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Harnessing the power of data to deliver quality medical equipment for EMS: Zolldata

Harnessing the power of data to deliver quality medical equipment for EMS: Zolldata

When your mission is to protect and save lives, efficiency is not just a goal: it’s a must. With integrated software solutions for dispatch, fleet, personnel/resource management, critical patient care data management and transfer, EMS billing, and first responder safety, ZOLL EMS, Fire and Hospital software solutions cover the scope of daily first responder operations to truly simplify and maximize business performance. Based in beautiful Colorado, ZOLL Data is a division of ZOLL Medical Corporation, an Asahi Kasei Group company. Zolldata’s integrated suite of EMS solutions cover the scope of your EMS operations – from dispatch to discharge. Realize the maximum return on investment (ROI) for your equipment so you can focus on providing the highest-quality of care to your community.

Emergency Medical Service

Dispatch Solutions

EMS Dispatch software solutions cut your workload, prevent errors, make predictions, offer two-way effective communication, monitor your fleet, encourage QA, and use a highly-visual dashboard to help you benchmark and measure performance for constant improvements.

Patient Care Documentation

Unify your patient care documentation and management. At ZOLL they are aware that their customers are at the heart of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. While guidelines and recommendations are ever evolving, we have created this dedicated page for all ZOLL DATA product updates and guidance related to COVID-19.

EMS Billing

Progressing a claim through its lifecycle is labor-intensive and causes delayed reimbursements. Without the help of technology, EMS patient documentation can contain inaccuracies or be coded improperly, making it very time consuming for your billing company or EMS agency.ZOLL Billing creates logical workflows that make it easy to get accurate claims out faster. Now, you can automate workflows so that claims are routed properly and billing lag is kept to a minimum. With ZOLL Billing, you can be sure that patient data is safe and secure in the cloud and is constantly being backed up in case of a power outage or a loss of network connection.

Medical Devices

Working in the unique and unpredictable pre-hospital environment requires flexibility and foresight on the part of medics. You should demand the same from your equipment. Zolldata’s medical devices are designed to maximize care for the everyday situations you encounter.Keep pace with the progressive vision of pre-hospital care with a lightweight monitor designed for use with all patients, ranging from neonates through adults. When compressions fall out of range, the monitor guides rescuers back to high-quality, guidelines-compliant compressions. Open 12-lead capabilities reduce time-to-balloon by interfacing with all leading ECG management and STEMI systems. And cutting-edge open communication, including integrated WiFi, simplifies transmission and charting.Deliver customized, high-quality CPR whenever — and wherever — it’s needed with automated CPR. Engineered to account for patient-to-patient variability, automatically calculate the size, shape and resistance of each patient’s chest. A unique stabilizing board ensures patients receive nonstop compressions throughout their pre-hospital transport, even at the multiple angles required for rescuers to move the patient.

Zolldata believes that data and insights derived from data give you as healthcare professionals – from EMS to Fire to Hospital – the power to drive better decisions. The decisions that will improve outcomes for your patients, operational outcomes for business efficiencies, and financial outcomes for your bottom line.Zolldata manufactures and develops medical devices and software solutions focused on clinical quality assurance, optimized operations and data-driven analytics. And they’ve been doing this for a long time. Founded by Dr. Paul ZOLL, the father of modern electrophysiology in 1984,the integration of their cutting-edge, life-saving medical devices with their innovative, data-management software solutions allows them to be on the forefront of pre-hospital and hospital technology.Zolldata cares about your patients. Apply the industry’s most powerful clinical tools to help identify the right course or treatment at the right time

The Team

Zolldata’s team comes from a variety of backgrounds. Most of them, in fact, come from the healthcare industry – from dispatch to EMTs and paramedics to firefighters. Their common thread is that they are driven by their desire to make an impact. Each employee makes up the soul of the ZOLL family. They are committed to providing an environment where employees can do meaningful work, develop in their careers and be recognized for their contributions.

Meet the leader behind the Success of Zolldata

Alex Moghadam is the President of Zolldata.He assumed leadership of the ZOLL Data Management team in July 2013 after serving eight years as Vice President of International Operations for ZOLL’s core resuscitation products. During this time, he more than doubled the company’s global presence and expanded the company’s reach into Japan, China, India, Eastern Europe and the Nordic region. Prior to joining ZOLL, from 1995 to 2005, Alex held a variety of commercial and operational roles with Thermo Electron 

“Capture the right data at the right time, and then easily distribute that data to your back office, so that you can focus on providing the highest quality of care.”

“Optimize revenue through the efficient collection of all required data. Super charge your accounts receivable (AR) with the industry’s most advanced billing solution.”

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