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Helping brands scale digitally and optimize marketing to ensure their investment delivers on meaningful results: Arke

Helping brands scale digitally and optimize marketing to ensure their investment delivers on meaningful results: Arke

Brand experience is the key for business that want to achieve growth. For this, a customer-centric strategy is based on a series of tactics that aim to make the most of different trends and channels. With this said, for those involved with building a brand, there are certain challenges to keep in mind that are essential to your success. Among these challenges, the most difficult is achieving an integrated marketing strategy. In the light on foregoing, we introduce you to Arke.

Arke is a brand experience consultancy specializing in strategic implementations of marketing technology solutions. The company is building on its roots in technology and experience design to drive the next generation of experience focused businesses. By leveraging the right people, processes, marketing technologies, and data, we produce measurable results.

How it all started

Two software developers at Turner Broadcasting started a company to improve brand experience through intelligent recommendations and implementation of marketing technology. Arke was born.

In the decade since, CEO Eric Stoll and CTO Chris Spears prioritized hiring hard-working, smart, fun, authentic people. They balanced attitude and aptitude. Company legends were born about pickles, and shrimp (both worth an ask). Today Arke specializes in strategic brand experience and marketing technology. The consultancy designs, builds, and manages digital brand experiences.

Services you can count on

Marketing by numbers: Arke’s culture is rooted in data analysis. It’s the secret sauce of digital marketing. Data services and stewardship are invaluable parts of our practice.

However promising the marketing strategy, customer behavior analytics ultimately reveal its effectiveness. Capturing, analyzing, and leveraging data insights can improve every touch – from email, to website, CRM, and user experience.

Everything starts with strategy: Marketing is only as effective as the strategy behind it. Arke clarifies business goals to build best-in-class plans to drive engagement, revenue and advocacy.

The company can execute against your fully-developed strategy, or lead plan development. As an impartial third party, we can help build consensus across departments, providing the systems and solutions stakeholders need to support success.

The new face of the brand: From desktop, to mobile, to point of sale, every touchpoint creates customer perceptions and expectations. Great customer experience is no longer a nice to have. It’s a must-have. This last mile of marketing can bring a brand to life – or invalidate even the best strategy.

Customers use multiple channels, and want to be recognized as they move between. Successful brands recognize and reward this behavior with consistent, personalized experiences. Arke can help bridge the gaps between channels, eliminating redundant data entry, and the customer frustration it causes. This holistic approach lets you recognize and reward customers however they experience your brand.

The Arke University

Arke University is a complete marketing technology training program designed for marketers and technologists. Both individuals and teams can complete the courses online or in-person through instructor-led training.

Arke University’s mission is to close the knowledge gap between marketing and IT with an easily understood, unified language. The course dives deep to explain the complexities of marketing technology. It provides the insights you need in today’s digital economy to create targeted, personalized, omnichannel, shared experiences for your customers.

Who Should Attend Arke University?

Individual Marketers & Technologists: No matter where you are in your career, Arke University can help you advance your abilities to design, implement, and manage customer-centric brand experiences.

Marketing & IT Teams: Full teams will benefit from shared learning and collaborative experience — all designed to help companies be more agile, competitive, and innovative in today’s digital economy.

The Shared Success

Arke’s Shared Success Engagement Model is based on a 10x return on fees through increased revenue and demand. This new offering is for companies that want to realize predictable outcomes from their Digital Marketing and positive ROI from their Marketing Technology investments.

The company has armed its Strategy and Experience Design teams with proprietary A.I. models, analysis frameworks, and best in class tools to help optimize the customer experience. Through its experience design practice, it can consistently and confidently identify overlooked opportunities and convert those opportunities into meaningful business results.

Arke recognizes the complexity of digital & marketing technology systems. That’s why it developed the Shared Success model. Arke’s experience in digital marketing, customer relationships and marketing technology allows us to develop its own framework. Based in Data Insights and AI models these tools give it the knowledge it needs to achieve the results you’re searching for.

Meet the man behind the success

Eric Stoll is co-founder and CEO at Arke with responsibility for creating the strategic direction of the company, executing on its growth plans, and overseeing operations.

He co-founded Arke in 2005 with Chris Spears, now the company’s CMTO. Eric’s vision for Arke includes doubling revenue in the next 2 years, increasing its strategy team, and growing its reputation for marketing technology education. 

“We align marketing technologies to your broader business strategies. Our holistic approach provides a more complete view of organizational needs and a clear path to market success.”

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