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Evoque provides companies with a unified offering of colocation, connectivity, and cloud engineering

Evoque provides companies with a unified offering of colocation, connectivity, and cloud engineering

Evoque’s market-first Multi-Generational Infrastructure (MGI) strategy enables its clients worldwide to develop and utilize both reliable colocation and hybrid cloud offerings for all businesses taking an application-first approach. Evoque delivers a combination of connectivity, security, and redundancy that leaders increasingly require in their digital transformation initiatives. The company supports a diversified base of mid- to large-size enterprise and hyperscale customers across multiple segments, helping them comply with regulations like HIPAA, NIST, ISO and more. Evoque is a portfolio company of Brookfield Infrastructure Partners, a leading global infrastructure asset manager that owns and operates high-quality, long-life assets in the utilities, transport, midstream and data sectors across North and South America, Asia Pacific and Europe.

Evoque evolves to deliver on the promise of your infrastructure strategy

Evoque is a bridge to the future. Their cloud, connectivity, and data center solutions evolve with their customers, delivering the connections that enhance their growth and empower progress at scale.

BRIDGE: Be the bridge between the problem and solution, cloud and colocation, resiliency and velocity, in the present and the future.

EVOLVE: Continually evolving Evoque’s mindsets (and industry) ; always sitting on the same side of the table as their customers supporting their business as their needs change over time.

ADVANCE: Promoting great ideas and planting a flag on the digital frontier; discovering the most secure, performant, and forward-thinking solutions in the market.

CONNECT: By seeking to understand, relationships become consultative instead of transactional. culture of service creates deeper connections and a foundation of trust.

GROW: With an eye toward the future, Evoque supports the growth of their colleagues, customers, and communities, helping push the limits of what’s possible.

Digital Infrastructure Evolved

After acquiring AT&T’s storied data centers in 2019, Evoque has evolved to become a digital infrastructure powerhouse. Their carrier neutral, cloud enabled Data Centers, located in the USA’s largest markets, coupled with best- in-breed AWS, Azure and GCP professional services provide the expertise and ecosystem for enterprise to thrive at scale.

Evolve with Evoque

Building secure data centers, alongside fault tolerant, self healing, cloud enabled, and automated workload is Evoque’s specialty. The company is uptime obsessed and committed to delivering the best colocation and cloud solution for their customers from one generation of their application to the next.

Cloud-enabled, carrier-neutral colocation

Delivering Operational Excellence, Uptime, and Peace of Mind: It’s not surprising that Evoque’s distributed, multi-tenant data center locations all have industry leading uptime track records. They have  designed them that way. And with Evoque’s seasoned data center professionals providing remote hands alongside 7x24x365 security, their customers can focus on what they do best and leave the space, power, security, connectivity, and cooling to us.

Application-First, Infrastructure-Agnostic Colocation

Evoque Empowers Business Evolution with Multi-Generational Infrastructure. Your business needs to evolve, at Evoque the team believes your infrastructure should be able to evolve as well. Shift your spend between colocation, CloudOps, and cloud connectivity with Evoque SpendAgility.

Your success is our success

Evoque has evolved.  Their colocation, cloud, connectivity and hybrid solutions are designed to be uncompromisingly secure, performant, resilient and flexible. They are bucking the status quo and shaking up the multi-tenant data center industry, and look forward to showing you and your team the Evoque difference.

Business at the Speed of Light

Evoque connects the world so you can advance your business. Their Inter-connectivity solutions help improves business outcomes by simplifying the deployment of workloads across your blended infrastructure.

Carrier Diversity, Carrier Choice

Evoque’s carrier ecosystem connects carriers and customers to deliver workloads at the speed of business. Their carrier neutral stance empowers more carriers to build into their data centers. Their  customers have options of multiple carriers to deliver their primary and redundant circuits to meet the moment and scale.

Dedicated Cloud Connectivity

Seamlessly connect your private infrastructure to your public or private cloud resources with a fully redundant network giving you the privacy, reliability, and control you’d expect from a high-performance hybrid cloud architecture.


Your applications evolve; at Evoque they believe your infrastructure should be free as well. What if you could shift your spend between colocation, cloud and everything in between? With SpendAgilityTM, your colocation costs can be reallocated to colocation, cloud, connectivity, cloud engineering or colocation at a new Evoque location throughout your contract term.

Welcome to Evoque build

Build the Future with Evoque, Digital Infrastructure Evolved: At the confluence of creativity, flexibility, sustainability, connectivity, favorable tax jurisdictions, security and compliance, you will find Evoque’s strategic properties and Evoque’s Mission Critical Team eager to assist with your custom data center project. Wholesale whitespace, dedicated pod, greenfield, or brownfield, put us to work for you, to help define the future and make your new build or wholesale vision a reality.

Flexibility to Drive Your Project to Success from Inception to Completion

Financing: With the backing of Evoque’s Parent Company Brookfield Infrastructure Partners, Evoque’s build-to-suit customers tap into a game changing ecosystem.

Planning: From tax incentive & carrier mapping, to PPA and vPPA expertise,  BTS team has the experience to plan and deliver your data center, on time and on budget.

Building: Evoque’s construction partners keep the build on track, and on-spec. Since they own the data center, or the permitted land they speed to market is unparalleled.

Operating: The company can hand you the keys or operate your facilities 24/7/365. They know data centers inside out and are obsessed with operational excellence & uptime.

Lease: Flexible financing options customized to your enterprises’ unique situation and goals. Lease the space, or buy back outright or over time.

Andy Stewart, President & CEO

Andy Stewart joined Evoque Data Center Solutions in June 2020. As President & CEO, he is responsible for setting and managing the strategic priorities of the company, leading Evoque into its next phase of global growth and profitability. Andy is a results-driven executive with a unique mix of technology, finance, and operations experience.

“At Evoque, we believe the application’s resource demands, function, performance, cost, security should be the criteria for infrastructure choice.”

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