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December Monthly Edition 2022

Flexe – Solving the most difficult omnichannel logistics problems for the world’s largest retailers and brands

Flexe – Solving the most difficult omnichannel logistics problems for the world’s largest retailers and brands

The omnichannel logistics model has demonstrated its value in terms of upholding operational and business continuity. Omnichannel supply chains are already the standard, whether it’s a small business or a giant e-commerce company. Especially when online and offline shopping is becoming increasingly hazy. Beyond the pandemic, this is anticipated to continue to be the new standard. It is compelling warehouse owners and the logistics industries to adapt more quickly and adaptably to the shifting needs of markets and customer preferences.  The COVID-19 epidemic has been named the decade's key driver for the digital revolution in the retail industry. Almost every area of the economy has been affected by the pandemic, but mainly the retail and service sectors. The conditions of the new normal have altered consumer behavior patterns, particularly the widespread usage of internet purchasing. Online buying was already perceived as quick, convenient, and widely available, but the epidemic added the qualities of safety and inevitability. Omni-channel customer logistics continues beyond the store via online channels. These are designed to build relationships with customers and influence their opinions and purchase decisions, especially for those customers who prefer to do their shopping outside brick-and-mortar stores. Omni-channel customer engagement continues beyond the store via online channels. These are designed to build relationships with customers and influence their opinions and purchase decisions, especially for those customers who prefer to do their shopping outside brick-and-mortar stores.

Flexe is one such company that solves the hardest omnichannel logistics problems for the world’s largest retailers and brands. Integrating technology, open logistics networks, and elastic economic models allows Flexe customers to move fast, at scale, and with precision. With Flexe's omnichannel logistics shippers can synchronize inventory, logistics, and distribution across sales channels to meet consumer demand. Every facet of the supply chain is involved, including the retailer, manufacturer, distributor, and wholesaler, whereas the sales and shipments are optimized. With Flexe you can ensure that all your logistics needs are met, and with its digital platform, it is easy to track shipments and large orders with open communication as and when you need it.

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Seattle, Flexe brings deep logistics expertise and enterprise-grade technology to deliver innovative eCommerce fulfillment, retail distribution, same-day delivery, and network capacity programs to the Fortune 500.

Defining the Future of Omnichannel Logistics

Flexe Logistics Network: The Flexe Logistics Network connects retailers and brands to one of the largest networks of distribution and fulfillment centers, transportation, and parcel carriers. Make smarter use of capital with a flexible logistics network. Its expedite network expansion and growth through a flexible, asset-light model. No upfront costs or term agreements, just better omnichannel operations and a smarter use of capital. The Flexe Logistics Network includes world-class fulfillment providers across North America. Execute and optimize enterprise-grade eCommerce operations across as many locations as necessary to improve delivery promises, manage peak season demands, or launch new products. The Flexe Logistics Network is trusted by the world’s largest companies because it grants direct access to world-class warehousing and distribution partners across North America through a single integration, with a single contract, finance, and performance agreement, all transactionally priced. There is growing pressure to provide faster shipping options for online shoppers. Top retailers require logistics solutions that deliver fast shipping without increasing operational costs. Because of the inherent flexibility of Programmatic Logistics, Flexe customers can launch new distribution centers closer to end customers quickly and reduce delivery time—from order processing to final-mile delivery—to two days. Faster shipping options lead to lower cart- abandonment rates, increasing annual eCommerce sales by 20% on average. In addition to the quantifiable cost savings and revenue increase, businesses using Flexe experience benefits across the organization. Because Flexe customers use an existing network of fulfillment and distribution partners, there are no high, upfront capital costs, fixed leases, or long-term warehouse contracts. Customers save costs by paying only for the services they use, when they use them.

Flexe Logistics Distribution: Consumer demands for fast eCommerce delivery and buy online/pick up in-store (BOPIS) are increasing dramatically. As a result, retailers and brands recognize the need to rethink their current logistics frameworks. They must look for ways to optimize and expand their networks to reach end customers as quickly and efficiently as possible. Many turn to Programmatic Logistics. Programmatic logistics helps organizations solve specific, omnichannel challenges. Unlike traditional solutions, Programmatic Logistics allows organizations to move fast, at scale, and with the precision required to solve the world’s most complex omnichannel logistics problems. Avoid stock outs and lost sales. Deploy inventory closer to retail locations and partner intake centers to replenish goods faster and be more efficient. Replenish faster to keep goods in stock, and sales high. Lower logistics costs with efficient distribution. Place distribution centers close to retailer intake centers to decrease transportation and warehousing costs with Flexe. There are more than 1,500 options in the Flexe Logistics Network. Users can centralize key workflows for managing inventory, shipments, and billing, across every operator in the network. Get ahead of delivery deadlines and maintain OTIF requirements.

Flexe Logistic Operations: Eliminate upfront costs and pay only for the resources that are utilized across each location. Implementation, onboarding, day-to-day management, and more, is fully handled through Flexe Logistics Operations. The combination of deep logistics experience and commitment to customers is the difference. Using programmatic logistics, customers can dynamically adjust distribution and fulfillment networks to meet the needs of changing markets. By reducing inventory replenishment times and optimizing for shorter delivery. Traditional warehousing solutions typically require huge upfront costs and have fixed capacity and term agreements that don’t easily adapt to rapid market changes. Rigid terms and contracts often leave organizations with wasted space and inflated operational costs. A programmatic approach to logistics optimizes for attributes like warehouse specifications, charges, and location, making it possible for retailers and brands to launch the nodes that are exactly right for their needs. Flexe customers see an average reduction in warehouse operations costs by 12% and realize an average $9.8 million savings by consolidating warehouse contracts. The flexibility of Programmatic Logistics also allows organizations to quickly add strategic fulfillment and distribution centers closer to end customers, improving delivery times and reducing last-mile transportation costs by 10%. And, organizations use warehouse capacity as-needed, reducing capacity costs by an average of $5.1 million.

The Power of an Omnichannel Programmatic Approach

Programmatic logistics contains four main components:

  • Logistics programs are transactionally priced services that solve discrete omnichannel logistics challenges that retailers and brands face every day, which many customers run concurrently for a multi-program approach that addresses multiple needs.
  • Networks of independent warehouse and transportation partners integrated through a shared platform and central deal exchange.
  • Technology that centralizes the distributed execution, management, and measurement of Flexe Logistics Programs. It unifies multiple warehouse providers in the Flexe network to accelerate speed to market.
  • Optimization of network nodes, warehouse management, order management, inventory placement, and delivery promises to achieve efficient and customer-centric omnichannel execution.

It’s time to start taking a programmatic approach to logistics. Flexe is the leading Programmatic Logistics solution for the Fortune 500 and brings deep logistics expertise to solve the most complex supply chain problems.

About | Karl Siebrecht

Karl Siebrecht is the co-founder and Chief Executive Office of Flexe. He is a seasoned technology executive, with leadership experience in both startups and large, global corporations. Prior to co-founding Flexe, Karl was CEO of AdReady, a Seattle-based advertising technology company. He is also a founding Board member of EnergySavvy, a SaaS-based solution for energy efficiency management. Previously, Karl was President of Atlas at aQuantive, before its $6B acquisition by Microsoft, and earlier in his career he was a Manager at Bain & Company in Boston and a Diving Officer in the U.S. Navy.

"Flexe is disrupting the $1.6 trillion logistics & supply chain industry by creating the open logistics network that optimizes the global delivery of goods."

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