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Echologics: The Acoustic Science Experts in Leak Detection

Echologics: The Acoustic Science Experts in Leak Detection

Our infrastructure has come a long way with growing cities and the ever-expanding industries. Our dependency lies on water utilities and system operators to fulfill today’s increasing water demands. It is extremely important to efficiently manage water resources to meet the needs of future generations. However, every year there are billions of gallons and billions of dollars lost to water pipe leaks and breaks. There’s a need for a cost-effective and user-friendly technology to better manage water systems.

This is where Echologics ups the game. With its long history of developing award-winning acoustic technologies, Echologics is a leading force in the field of leak detection. The company also develops a condition assessment of distribution and transmission mains. Over the years, end-users are confident that they have access to the best-available acoustic technology when they partner with Echologics.

The company states: “Based on our core expertise, multiple technologies have been developed, including hand held listening devices and correlator units for leak detection, next-generation continuous leak detection monitoring platforms and user friendly condition assessment technologies – this is just the start of how acoustic science technology will be applied to help overcome water infrastructure challenges.”

Fact box

  • Founding year: 2003
  • Headquarters: Mississauga, Canada
  • Acquired by Mueller Water Products in 2011
  • More than 100 global employees
  • 8 international offices with global project delivery capability
  • Invested in a large-scale research and development facility

Echologics was founded on joint collaborative research with the National Research Council of Canada. As a pioneer in developing the advanced acoustic technologies, Echologics’ products and service enable non-invasive diagnostics of water utility pipeline infrastructure. This also includes water loss management, leak detection, pipe condition assessment, etc. Echologics has enabled industries, municipalities, and industrial businesses to reduce costs, prioritize capital spending, and to boost their water infrastructure efficiency. The company’s successful endeavors include working with businesses across Europe, the Middle East, North America, Asia, and Australia.

Behind all of these developments and implementations are a team of energetic, hard-working, and friendly members. Always looking for new ways to help clients, the Echologics team consists of engineers, scientists, and technicians. They all work closely with clients and other partners and come up with innovative and next-gen tech solutions to reduce water loss and extend the life of pipelines.

Mueller Water Products- a leading manufacturer and marketer of products used for the management of water networks is a business affiliate of Echologics. Muller Water Products goes back to 1857 and offers a broad range and service portfolio that includes engineered valves, fire hydrants, and the broadest product line of residential water and gas metering products and systems. With nearly 5,000 employees from Muller supporting Echologics, it can provide water loss management products and services, leak detection solutions, pipe condition assessment anywhere in the world.

Partnering for a better world

Echologics has a smart cities partnership imitative. Partnering with IBM and AT&T, Echologics and the EchoShore-TX deployment in Las Vegas is part of the Global City Teams Challenge, a program sponsored by the National Institute of Standards and Technologies that fosters and showcases new technologies to create “smart cities” using IoT connectivity and networking technologies. The Las Vegas deployment incorporates AT&T wireless connectivity to collect, transmit and manage data from the EchoShore-TX monitoring nodes, and IBM-developed software providing an analytics-based water management system with analytical, visualization and reporting capabilities.

Acoustic technology- proven!

Echologics has a strong commitment when it comes to research and development. The company’s portfolio features many unique technologies that help in various stages of an infrastructure management program. These patented technologies are the star services provided by Echologics. Let’s take a brief glance at these services:

  • Condition Assessment

With Echologics’ Condition Assessment, you can rapidly understand the condition of buried water main infrastructure. The acoustic signals help to assign a grade just based on the condition of the pipe segment.

  • Large Diameter Leak Detection

This proven acoustic leak detection technology combines with leading-edge wireless connectivity. More importantly, it proves as a cost-effective solution for leak-detection and monitoring.

  • Small Diameter Leak Detection

The small diameter leak detection helps to pinpoint the leaks in small diameter water mains at the exact spot. The accuracy is combined with speed and applies to all material types including cast iron, ductile iron, and PVC.

  • Non-Revenue Water

The technology assists in improving a water utility’s efficiency by assessing and quantifying water loss components. The efficiency extends to both- financially and operationally.

Pioneering Innovator

Eric Stacey- VP/GM

Eric has over 15 years of experience working with high-tech companies in the water industry. He leverages this knowledge to help develop next generation, IoT based solutions at Echologics.

“Echologics has a long history of developing award-winning acoustic technologies for leak detection and condition assessment of distribution and transmission mains.”

“Based on our core acoustic science expertise, multiple technologies have been developed, including correlator units for leak detection, next-generation continuous leak detection monitoring platforms and user-friendly condition assessment technologies.”

“With a strong commitment to research and development, our portfolio features many patented technologies that can help utilities at various stages of an infrastructure management program. Learn more about our different solutions below.”

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