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Green House Data: IT Operations Built Right, Just for you

Green House Data: IT Operations Built Right, Just for you

The way everyday business-operations are conducted has changed radically over the years. Today, every enterprise organization requires an IT platform. However, there are always minor complications that hinder the workflow and may delay returns. Sometimes, you simply just want the IT to work, rather than complicating the operations. Green House Data understands this. With its automation, Green House Data is here to simplify your IT operations.

Founded in 2007, the company will always be with you on your every step of the IT journey. Back then, it all started with a simple mission- to deliver “the high-availability and raw power, virtual infrastructure, and connectivity needed for critical business infrastructure while remaining a transparent, responsibly run company.” With Green House Data, you are enabled with cloud platforms, teams with managed services, automations, and advisory consulting. The motto is simple- ‘Built Right. Just for you.’ The vision explains you can “experience IT services from a provider focused on support, community, and sustainability.” And that’s Green House Data for you.

Fact File

Founding year: 2007

Headquarters: Cheyenne, Wyoming, United States

Motto: Built right. Just for you.

Growing Stronger

It’s been more than a decade since the company was established. But the journey has always been an evolving one. As the company’s clients evolved, so did Green House Data. More locations and services were added that has ultimately created a platform of agnostic managed services. Green House Data today is popularly known as a solutions provider who “delivers hybrid solutions to enterprises who need secure IT environments and efficient management of their critical applications and business data.”

In this growing journey, Green House Data merged with Infront Consulting Group last year. The merger boomed the growth curve as a deep bench of Microsoft experts joined in to create a complete enterprise advisory service suite for DevOps enablement, Azure and desktop automation, and IT modernization. With its innovative thinking and breakthrough solutions, Infront is a company that’s already been recognized as a Microsoft Partner of the Year seven times already.

It is indeed a proud note for Green House Data. After all, the company has some of the best MVPs, consultants, engineers, and architects. Here, everyone is focused on ensuring the IT runs smoothly. “We take our 100% uptime SLA seriously, and constantly monitor all of our sites,” guarantees Green House Data.

Deep-rooted commitments  

At Green House Data, everyone focuses on three strong commitments on which the day-to-day business activities are conducted. They are: 

Commitment to customers

Let’s go back to the company’s motto: ‘Built right. Just for you.’ When Green House Data says this, it extends to more than just the custom infrastructure or software development. Here, if something doesn’t benefit the customer, you can forget it. It is a strong mantra that everyone here follows. For customers specifically, Green House Data has created a 15-Minute Hear from a Human SLA. This has ensured that if ever there is a problem, the customers are never left waiting. 

Commitment to performance

No matter what, the daily operations have to be on track. It’s clear that ‘slow is the new down.’ And this is something Green House Data clearly understands. It doesn’t matter what solution the client wants- whether it’s a traditional colocation, IaaS, a hybrid or even a SaaS solution; Green House Data starts off in the IT infrastructure and understands the impact of lagging systems, latency, and downtime.

Commitment to responsible business

It’s important to give back to the community and society- Green House Data understands this. This is why 5% of the company’s compute space and employee time is dedicated to non-profits. Moreover, everyone in the firm is encouraged to participate in non-profit activities- including everyone from top executives in the firm to the newest employee. Also, back in 2014, the firm became a B-Corp. This has created a better accountability for the company towards shareholders, staff, and also the environment and the community. And of course, there’s also Green House Data’s dedication to energy-efficiency and green power, too.

Client Speak

“Avid has a lot of specific requirements around individual apps. Green House Data learnt the ‘snowflakes’ that make the business work and delivered the deployment on time and on budget.”


“Every time I talk to one of our cloud members at Green House Data, I feel like I learn something new about Azure.”


The Dynamic Entrepreneur

Shawn Mills, Founder and CEO

Shawn Mills is a founding member of Green House Data and a technology entrepreneur. Under his leadership, Green House Data has undergone consistent expansion, growing from a single location to 9 cloud hosting, colocation, and hybrid IT data centers across the US. 

Shawn has spoken at industry events including Data Center World, the National Center for Super Computing Applications, Cloud Computing Expo, and Datacenter Dynamics, and been recognized by publications including Wired, Fortune, and Hemispheres. When he is not at Green House Data, Shawn is either in the Rockies with his family or with his surfboard searching for waves. 

“We’re proud to have some of the best architects, consultants, MVPs, and engineers around, all focused on keeping your IT running smoothly.”

“If it doesn’t benefit the customer, forget it.”

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