Alexa vCom Solutions—helping multi-site companies reduce and manage their communication costs
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vCom Solutions—helping multi-site companies reduce and manage their communication costs

vCom Solutions—helping multi-site companies reduce and manage their communication costs

Businesses are increasingly utilizing technology to succeed, regardless of industry. From servers and computers to company-issued mobile devices, to newcomers like IoT, the number of items your IT personnel need to keep account of will only increase. Therefore, most businesses do not have a complete handle when it comes to managing and tracking their IT assets.

IT asset management is vital to a business's success. IT assets have a finite period of use. To maximize their value to an organization, the IT asset lifecycle can be proactively managed.

Previously, IT departments could control assets within their own domain. Nowadays, an organization’s asset management exercise extends far beyond the hardware that’s issued with an official IT department stamp of approval.

Efficient IT asset management is a necessity in today’s competitive market. Without a management strategy, you can’t be sure if your firm is operating at its full capacity. Your IT asset management plans can help in tacking the increasing number of assets in your firm, from procurement to their disposal.

When you talk about IT asset management, you begin the conversation with vCom Solutions. Founded in 2001, vCom is part of the Enterprise Technology Management Association and a member of the AOTMP Industry Council. The firm continues to thrive and flourish in San Ramon, California.

vCom Solutions is revolutionizing how technology expenses are managed. They’ve been leading this quiet revolution for over 20 years, delivering the platform, products, and people to manage customers’ business technology and deliver control, visibility, and cost savings.

vCom Solutions’ ethos

  • Disruptive

vCom people and technology are uniquely focused on solving business communications challenges others cannot solve.

  • Results-focused

vCom Solutions is driven to ease customers’ pain and lessen their communications costs.

  • Transparent

vCom tells it how it is, so customers and prospects know what success looks like and what it takes to get there.

  • Organized

vCom Solutions manages your communications intricacy so you can focus on other facets of your business.

  • Passionate

vCom Solutions believes in what it does, and the firm proves it by working hard and doing right by its customers.

vCom’s one platform solution for a controlled and centralized asset management

vCom Solutions helps coordinate, centralize, and effectively manage the complex ecosystem of assets and vendors. The firm aids in everything from invoice processing to order management, so companies can focus on getting work done.

Planning and procurement management

From hardware and networks to SaaS, vCom Solutions helps monitor ROI, source technologies, and manage contracts.

  1. ROI tool

vCom’s software shows you metrics and data that allow you to evaluate your current network expenses and compare the existing cost to other options available to you.

  1. Procurement

The firm’s software lets you compare products from hundreds of service providers, across hundreds of technologies, efficiently and quickly to identify the solution that best meets your needs.

  1. Document management

On vCom’s asset management platform all contracts, exhibits, service orders, and vendor communication are centralized, effortlessly accessible, and linked to the corresponding IT assets.

Operations management

vCom’s platform provides one centralized source for change, orders, and support across locations, technologies, and sellers.

  1. Order management

Customers can track service delivery, daily changes, vendor dispatches, inside wiring, and hardware shipment. Log into vCom’s web portal or mobile app at any time for the latest updates, specifications, or notes.

  1. Asset management

The firm identifies all IT assets and determines who is using what, and why including customized technical attributes, hardware management, and inventory reconciliation.

  1. Ticket management

vCom’s platform opens trouble tickets against individual inventory items and tracks the status from within the portal. Customers can submit and monitor other types of tickets including billing and account inquiries, engagement projects, and enhancement requests.

Expense management

The platform provides a comprehensive view of assets, status, and spending. The platform offers a beautiful dashboard available on any device and puts insight and information at the customer’s fingertips.​

  1. Manage invoices

vCom provides a single portal for every invoice across technologies, sellers, and locations. The platform helps customers understand what they are paying for, ensure rates are correct, manage workflow, and combine billing, bill pay, invoice audit & dispute.

  1. Manage accounts and budget

The platform helps customers understand the allocation of cost across all assets. vCom also offers GL Coding, cost allocation, AP posting files, and budget management.

  1. Comprehensive analytics

vCom’s platform delivers comprehensive, consolidated, 13-month trend history that is automatically captured, collected, and sorted by product, location, carrier account, cost center, and spend category. This helps customers easily spot patterns, trends, peaks, and valleys in dollar amounts or percentages, from one month to the next.

Helping organizations take back control with comprehensive tools and services

Gary Storm is the President, CEO, and Founder of vCom Solutions, Inc. Gary has worked in the telecommunications industry for over 20 years. Before founding vCom Solutions in 2001, Gary was the former President & CEO of Networld Communications. Gary was instrumental in shaping Networld into one of the leading next-generation voice and data equipment providers in the USA.

Gary received a Bachelor of Arts degree from UC Berkeley.

“Every vendor, asset, and invoice centralized and under control.”

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