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Ironpaper: A B2B Growth Agency

Ironpaper: A B2B Growth Agency

The digital space is evolving. It has changed the way business is done. Today, organizations need to be digital-first to have the upper hand in the market. Ironpaper, an NYC company, helps integrate technology, design, marketing, content, and digital strategy to drive results for businesses. They tackle hard problems through creative solutions.

Founded in New York City in 2003 by Jonathan Franchell, Ironpaper is on a mission to help companies drive growth using the internet. A specialized agency, the company isn’t a mere digital agency; it is, in fact, a company that is focused on affecting B2B growth through its premium services.

Ironpaper’s work crosses the boundaries of B2B marketing, content, sales enablement, qualified lead generation, website design, and B2B strategy. The 50+ team at Ironpaper is made up of talented directors, marketing strategists, writers, designers, developers, and specialists who are obsessed with improving measurable business results for B2B companies. The company is focused on aligning marketing and sales (creating a remarkable buyer journey) in order to drive more opportunities for clients.

Websites That Drive Results

Everybody today knows the value of websites. They drive leads, sales, and deeper engagement. But they need to be more than mere brochures. A company website needs to act as a growth engine powering lead generation and nurturing sales opportunities.

Too many companies fail to derive the real value out of their corporate website. The website’s attractiveness quotient does not always bring in the buyers. It needs to perform. The Ironpaper team studies conversion paths, search factors, messaging, and performance data to make better design decisions. The company believes that every design must have a purpose, and rightly so. Imagine Nike without the iconic Swoosh logo!

Ironpaper’s work embodies the intersection of design, technology, content, and marketing. The company is focused on helping organizations achieve core business goals using the digital space. They design and build websites to impact sales, advocacy, and lead generation.

Recently, Ironpaper overhauled Crossfit’s 12 old year website that served as a central hub for Crossfitters worldwide. It worked closely with the Crossfit HQ team to build a new site for the Crossfit community that is more accessible, dynamic, supportive, and scalable for an organization that continues to experience profound growth.

B2B Marketing

Marketing must generate results that drive business growth. This means that the B2B companies need to improve results from their marketing and inbound sales efforts. Ironpaper’s work focuses on lead generation, nurturing, and marketing for B2B decision-makers. They build results-driven and scalable B2B marketing programs for companies that seek growth.

As a full-service agency, Ironpaper drives growth with content marketing, automation and sales nurturing, social media, advertising & PPC, website design, retargeting, and other foundational B2B marketing strategies. “Our campaign conversion rates were unbelievable, [up to] 16-18% conversion. With Ironpaper, we were able to shift our company’s focus and see these results regardless,” says Christine Bolles, Head of Product and Marketing for Mformation (now Nokia IMPACT).

The company begins by firming up buyer definitions and messaging. Then it sets monthly lead acquisition goals, build marketing assets, and create a data-based strategy. From there, Ironpaper launches pilot campaigns and actively measure results against benchmarks, while optimizing, improving, and building. The NYC-company process for B2B marketing is based on LEAN principles. It seeks to increasingly gain efficiency, agility, and effectiveness as we focus on decreasing the time table for success generation.

Jonathan Franchell, Founder, President, & CEO

He is a Cooper Union graduate and applies his alma mater’s founding principles of “create a union of science and art.” He founded Ironpaper in 2003 with this union in mind. His idea was to create something that was a union between design and technology or between clients and the company itself.

“We generate leads and drive sales for B2B companies that have a long sales cycle.”

“We focus on marketing results — but only the ones that matter. No marketing fluff, no vanity metrics. Just ROI and lead generation and conversion through your sales funnel. Our conversion scales over time, bringing real business growth.”

“We seek to unify the marketing and sales journey to deliver a more remarkable buyer experience and, ultimately, drive growth for our clients.”

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