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GreyOrange - Modernizing order fulfillment through Artificial Intelligence

GreyOrange - Modernizing order fulfillment through Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has become one of the most innovative factors of the modern industry. Companies are looking for ways to implement it to take their business to the next level. One such company, GreyOrange, has modernized its order fulfillment through Artificial Intelligence-driven software and AI-driven mobile robots built together so they can work in unison. With its implementation, the executing warehouse can maximize payoffs and minimize tradeoffs to create the highest yield.

The GreyOrange Fulfillment Operating System is the solution combining AI-driven GreyMatter™ software and intelligent Ranger™ robots to drive deeper data, dynamic decisions, and demand-driven delivery. GreyOrange experts help organizations master fulfillment in the Age of Immediacy to keep promises, capture more revenue, save money on fulfillment, and improve warehouse employees' work experience. GreyOrange has core operations in the United States, Singapore, Germany, Japan, and India. 

The GreyOrange Difference

The online ordering and fulfillment system demands a faster, smarter, quicker satisfying fulfillment than ever before, squeezing businesses between the promises they must make for loyalty and their profits for economic viability. That challenge is becoming steeper with next day/same day/multi-hour delivery moving beyond a preferred option to an expected standard.

In today's modern commerce, nothing short of integrated operational awareness and performance can meet new thresholds of accuracy, speed, and satisfaction. GreyMatter's mission is high yield fulfillment. It significantly improves results across every node of fulfillment flow, providing high yield results: greater performance, profitability, and faster service to the customers. In the age of complex, immediate commerce, GreyOrange keeps the service seamless by the real-time integration of GreyMatter AI software and intelligent Ranger robots. This helps the company maintain a higher yield performance, higher yield economics, and higher yield customer satisfaction.

GreyOrange is leading the new era of Deepthink distribution—advanced AI decision science, machine learning, and real-time analytics that contemplate, correlate, and drive deeper data, dynamic decisions, and demand-driven delivery to meet the challenges of modern commerce. The GreyOrange FOS continuously solves and logs progressively improved results at every node of operation. In the fierce landscape of modern commerce, anything less can compromise your service level agreements, financial goals, and competitive position.


The GreyMatter™ Fulfillment Operating System from GreyOrange is the solution that integrates Ai-driven software, intelligent robots, and people to deliver progressively smarter, faster, and more flexible fulfillment. The system continuously organizes rapid, resilient, end-to-end performance in real-time for whatever the market has in store.

GreyMatter's Advanced Fulfillment science autonomously analyzes data, rapidly responds to real-time events, and flexibly prescribes actions while augmenting workforce intelligence to continuously calculate and execute the next best fulfillment decision. Because GreyMatter automatically grows smarter, your fulfillment process continuously gets better with time. As advanced Ai seamlessly integrates software, smart robots, and people—the system instantaneously models the best decisions to drive optimal workflows and execution using machine learning and adaptive learning. GreyMatter perpetually stores high-performing outcomes, factors, and resources calibration of 'what works best.'

With its character and complexity level, every new scenario is instantaneously assessed in real-time. High outcome formula histories are called up, tested, applied, rejected or fluidly calibrated for best fit and highest probable accuracy, efficiency, and speed. This dynamic knowledge base of data-driven information and best case workflows accelerates and optimizes every future decision and scenario to deliver perpetually improving fulfillment operations.

"GreyOrange was founded on this fundamental truth: You can't meet modern fulfillment demands with technology built for a previous era."

The Ranger™ series of intelligent fulfillment robots

Ranger robots are developed in integration with GreyMatter AI software to flexibly respond, intelligently adapt and mobilize faster, frictionless fulfillment. The Ranger series of intelligent robots are built together with their GreyMatter AI-driven software to form the GreyOrange Fulfillment Operating System. A real-time feedback loop between GreyMatter and Ranger robots continuously shapes decisions and performance.

Unlike robots that operate as system attachments, Ranger robots incorporate GreyMatter intelligence as a learning layer that guides them to adapt to real-time events happening within the distribution center and externally as orders fluctuate and sellers adjust their fulfillment priorities. GreyOrange has a set of essential robots specialized for efficiently working autonomously and in collaboration with the human workforce – as all nodes across the fulfillment operation are automatically orchestrated to keep inventory in motion, at pace with demand.

