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October Edition 2020

IMS: A Digital Transformation Agency

IMS: A Digital Transformation Agency

Integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changes how you operate and deliver value to customers. In the digital age, the adoption of technology by enterprises is a cultural change that requires organizations to strive for continual improvement. Integrated Management Systems (IMS) helps businesses in this journey of digital transformation.

IMS was established in 2016 by HEC Paris alumni Anastasios Papadopoulos. The company is Asia's leading Digital Transformation Agency with offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Singapore and Paris.

IMS takes an approach that is unique and driven by the industry’s best commercial acumen and data-rich strategies. They leverage technology to deliver tangible business results in a measurable framework, whether it’s developing a new software solution or implementing a cost-effective CRM solution.

A Digital Marketing Agency and Digital Transformation Firm

In the digital age, marketing is perhaps one of the biggest things any business needs to work on. IMS provides its digital marketing expertise through its data-driven approach that allows it to be agile. Through its services in the space, it helps established organizations adopt effective growth marketing strategies and provides competitive advantage to them. This enables brands to capture market share in highly competitive markets.

IMS delivers services including data analytics, growth marketing strategies, e-commerce optimization, social media marketing, WeChat mini-programs and digital marketing in China. IMS as a transformational firm offers data analytics solutions, digital transformation strategies, marketing automation, website development and more. It has helped launch digitally native startups to enterprises that have needed its services to modernize their existing processes.

For Software Development

As a digital transformation agency, Integrated Management Systems combines its expertise in commerce with its specialty understanding of advanced software engineering to design, develop and implement enterprise-level solutions to solve business challenges.

With a proven track record of delivering path breaking software solutions, IMS unlocks value and generates additional revenue streams for its clients. The company builds small-scale solutions and also launches software that is a disruptor across industries.

An Incubator for Game-Changing Projects

Owing to an impressive experience of the IMS founder Anastasios Papadopoulos, the company also has a venture capital arm called IMS DV. The venture capital arm has a state-of-the-art team that tracks the changing industry landscapes and helps companies adopt disruptive business models while sharing its insights on risks and pros through corporate venturing.

IMS DV works with industry experts and visionaries in technology to turn dreams to profitable business ventures and guides its partners right from incubation till IPO. Asia’s most influential businesses and entrepreneurs work with IMS to see their ventures bear fruits. IMS DV’s expertise allows its partners to move from paper to product in less than 12 months.

Helped Achieve Record Sales amidst Lockdown

The Covid-19 pandemic affected unprecedented losses to businesses all over the world as lockdowns came into effect to contain the spread of the coronavirus. Worldwide retail activity experienced a slowdown never seen before, but amidst such dark times, IMS was able to help a luxury cosmetics company achieve record sales.

At the peak of the pandemic, IMS was working with this digital native luxury brand to develop an agile, insights-driven approach to navigate the uncertainty of the crisis. Granted that the brand already had a cult following across B2B and B2C, it still needed a partner to understand how the situation affected the audience’s perception of luxury self-care. This understanding could help them adopt content strategies that would augment sense of togetherness and community.

IMS worked by leveraging the consumer intelligence to:

- Tailor the brand messaging in a way that supported B2B and B2C audiences

- Created engaging interactions across a multitude of digital touchpoints to promote connectedness

- Revised media mix allocation and adapt paid content to latest consumer sentiment.

The results were evident. Soon the brand experienced 7.8x more engagement, 2.5x higher conversion rate and 300% increase in sales.

The Pioneer

Anastasios Papadopoulos, Founder and CEO

Anastasios completed his training in M&A at Skadden Arps. An experienced M&A professional, he founded Integrated Management  Systems (IMS) in 2016. He has played a key strategic role in positioning the company as one of the leading Digital Transformation Agencies in Hong Kong. He also founded IMS Digital Ventures (IMS’s incubation and investment arm) by combining his experience in M&A and technology industries. It launches and invests in disruptive businesses with Asia’s largest corporations. He is on the board of Property Raptor and OrgHive.

He has a Master’s degree in Law and International Management from the popular B-school HEC Paris. He also has a Graduate Diploma in Law and a Bachelor’s degree in Common Law from BPP Law School.

“From launching new brands in a Direct to Consumer model to transforming laggard marketing models, we use agile, data-driven strategies to deliver sustainable, measurable results for our clients.”

“We combine commercial acumen with advanced software engineering to design, develop, and implement enterprise-level solutions that solve precise business challenges.”

“Our people are big thinking, multi-disciplinary strategists who span cultures, languages, and geographies.”

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