Alexa JDA – Seamless Supply Chains “Deliver” Seamless Customer Experiences
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JDA – Seamless Supply Chains “Deliver” Seamless Customer Experiences

JDA – Seamless Supply Chains “Deliver” Seamless Customer Experiences

We’ve witnessed several incidents that highlighted the importance of Supply Chain Management (SCM). In a recent incident, we saw BMW suffer a production stoppage of one its cars, as Bosch failed to supply the necessary steering gears on time. An effective supply chain management solution enables enterprises to keep track of the products being transported, optimize inventory levels to reduce costs, and synchronize supply with customer demand. SCM provides enterprises and manufacturers with tremendous competitive and business advantages. JDA Software is a provider of SCM solutions, who with their 30 years of expertise in the industry has become a leader in all five Gartner Magic Quadrants focused on supply chain and retail merchandising solutions. At least 4,000 of the world’s largest retailers, manufacturers, logistics companies and distributors run JDA.

JDA Software Group Inc., headquartered at Scottsdale, Arizona was founded in 1985. The supply chain giant has over 4,600 professionals across more than 40 different office locations worldwide. JDA provides supply chain management, manufacturing planning, retail planning, store operations, and collaborative category management solutions. JDA’s unmatched end-to-end solutions portfolio helps its global customers unify and shorten their supply chains, increase the speed of execution, and profitably deliver to their customers. 

Nominated by one of its partners Kenco, JDA was added to the 100 Great Supply Chain Partners list by Supply Chain Brain. JDA also made it to the Inbound Logistics’ list of Top 100 Logistics IT Providers in 2018, and the list goes on.

‘A Plan’ to Deliver – Luminate Control Tower Solution

Supply Chains are sensitive to trends, global events, weather, and many other factors. In order to be successful and stay ahead in the competition, the industry needs solutions that run on a cognitive, real-time, connected platform, says JDA. “The path forward begins with next-generation solutions that can turn real-time data and insights into fast, profitable business decisions.” For this reason, JDA introduced JDA Luminate – the first-of-its-kind portfolio of next-generation solutions and core product enhancements. JDA Luminate is built on an open, cognitive, and connected platform that embraces digital edge technologies such as software-as-a-service (SaaS), the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced analytics. It offers an intelligent way to predict and shape demand, fulfill faster and deliver seamless customer experiences.

JDA Luminate turns real-time data into fast, profitable business decisions by connecting stores, distribution centers, logistics, and manufacturing in a digital network, matching demand and supply continuously, at every point of the supply chain. JDA Luminate uses edge technologies such as machine learning, AI, and social media, news, events, and weather (SNEW) data to power a global supply chain network yielding greater customer insights, delivering better service, and driving competitive differentiation and revenue growth. JDA Luminate includes the integration of applications, enhancements to core JDA applications, the inclusion of a global technology partner ecosystem and cutting-edge innovations, all supported, enabled and delivered by JDA.

A Culture, Not a Company

As an Arizona-based company, JDA actively promotes that its associates embrace a ‘Sonoran Spirit’. Meaning, in order to grow – JDA believes – one must deliver customer value; take care of its collective ecosystem of partners, customers and associates alike and respectfully collaborate as a united front. This, combined with JDA’s core values -- being relentless, fostering teamwork and delivering results - are the bedrock of the company that unites all JDA associates to drive success, profitability, and growth for the company and for its more than 4,000 customers.

JDA prides itself on driving commitment to learning and innovation while fostering teamwork as a critical component to success. At JDA, all associates are encouraged to take one day of paid volunteer time off each year to serve at a charity of their choice within the local community. JDA believes, taking part in such activities will enrich and inspire the lives of its associates. 

JDA is also focused on developing high-potential women, with its “Winning Leadership” program, and its “Wednesdays for Women” blog series. JDA’s commitment to diversity and inclusion has helped the women community reign supreme in the industry. As a result, JDA’s engagement scores among its associates are at an all-time high with average associate tenure in the 10+ year range, best in class for a major technology company. JDA won Gold in iNova Awards 2018 for its Women’s Interest Network (WIN) and Wednesdays for Women (W4W) blog series.  

The Fearless Leader, Girish Rishi

Girish Rishi was appointed as CEO of JDA Software in February 2017. Mr. Rishi has emphasized a values-driven culture and a growth mindset at the company. He implanted a Customer First approach at the company and drove the product pivot toward edge technologies. He spent most of his career leveraging his expertise in product development and go-to-market strategies at quite a few renowned companies. At Symbol Technologies, he led the company’s EMEA operations and at Tyco International, he was responsible for the company’s retail solutions business and the North America operations. He also headed the Enterprise Division at Motorola.

He spent the first 15 years of his career in early-to-mid stage entrepreneurial companies learning the value of co-innovating with customers and delivering differentiated solutions. Mr. Rishi also serves on the Board of Directors of Insight Enterprises and is a member of the Board of Regents at the University of Hartford. Mr. Rishi is a business traveler, a family man, and he reads voraciously in his downtime.

 “JDA powers a global supply chain network that is current, connected and cognitive.”

“We help companies optimize delivery to customers by enabling them to predict and shape demand, fulfill faster and more intelligently, and improve customer experiences and loyalty.”

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