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Inbenta: AI powered solutions to improve customer experience and brand loyalty

Inbenta: AI powered solutions to improve customer experience and brand loyalty

The Internet and the ability to find answers about anything has helped people in general. But have you experienced how you intend to search for something, but the results show something else? It often leaves you frustrated and with a bad experience. This can be put to rest now. That’s why we have Inbenta with us.

Known to be a global leader in Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Search, Inbenta is helping businesses with their enterprise search, chatbots, support ticketing, e-commerce search, and knowledge management. The most unique aspect of Inbenta is its use of natural language search (NLS) for search queries inputs and search results outputs.

Going beyond keywords

For Inbenta, NLS is the key beyond the keyword, believes Inbenta. “From search query input to search results output, our semantic search engine, which is rooted in natural language search, leads to self-service rates that blow away the AI industry,” the company says. The robust semantic search engine can match incorrectly typed, ambiguous, intention-narrowed, and unstructured search queries. It uses specific, structured, and concise FAQ titles.

The benefit? Customers find the information they’re looking for easily and quickly. The rate of success that follows is unprecedented. Of course, when it comes to NLS, there are certain challenges with it. But Inbenta’s natural language processing rises to the challenge. “One of the biggest challenges in NLP is how to deal with ambiguity — a main characteristic of a natural language,” says the CEO and founder of the company- Jordi Torras.

We can understand this better with an example. Take the phrase “run a test.” Here, the word ‘run’ often refers to the action of running. But in the above phrase, the word run means to ‘perform’ something. The computer will obviously have a difficult time understanding this difference, but it could be easy for a person understanding English. “And even if a computer is able to analyze the syntax of a phrase like ‘run a test’, it still won’t be able to see any difference between that phrase and the phrase ‘run a race’, and yet the meanings of these two phrases is totally different,” the company notes. “For us, it’s a piece of cake!” they say.  

This is where the semantic search from Inbenta comes in. It does further analysis by digging into the contextual meaning of words. The semantic search chooses the best definition of the word “run”, even when the syntax and the word itself are the same. Thus, this creates a better output of search results.

Inbenta Products

Here’s a list of products that Inbenta offers:

  • Chatbot: They help solve problems, find answers to a customer’s query, find products, and make transactions. All this in a conversational way
  • Search: Inbenta gives more power and a greater depth of understanding for business with its Search product
  • Knowledge: With Inbenta Knowledge, you can be assured of improved response time. Also, the workload on the support center will decrease
  • Case Management: It allows you to convert online contact, email, and social contacts into a manageable queue

Inbenta- here’s why:

It’s easy to get started. With Inbenta, the time-to-market is rapid, which takes just weeks and not months. Plus, you get high-performance AI-right out of the box! But more importantly, the unique NLS from Inbenta understands the meaning of what the customer wants. The patented NLP technology utilizes Meaning-Text Theory that’s highly conversational.

Moreover, when it comes to integration, there’s no problem with Inbenta as it works seamlessly with the existing knowledge, content, and products. There’s also multilingual support for over 30 languages. The extensive open APIs and SDKs can be extended to meet your needs. And finally, you can deploy it across channels- either SMS, mobile, web, social, etc.

People and the company

“At Inbenta, we value curiosity, creativity, and reliability — these are the traits that help us innovate and advance in a highly competitive industry,” says the CEO. For an ‘Inbentor,’ there’s a rich and challenging work environment, but everyone’s work and contribution is recognized and appreciated across the team. The company has grown over the years and today, there are more than 250 global customers spread across 6 continents. The company witnesses more than 300 million interactions in real-time in a year.

… And they love it!

Toby Kelly, a Knowledge Base developer from Trane Residential says: “We have reduced our incoming support emails to almost a third of what it was.”

“Significantly reduced incoming calls to our call center,” says Ricardo Birtel, Operations and IT director of Multiplus, S.A.

“More than 30% of incoming e-mails are now deflected,” opines Luciane Franciscone, Corporate Marketing General Manager at Lojas Renner.

Meet the Trailblazer

Jordi Torras, Founder and CEO

Jordi started his entrepreneurial career in 1997 after drinking half a bottle of whiskey with his brother (who drank the other half). Together they founded SBD, a professional services firm in Barcelona. SBD grew to more than 200 consultants by 2004 and was acquired that year by the French firm Alten Technologies.

Jordi then founded Inbenta in 2005 to help clients improve online relationships with their customers using revolutionary technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing. The first beta version of the Inbenta Semantic Search Engine was released in 2010, thanks to an awesome team composed of linguists, software architects, and customer care specialists. In 2012, Jordi moved to California to continue to grow Inbenta there.

…he doesn’t drink whiskey anymore.

“At Inbenta, we value curiosity, creativity, and reliability — these are the traits that help us innovate and advance in a highly competitive industry.”

“Our semantic search engine is so robust, it can match unstructured, incorrectly typed, ambiguous and intention-narrowed user search queries with structured, specific and concise FAQ titles.”

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