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Delivering excellent Privacy Control Center for modern brands to build trust and comply with current and future regulations: DataGrail

Delivering excellent Privacy Control Center for modern brands to build trust and comply with current and future regulations: DataGrail

With the core belief that trust builds transparency, Daniel Barber and Ignacio Zendejas set out to build DataGrail, a privacy platform to help companies build robust privacy platforms that empower people with more control over their privacy and identity. Organizations today rely on dozens of inter-connected data platforms-- SaaS apps, data lakes, and hosted databases -- making it difficult to know where all of a single person's data could be. But with the right solution, it is possible to make sense of privacy, and turn it into an advantage to make your company standout. DataGrail platform eliminates complicated, manual and time-consuming processes associated with emerging privacy laws. The company finds and untangles the terabytes of data companies have, make sense of it, and organize it into an easy-to-use privacy program. DataGrail offers continuous data mapping, automates data subject requests, and performs unified preference management.

DataGrail takes a deeply integrated approach, and it designed its platform around hundreds of pre-built connectors with the most popular business systems, making it seamless for an organization to build a quality data foundation for their privacy program. DataGrail designed the DataGrail Integration Network to directly connect with internal data platforms, and 1000+ of the most popular cloud apps and infrastructure providers. Not only does the team make it seamless to build a quality data foundation to automate and scale your privacy program, DataGrail is also uniquely capable of detecting shadow IT that contains information surrounding personal data and puts compliance at risk. And it doesn’t pawn integration development off on middleware vendors. DataGrail builds and maintains its own connectors and information integrations, so it is in control, and you get easy onboarding, continuous data mapping, real-time maintenance, and heightened protection and security.

DataGrail platform

At the core of any data privacy platform and solution is a data map, because to complete a data subject request you need to know where to look to access your data. DataGrail’s Live Data Map provides a blueprint of where data lives in your organization. And, any changes made to the systems used at your organization are kept up-to-date. Within minutes, complete a data subject request (DSR), eliminating error-prone manual processes and ensuring continuous compliance. When a data subject request (DSR) comes in, Request Manager instantly identifies where personal data is located across your entire business through DataGrail’s discovery process, accesses it, and populates the details of the request into your online dashboard. Fulfill DSRs accurately, efficiently and seamlessly without the risk of missing any steps in regulatory compliance or inadvertently breaking any data privacy laws.

Don’t take chances when it comes to brand trust. Future-proof your company’s exposure with an intelligent solution for DPIAs. Risk Monitor auto-populates assessments using DataGrail’s network of 1,400+ deep integrations. No need to involve technical teams or hunt for personal data in your tech stack. Complete data protection impact assessments using prompts designed by privacy experts to optimize submissions, and empower your team to comprehensively complete assessments that reduce privacy risk.

Request Manager

DataGrail can minimize risk of data being missed or inaccurately retrieved, deleted or anonymized. DataGrail’s software will also help you track all requests to ensure nothing slips through the cracks and that all requests are processed with precision. Managing DSARs manually can take your legal, IT and engineering teams offline for days, one request at a time. DataGrail offers tools to handle data subject access, deletion, and do-not-sell (opt-out) requests in a repeatable, scalable way.

Businesses are required to keep an up-to-date record of processed consumer data. But your teams’ surveys and spreadsheets are risky, manual and costly. DataGrail auto-detects and categorizes which systems in your business hold personally identifiable information (PII). Receive alerts when new third-party systems are added to eliminate error-prone, time-consuming, and manual data mapping exercises. Create a blueprint of systems that hold PII within your organization. DataGrail’s software detects up to 50% more PII in third-party SaaS, and organizes and categorizes the information to show where and how the business is using personal data. Carrying out data mapping exercises can be time consuming and expensive — especially if you rely on outside consultants. Instead, DataGrail connects to your SSOs to auto-detect which systems hold PII, saving your team days of time and money.

Data Privacy for Retail & E-Commerce Companies

Investing in privacy does more for your company than mitigate risk: It’s a revenue accelerator. DataGrail helps you strike the right balance between serving your customers best and treating their data with respect. You’ve already invested in building relationships with your customer base. DataGrail supercharges your ability to create memorable experiences with their personal preferences in mind, creating a flywheel of trust with privacy in the center. With the only data mapping technology backed by 1,700+ deep integrations, DataGrail creates comprehensive privacy policies so you can be responsive to consumers’ expectations and regulations as they evolve — without spending more.

DataGrail offers no-code onboarding, which means you can skip the operations queues and get up, and running with your privacy program in days — not weeks or months. Ongoing management is powered by a clean, streamlined UI that anyone on your team can use. You do better business when buyers personalize their experiences. Optimize yours with DataGrail and enjoy increased buyer attention. It’s time to meet the 75% of people more likely to spend money with brands whose privacy practices they trust.

Daniel Barber, CEO and Co-Founder                                                       

“DataGrail takes a deeply integrated approach, and we designed our platform around hundreds of pre-built connectors with the most popular business systems, making it seamless for an organization to build a quality data foundation for their privacy program.”

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