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Go beyond visibility with AppNeta

Go beyond visibility with AppNeta

Businesses of all sizes are dependent on cloud services because it is pocket friendly, provides guaranteed security, and it is highly scalable. Cloud services give huge results with less expenditure well, not only that, it is highly competitive as it offers world-class enterprise technology.

AppNeta was born for a purpose. Well to explain it further, in the fast paced world of digitization, cloud always holds the prime position and constant connectivity to business-critical apps is a must.

AppNeta is unique; it provides precise, end-to-end visibility into the network performance from the end-user point of view. Because it’s delivered as a SaaS application, AppNeta requires minimal impact on your resources. It can be deployed in hours, offers steady, predictable costs and can scale as your organization grows.

TruPath™ Technology does it all

This technology is crucial for AppNeta Performance Manager. The company said, “We've built a unique solution that gives visibility into the public internet and 3rd party networks required for modern business. TruPath™ is the core technology behind AppNeta’s ability to see into these 3rd-party networks.”

AppNeta’s technology is flexible and works for two-ended paths where Monitoring Points can be placed at both the ends and single-ended network paths where IT doesn’t own or operate the target infrastructure.

TruPath™ technology works by sending and receiving many varied short sequences of packets. Those packet trains are transmitted using the commonly available IP network mechanisms ICMP or UDP to defined end hosts (also called targets). A target is any IP stack that can respond to an ICMP-based ping or can send back a UDP or TCP packet. When this capability is combined with the company’s Usage data, AppNeta can also support paths to apps that are supported by dynamic endpoints or clusters like Office 365, G Suite and others. TruPath™ automatically discovers network paths across any network, including Equal-Cost Multipath (ECMP) networks, by using ICMP-, UDP-, and TCP-based traceroutes.

Deep Packet Inspection

Where NetFlow fails, AppNeta steps in to offer deeper insight. NetFlow provides a limited data set that you have to store, parse and dedicate 5% of network overhead to transport. AppNeta’s powerful technology fixes these limitations by collecting and analyzing 100% of your network traffic, compressing and encrypting before transfer, and managing storage. “We run the packets through our deep packet inspection engine on our purpose-built Monitoring Points, which can identify more than 2,000 applications. It then sends the analysis to our cloud platform while maintaining less than 1% network overhead.”

What AppNeta monitors

Today’s application delivery paths are more complex than ever, often including direct Internet connections from far flung remote offices. TruPath™, a patented core of AppNeta’s network technology, is able to quickly reverse engineer queues and exercise any given network path to its maximum possible level, doing so with an absolute minimum of data inserted into the path. Then, it dynamically learns how a given network path will perform from the application’s perspective.

Using packet dispersion technology, TruPath™ can build up a complete set of network statistics very quickly using special patterns that detect packet interference. TruPath™ was designed to run on production networks by maintaining very low overhead. It actively probes the specified network path and generates one or more packet timing distributions for that path achieving similar accuracy to flooding without the impact.

Packet-level Visibility

AppNeta looks at packet-level data from two perspectives: active and passive. The active methodology includes TruPath™, which forms, sends, and analyzes packet responses over the network as well as its active synthetic transaction testing for web-based applications. The passive packet collection and subsequent Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) analysis reveals what apps are currently in use on the network.

The passive approach involves real-time, 100% packet analysis with an AppNeta Monitoring Point to identify and discover what apps are currently running on the network. AppNeta automatically categorizes and classifies traffic to show IT the allocation percentages of their network capacity by recreational apps and business-critical ones. AppNeta then lets IT drill down into granular data on the experience of specific office locations, apps, and users. At the lowest level, TCP retransmit rates are displayed alongside the contributions of network and application latency.

“AppNeta is a SaaS platform that enables large enterprises to gain visibility into their business-critical applications as experienced from remote offices and to understand how the networks that drive them operate.”

“With proven deployment at the world’s largest enterprises, AppNeta customers have the confidence and comprehensive visibility needed when and where issues arise.”

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