Alexa GuestRevu provides simple review management software for busy hospitality professionals
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June Edition 2021

GuestRevu provides simple review management software for busy hospitality professionals

GuestRevu provides simple review management software for busy hospitality professionals

The hospitality industry comprises of broad category of fields within the service industry that includes lodging, food and drink service, event planning, theme parks, travel and tourism. It includes hotels, tourism agencies, restaurants and bars. It is really tough for the hospitality professionals to handle the whole lot, so we found a best partner to relieve you! We introduce you to GuestRevu.

GuestRevu's founder Chris Alexandre saw a possibility to aid hospitality professionals worldwide to listen to, learn from and earn from their guests. Since the company’s start, its ability to understand the needs of clients, and the out-of-the-box thinking have made GuestRevu what it is today – an easy-to-use and intuitive tool for guest feedback and online reputation management.

In 2019, the prestigious HotelTechReport awarded GuestRevu the world number 1 spot for both GuestFeedback and Online Reputation Management technology.

The hospitality industry is striving hard to keep up

While the hospitality industry has enjoyed many of the perks of these changes, from increased social proof through great online reviews through to easier and more personalized communications with their guests, some properties are not making full use of the journey that buyers take to reach them.

The benefits of GuestRevu could be:

Branded surveys: Designed to reflect to your business's brand and identity, all surveys look like they come directly from your property.

Instant notifications: Receive an email as soon as a guest responds to a survey or an online review is posted.

Easy-to-use dashboard: Easily monitor your latest feedback and reviews and keep track of important performance indicators from your dashboard.

Consolidated guest scores: Gauge general sentiment and changes over time in your online reviews and direct guest feedback with a consolidated GuestRevu Rating.

Regular email reports: Get insights based on your data to see where you’re exceeding expectations and what still needs to be improved delivered to your inbox weekly or monthly.

Real-time alerts: Be alerted immediately if a guest gives you a score lower than the standards you set.

Competitor data: Improve and tailor your offering to remain competitive by keeping an eye on your chosen competitors.

Group reporting gives you a great experience

  • Track overall performance for each of your individual properties, or see how they perform against one another
  • Monitor guest scores for different performance areas at each property so you can optimise your operations
  • Create service tickets to ensure issues are brought to the attention of the right people, and track their resolution

Service tickets

Knowing what improvements and repairs need to be made, and doing them quickly, is essential if you want to keep your guests happy. But hospitality professionals have a lot on their plates and can’t be everywhere at once, which means that it can be easy for small details to slip through the cracks.

This is where service tickets come in handy. A new addition to the GuestRevu product, this ticketing system helps you to keep track of your property – from maintenance and housekeeping, to F&B and front of house, and so much more.

You can assign watchers, who will be informed if the task is reassigned to someone else, or if it isn’t resolved by its due date. This means upper management can rest assured that relevant heads of department will instantly be informed, and be able to follow up with the relevant staff member.

Much like GuestRevu’s existing alerts, service tickets can be automatically created when a guest survey response meets criteria you set, and you can also create your own service tickets as you need them. If an issue is brought to light in a review, you can create a service ticket directly from the review so that you can bring the problem to the attention of the relevant staff members. If you would like to create a service ticket that is not based on a review, you can do this from the service tickets dashboard.

Chris Alexandre, CEO & Founder

Chris is a passionate and experienced entrepreneur and business leader. He has been creating and nurturing technology companies for over 25 years, with a strong focus on delivering value. He loves empowering people to succeed through technology.

“We give you the tools and the data you need to listen to, learn and earn from your guests.”

“Use GuestRevu to quickly and easily gather feedback from your guests and actively manage your online reputation.”

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