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Helping Healthcare Run Better – CareCloud

Helping Healthcare Run Better – CareCloud

The #1 Platform to Grow Your Practice

CareCloud believes that healthcare deserves tools that are as modern, well-designed, and easy-to-use as the ones encountered elsewhere in our daily lives. The status quo of in-house servers, annual software upgrades, clunky screens and forced purchases of unwanted solutions is a relic. It impedes physicians and patients alike.

The firm’s mission, therefore, is to re-platform healthcare with modern, cloud-based solutions. Its open platform is intended to help providers maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their practices while connecting and collaborating directly with patients in support of better care. The platform also supports the choice and flexibility to adopt exactly the tools providers and staff need, rather than what someone else wants to sell them. Ultimately, in partnership with the customers, it seeks to make healthcare run better.

The Core Values of the Company

CareCloud employees are committed to its mission and the following four values guide everything it does:

The Client Experience Is Everything

The employees are fiercely committed to delivering an outstanding client experience. They immerse themselves in their business so that the company can deliver the technology and service they need to be successful and to achieve their dreams. The firm treats everyone with dignity and respect and with the empathy that comes from seeing itself as a trusted advisor and extension of its client’s staff.

Exceptional Teams Solve Big Problems

CareCloud are the builders, designers, experts and dreamers who are strong, talented high-performers. The company draws on its diversity of experience and ideas to solve some of healthcare’s biggest technology challenges. The company quotes, “We are empowered to excel in our roles at CareCloud and our professional careers. Our strengths are exponentially multiplied through collaboration with our co-workers, our clients, and our partners, making us better together.”

Passion Makes The Difference

The firm is fueled by a relentless pursuit to bring innovative technology to its clients. It is driven to make a meaningful difference, fearlessly taking on the challenges that others can’t or won’t touch. The firm shares a passion to reinvent healthcare IT in service of the patient and to be part of something bigger than itself. 

Open Always Wins

The employees are agile, transparent, open to change and open-minded. They embrace the diversity of thought, experience, and ideas. The company believes that it will be able to solve healthcare’s complex challenges by connecting and collaborating with other innovators and technologies. Its platform’s open API helps it live this vision.

Trust Is Its Foundation

The company earns the trust of its clients and business partners every day by being responsive, accountable and constructively honest, even when it’s difficult. Nothing is more important to it than protecting the privacy and security of the data its clients entrust with. The company is vigilant in protecting them and their patients and maintaining a platform they can trust.

Meet the Leader

Ken Comée | Chief Executive Officer

Ken Comée is Chief Executive Officer at CareCloud, responsible for the strategic and operational performance of the company. Mr. Comée joins CareCloud following a successful track record of helping cloud-based technology innovators to secure and extend market leadership. He brings more than 20 years of executive management experience in both private and public companies.

Mr. Comée was formerly the CEO of PowerReviews, the world’s largest social commerce network, which powers customer conversations on over 5,500 websites including Staples, REI and Toys“R” Us. He oversaw the scaling of its operations and fast growth in the market. Before PowerReviews, Mr. Comée was CEO of Cast Iron Systems, growing the company into the #1 brand in cloud integration. He took the company from a start-up venture to a global leader in the cloud integration sector, leading to a ten-fold increase in revenue and a strategic acquisition by IBM to bolster its cloud strategy in April 2010. Previously, Mr. Comée held executive positions at CollabNet, a software development pioneer in the cloud, and product lifecycle leader PTC. He has also held several various high-level management positions at Amdahl/Fujitsu in Europe and the U.S. Mr. Comée is a graduate of Santa Clara University and received an MBA from the London Business School.

“We are transforming the healthcare experience with the industry’s most modern, flexible and powerful cloud-based platform.”

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