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Genea: Improving lives with Innovating Property Technology Solution

Genea: Improving lives with Innovating Property Technology Solution

Technology and innovation are rejuvenating the world around us. Every segment of the world is changing with the help of technology. From our toothbrush to the house we live in.  As property managers cannot respond to a tenant’s needs 24 hours a day. However, technology partners and smart property apps can by reconstructing tenant handbooks and replacing manually written signs on the bathroom door. Thus, property developers are developing houses and workplaces with the help of technology. And those days when our house or the workplace, replies to us like in movies aren’t very far. Some companies are developing property technology which will be a go-to trend in near future and one such company is Genea. Genea is a leading provider of cloud-based property technology. Their technology improves the lives of leading enterprise and commercial real estate customers.

Genea provides best innovation to drive the future of property technology. Genea helped over 4,500 companies streamline their operations and transform with their visitor management, cutting-edge access control, after-hours HVAC solutions and submeter billing. With the combination of customer-centric support and advanced technology, Genea has always been trusted by the teams from Fortune 50 companies, national healthcare systems, corporate real estate, global enterprises, and more.

Products Genea provides

Genea has a cloud-based access control portal. Genea’s completely cloud-based access control portal is built to be managed from any location. Manage credentials of the platform monitor all access activity globally, and assign mobile keys from any device, anywhere, at any time.  It also provides mobile access control. With Genea, using a mobile phone a door, gate, network, and other services can be opened. In workplaces mobile access control can be streamlined for employees by putting all the credentials they need right on their phones. Genea’s mobile access doesn’t require any other key cards or peripherals to function flawlessly. Genea’s cloud-based credentialing system allows distributing mobile access to employees with just a few quick clicks. It introduces the future of access control. It automates access control for modern buildings.  Browse user activity, access alerts, alarm data and hardware status without navigating through countless windows. It is the only platform for complete building access control. It allows adding tenants and removing users to save property teams time and money and increase security. This platform also provides a tenant portal and touch-less visitor management.

Their mobile-first, cloud-based system provides tenants with a simple, intuitive way to submit after-hours HVAC and lighting requests directly from their smartphones. Property management teams receive and fulfill those requests through an automated system that then generates billing, all without lifting a finger. This platform helps to save even more energy and money in the buildings by having tenants go “on-demand” with their HVAC requests. Genea’s cloud-based Overtime HVAC platform fully automates HVAC services and billing for tenants and property management teams. Their system eliminates manual work and takes the guesswork out of billing, all while using the existing hardware and building management system. The company provides BMS agnostic solution. A Genea device acts as a powerful gateway between the platform and the users’ BMS. This device works with the user’s existing building protocols to deliver after-hours HVAC to tenants. It’s the ultimate BMS-agnostic HVAC solution. Keep what’s familiar. Over time HVAC easily integrates with the user’s existing building management system. Genea’s interface connects to the building network with two non-proprietary ports. Anyone in the platform can connect via serial communications-based R2 232 or 485, the internet, or any other network.

Genea has also simplified submeter billing. The cloud-based, automated submeter billing software of Genea works with the existing networked and non-networked meters to streamline the submeter reading and billing process. With the help of this platform one can ditch the spreadsheets and clipboards to take the guesswork out of submetering once and for all. The software of Genea can be integrated with the meters which already has for all utility types (water, electric, etc.), whether they are networked or non-networked. Genea is the best way to eliminate expensive installation and set up the system in a matter of days so that one does not miss a billing cycle. Their innovative, cloud-based system maximizes the efficiency of the tools which are already used, which means savings the property owner can pass along to their tenants.

Thus, the ability to provide all the futuristic quality each person wants in a property, makes Genea the best as well as fastest-growing property technology company. Genea stays committed to providing innovative technology solutions. With new product features released every quarter, they help their customers to achieve a more secure and efficient future. Genea is committed to deliver the highest level of customer support and service. Genea treats each interaction with the teamwork customers deserve and transparency.

Michael Wong, CEO

“Improving lives in spaces where people live, work and play through innovative property technology solutions.”

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