Alexa Got you covered: EnterpriseDB's customized services and best practices can augment your team's Postgres skills

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Got you covered: EnterpriseDB's customized services and best practices can augment your team's Postgres skills

Got you covered: EnterpriseDB's customized services and best practices can augment your team's Postgres skills

The need for an effective database management system is higher than ever. A proper database management system helps organizations increase accessibility to data, which in turn helps the users share the data quickly and effectively across the organization. On the other side, ill-effective database management can turn your organization upside-down. Therefore, implementing the right database management system is the need of the hour. In the light of foregoing, we introduce you to EnterpriseDB (EDB), the Enterprise Postgres company, which delivers an open sourced-based data management platform, optimized for greater scalability, security, and reliability.

EDB is a leading global provider of Postgres with 16 offices worldwide. EDB enhances Postgres making it enterprise ready. EDB Postgres makes organizations smarter while reducing risk and complexity with enterprise-proven management tools, security enhancements and Oracle compatibility.

Over 4,000 customers worldwide including ABN AMRO, the American Automobile Association (AAA), Clear Capital, EMC, Ericsson, KT Corporation, MasterCard, the National Health Service (U.K.), Netflix, Nokia Siemens, S-Kreditpartner GmbH, Sony, Staples, the Nielsen Company, TransUnion, and U.S. Cellular have turned to EDB. Its customers come from a wide range of industries, including financial services, government, media and communications, and IT.

Its customers deploy diverse workloads including transaction processing, data warehousing, customer analytics and web-based applications, both on-premises and in the cloud. EDB Postgres Platform includes mission critical enterprise tools including failover manager, backup and recovery tool, and replication server. EDB platform and tools paired with 24/7 support, professional services, and training positions organizations for successful and efficient database management. EDB employees are leaders in the Postgres community including the co-founder of the Postgres Global Development Group. EDB provides its customers with long running, deep expertise to help them achieve their goals.

EDB Postgres Platform

Like all database management systems, PostgreSQL is enhanced by additional enterprise tools and capabilities to ensure high availability at scale. To meet these needs, EnterpriseDB created the EDB Postgres Platform, which adds additional features, capabilities and support around the PostgreSQL database.

Postgres Professional Services

EDB is committed to helping you achieve success developing and deploying Postgres solutions. Its ecosystem unites the best community resources and brightest available minds to help you make Postgres the cornerstone of your digital business.

What is it?

Designed for companies beginning their journey using Postgres, these services will expedite deployment of Postgres within your environments and prepare you to implement Postgres optimally. If you’re looking to migrate to Postgres from another database type, EDB can help you understand the migration path and effort involved so that you can estimate and plan effectively.

Postgres Optimization: Designed for companies starting to build out and mature their Postgres infrastructure, optimization services will help you scale and teach you best practices for long-term success. As you invest in Postgres, it's important to automate as much as possible so that your team doesn't have to grow with Postgres adoption. Additionally, it will ensure your servers are tuned to your use cases for best performance and help you implement best practices such as monitoring and backing up your databases to minimize disruption or downtime. Its experts can help you optimize your databases and arm you with the knowledge to move forward successfully.

Strategic Transformation: Strategic transformation services help you design and refine your architecture with a focus on what’s most important to your company. Whether you’re trying to streamline costs, need especially quick read transactions for scalability, or require a highly secure system, it will hone in on your use cases and teach you how to optimize your environments for those needs.

Custom Services: Have a Postgres issue that you don’t have the time or resources to handle? EDB will be happy to take on a wide variety of requests to solve problems and challenges quickly. Its expert staff has a wide range of skills and deep experience with Postgres. Whatever your Postgres challenge, it will help you solve it. Implementation services do the work for you, while embedded subject matter expertise guides your team on how to meet the challenge.

Ongoing Help: Ongoing services serve as staff augmentation so that you can relax knowing your Postgres databases are healthy and maintained. Technical Account Managers serve as subject matter experts to help you and your staff plan for your upgrades and changing needs as you scale. Remote DBA services and PostgreSQL Technical Support respond to events quickly to ensure that your servers are always online and healthy.

Meet the Key Executive

Ed Boyajian, President and CEO of EDB, drives the development and execution of EDB’s strategic vision and growth strategy in the database industry. Ed joined EDB in 2008 after six years at Red Hat, where he rose to Vice President and General Manager of North America. He played a central leadership role in the development of the modern business model for bringing open source to enterprises. Before that, he was Vice President of Red Hat's global OEM business, responsible for all partnerships, including the early Linux adoption by HP, IBM, and Dell.

As a 15+ year veteran of the open source software movement, Ed is a seasoned enterprise software executive who emphasizes that EDB must be a technology-first business in order to lead the open source data management ecosystem. He is adamant that great technology above all else drives market leadership. Ed earned his MBA from Harvard Business School and BA from Boston University.

“Our customers use EDB's versatile technology for a wide range of applications, benefiting from our deep commitment and contributions to the Postgres community.”

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