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ImmuniWeb – Providing Application Security and Dark Web Monitoring

ImmuniWeb – Providing Application Security and Dark Web Monitoring

As we know, the internet is a vast field of data, services, and everything digital. The internet we use in our day-to-day lives is the "Surface Web," just 10% of the web. Almost 90% of the data resides on the dark web. It is tough to trace such websites, especially providing or selling banned products or services. A few years back, it was almost impossible to trace them as there was no such powerful technology.

But ImmuniWeb, founded in 2019, aims to solve this problem by providing Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies for Application Security Testing, Attack Surface Management, and Dark Web Monitoring via ImmuniWeb AI Platform. It already has services in over 100 countries. Some of the ImmuniWeb founders came from High-Tech Bridge; a leading European web security company that specialized in penetration testing and digital forensics.

ImmuniWeb® Discovery

ImmuniWeb® Discovery leverages its award-winning OSINT and AI technology to illuminate the external attack surface. They continuously detect, test, and scorecard your digital and IT assets, enhancing visibility with your company's proactive monitoring mentions in Dark Web and Code Repositories.

ImmuniWeb® Discovery gives you access to deep web data, which was earlier only accessible to hackers. It continuously monitors 20+ billion stolen credentials, 100+ million domain names, 250+threat intelligence feeds, and 50+ law enforcement feeds.

Web Application Penetration Testing

ImmuniWeb® On-Demand delivers scalable, rapid, and DevSecOps-enabled web application penetration testing with tailored remediation guidelines and zero false-positives SLA. It leverages their award-winning AI technology to augment, intensify, and accelerate web application penetration testing. Web Application Penetration Testing can be used for needs like:

Internal & External Web Apps: Virtual Appliance technology for internal applications testing

APIs and Web Services: Comprehensive coverage of API & Web Services (REST/SOAP)

Open Source Security: Software Composition Analysis (SCA) tests for 20,000+ known CVE-IDs

Black & White Box: Authenticated (including 2FA/MFA) or Black Box testing

Attack Simulation: Threat-aware testing scenarios and attack vectors upon request

Advanced Reconnaissance: Expert analysis of threats at Dark Web and Public Code repositories

Mobile Application Penetration Testing

ImmuniWeb® MobileSuite provides comprehensive and DevSecOps-enabled mobile penetration testing with zero false-positives SLA and expert remediation guidelines. Its award-winning AI technology augments, intensifies, and accelerates mobile penetration testing. It offers you a money-back guarantee even if a single false-positive case occurs. It promises a guaranteed schedule of execution and reports delivery. It also provides tailored remediation guidelines and 24/7 support.

Continuous Penetration Testing

ImmuniWeb continuously monitors your web applications and APIs for changes or new code to enable just-in-time penetration testing as soon as and as long as it is required. They deliver scalable, rapid, and DevSecOps-enabled continuous penetration testing, zero false-positives SLA, and tailored remediation guidelines.

ImmuniWeb offers Virtual Appliance technology for internal application testing. It provides comprehensive coverage of API & Web Services (REST/SOAP). ImmuniWeb has a very secure authentication employing 2FA/MFA or Black Box testing. It also provides threat-aware testing scenarios and attack vectors upon request. You also get expert analysis of threats at Dark Web and Public Code repositories

ImmuniWeb AI Platform for GDPR Compliance

Application security and compliance for GDPR starts with the holistic visibility of your digital assets, related risks, and threats. You simply cannot protect what you don't know about. Therefore, you should commence your GDPR compliance efforts with IT asset discovery, inventory, classification, and risk scoring. ImmuniWeb Discovery leverages OSINT technology to rapidly detect your external web, mobile, and cloud assets equipped with attractiveness and hackability scores. Based on their award-winning AI technology, ImmuniWeb Discovery provides you with a snapshot of your exposure in the Deep and Dark Web. Once completed, you are ready to start well-informed and risk-based application security testing for the purpose of GDPR compliance.

For one-time security testing of your web applications and APIs, you must try ImmuniWeb On-Demand equipped with CVE, CWE reporting, and CVSSv3 risk scoring. Its in-depth and rapid testing is based on OWASP Testing Guide (OTGv4), NIST SP 800-115 Technical Guide to Information Security Testing and Assessment, PCI DSS Information Supplement Penetration Testing Guidance, FedRAMP Penetration Test Guidance, and ISACA. The testing comprehensively covers the full spectrum of security vulnerabilities from SANS Top 25 and OWASP Top 10.

About the CEO

Ilia Kolochenko is the Founder and CEO of ImmuniWeb. He is a Swiss application security expert and entrepreneur. Starting his career as a penetration tester, and after serving in Swiss artillery troops, he founded his first pen-testing and cybersecurity consulting company High-Tech Bridge in 2008. The penetration testing boutique was later named as a leading service provider in the European market by Frost & Sullivan in 2012. To take traditional penetration testing to the next level, Ilia invented Multilayer Application Security Testing Technology, which is now embodied at ImmuniWeb Platform that he leads as a Chief Architect.

Ilia holds a bachelor's degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, a Master of Legal Studies from Washington University in St. Louis, and is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Criminal Justice, Cybercrime Investigation at Boston University. Ilia is a contributing writer for CSO, SC Magazine, Dark Reading, and Forbes, mainly writing about cybercrime and application security. He is also a member of the Forbes Technology Council. In 2016, Ilia received "Forum des 100", an award for top entrepreneurs, politicians, and artists in the French-speaking part of Switzerland.

"ImmuniWeb® AI Platform illuminates your external attack surface and Dark Web exposure for well-informed, risk-based, and DevSecOps-enabled application penetration testing."

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