with a firm belief that their success is tied directly to their customer’s success. “We manage our customer’s infrastructure and we manage their IT budget as if they were our own. We streamline and consolidate where it makes sense and save our customers from the hassle, downtime, and high costs that internal IT departments often have,” Bosico adds.

The DTS Edge

Not only do they have an exceptional product mix including traditional managed services, but they also provide hosted services out of their data centers, as well as managed security and IT compliance services. They are excelling in an extremely crowded marketplace. How? “We maintain our edge by hiring the best talent, pursuing training and continuous improvement, and working closely with our industry partners,” says the Founder.

Meet the Founder

Micah Bosico, President and Founder

He has been a technology industry executive and an entrepreneur for more than 30 years. At Delval Technology Solutions (DTS) he is responsible for daily management of the company. Prior to DTS, he held leadership positions at a variety of companies in the financial services, retail and utility industries. He has also been a consultant for renowned tech firms.

Micah holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from Clemson University. He also has a master’s degree in Information Systems Management from Webster University. He also has project management certification from the Project Management Institute (PMI).

Advice to entrepreneurs/startups: “Focus on understanding what your customers really need, so you can help them achieve their goals.”

Words for DTS employees: “I would encourage our people to continue to embrace the rapid pace of change in this industry, and work hard to understand the technologies that are going to shape the future.”

His vision for future: :“We are moving fast to embrace IT compliance as the next major change and new opportunity in our marketplace.”

“We are a trusted partner, and over the past 10 years we have retained 100% of our customers. We provide high quality service, rapid response, and proactive systems management.”

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