Ranger™ GTP

Ranger™ GTP (Goods-to-Person System) is an advanced autonomous mobile robot that uses robotic goods-to-person technology for automated put-away, inventory storage, replenishment, and order picking in fulfillment and distribution centers.

Developed in collaboration with GreyMatter™ AI software and purpose-engineered for speed and versatility, Ranger GTP continuously shares data with GreyMatter while collectively with other robots and the human workforce. The Ranger GTP automation system adapts seamlessly to changing inventory profiles, demand patterns, and peaks.

Modular system architecture ensures bi-directional scalability to increase storage volume or fulfillment throughput independently by adding more storage racks or robots, as needed. From reducing travel time by 5x that of human workers to reconfiguring mobile stock units (MSUs) and working in tandem with other GTPs and Ranger Pick, the result is fluid, dynamic optimization.

Ranger™ IL

The Ranger IL (Intralogistics) robot is an intelligent, versatile Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) engineered to move a diverse range of inventory payloads – on pallets, racks, cages, or trolleys – among zones in a warehouse. By automating material transportation, distribution centers can optimize productivity, focus workers on higher-Card image capvalue activities, and schedule deliveries more effectively to reduce material bottlenecks. It is simple, ready-to-run, and can adapt to workflows in real-time to accommodate shifts in delivery volumes or orders. This enables Ranger IL to generate a rapid return-on-investment through increased productivity, reduced material damage, saved time, cost, and labor.

Ranger™ MoveSmart

Modern fulfillment can't afford the restrictions of rigid sortation systems you need to size today based on predictions for your business years' shape and pace in the future. Once locked-in, these systems can't flexibly adapt and scale with demand patterns and business changes. Ranger MoveSmart can augment or even replace rigid systems to deliver scalable and portable conveying and sorting as you need it, where you need it, especially when handling peaks. Capable of operating in footprints where rigid systems won't fit, Ranger MoveSmart helps you optimize current facilities and quickly relocate to other facilities as you grow.

Ranger™ PICK

A reliable workforce assistant that teams with Ranger GTP to accelerate Pick-to-Pack performance. Ranger™ PICK is a unique, versatile 'from-rack' picking that expands workforce-assisted or autonomous order fulfillment options. It collaboratively works with human teams or autonomously round the clock. Its unique 'from-rack' picking versatility expands use across merchandise far beyond standard downward picking arms. It uses a sophisticated machine vision algorithm which enables it to identify more than 100,000 SKUs accurately.

Machine learning continuously refines and optimizes how Ranger PICK grasps and moves different SKU variations to speed performance across sizes, shapes, rigidities, surface finishes, and other characteristics. Automated barcode scanning validates items picked and continuously updates the GreyOrange Fulfillment Operating System. Ranger™ PICK is available in Single Arm and Dual Arm configurations. The patented two-arm system expands picking volume and versatility

About the CEO

Samay Kohli is the Chief Executive Officer of GreyOrange. As the CEO, he leads the company's strategic direction globally and works alongside visionary customers to imagine and create the future of fulfillment. His passion for robots and AI began while still a student at BITS (Pilani), India, where he drew notice as part of a team that created AcYut, one of India's first indigenous humanoid robots.

Samay and teammate Akash Gupta began competing in robotics competitions worldwide, winning many honors, including Gold Medalists at the renowned ROBOlympics. Together, Samay and Akash decided to direct their AI and Robotics expertise toward "solving a big enough problem." They chose fulfillment, bootstrapping GreyOrange with investments from friends and family.

Today GreyOrange is a global leader in fulfillment, with customers, employees, and investors worldwide. Samay has shared his insights as a keynote speaker at prominent technology conferences around the world and was named to MIT Technology Review's global list of "35 Innovators under 35." Leading publications such as Forbes Asia, The Economic Times, and Fortune have featured Samay's story, which is expanding through customer success across the globe. Samay leads GreyOrange from its US headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

"Three technologies are fundamentally changing the nature of how things work: artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics. GreyOrange combines all three to shape the future of fulfillment in real-time."

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