Alexa Kaltura: Powering the Video Experience for Every Organization
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Kaltura: Powering the Video Experience for Every Organization

Kaltura: Powering the Video Experience for Every Organization

In today's tech-driven world, digital communication, especially videos play a very important role in the mobile workplace. Today, every business requires a digital foothold and a transformation to stay ahead in the competition. We have with us Kaltura, a company whose sole mission is to power any video experience. The video platform is leading in the market with its wide array of offerings of video solutions.

Globally deployed, Kaltura has its reach across thousands of enterprises, educational institutions, media companies, and service providers. The company has revolutionized the vast reach of videos that are being used to entertain, communicate, teach, learn, and collaborate.

Completely dedicated to creating outstanding video experiences, Kaltura vouches to make videos a native tool that complies with the present work processes. "Kaltura offers the tools to power every video use case that modern businesses require," says the chairman, CEO, and co-founder, Ron Yekutiel.

A Video Experience for all

With Kaltura, companies are offered a platform that can transform their business that's engaging, effective, and efficient. "When we founded the company in 2006, we believed video was going to be a more powerful and engaging data type than text," says Ron. "We saw video as a way to revolutionize the way we all communicate, collaborate, work, learn, and entertain by making video a seamless, accessible part of our organizations and our lives."

It's been more than a decade since its establishment and today, Kaltura strives to offer the most powerful and flexible video platform in the market. The company offers a unified enterprise platform for videos where employees themselves can make, modify, share on social networks, manage, upload, and also deliver videos in super high-quality. The videos can be created on any device, live or on demand.

And the results? Business can see how videos drive collaboration, increase sales, spread institutional knowledge, simplify onboarding, boost corporate communications, support clients, and more. These are the results of what Kaltura has provided solutions to thousands of organizations around the world. The SaaS platform from the company has engaged hundreds of millions of viewers at home, at work, and at school.

"We make it easy to use video for any purpose, supporting organizations and people around the world as they make an impact with their media," he says. The company is immensely proud to have initiated the first and only open source video platform project. Today, the Kaltura platform is home to one of the largest online video developer communities in the world. "We proudly look forward to continuing to democratize video and to power ANY video experience," Ron adds.

The Star Team

The team behind the video platform at Kaltura is an all-powerful team. The management team has experienced players in the tech field including industry experts and seasoned entrepreneurs. "We come from telecom, media & entertainment technologies, enterprise software, SaaS, EdTech, open-source projects and more," says Ron as he introduces his team. Also, Kaltura is proud to have its top-tier investors which include corporations like Mitsui, Intel, Nokia, and leading venture capital firms. Investors like Goldman Sachs are also part of Kaltura.

But it's not just the management that's star-studded. Every employee of Kaltura is part of the excitement that goes into making videos. The employees feel they are the trendiest part of the digital world of this century as they create video experiences for organizations. The Kalturians, as they call themselves, are proud to be market-leaders in a wide range of industries.

The employees say, "We pride ourselves on The Kalturian Way – our unique culture of getting things done, while having fun! We are dynamic, collaborative, open and flexible – we strive to ‘live our culture’ and make sure to never lose sight of important values such as diversity and work-life balance." Kaltura provides its employees an opportunity to work with cutting edge technology, talented professionals, and at the same time get the chance to develop your career path in a startup atmosphere.

The employees here are pushed to express their passion, insights, and ideas with their teams. The annual 3-day Hackathon is the cultivation of the continuous innovation at the company. Additionally, the company encourages wellness along with work. The Kaltura Running Team is a symbol of the firm's dedication to taking care of body and soul. Healthy snacks, weekly yoga classes, and more are part of Kaltura. At Kaltura, the employees continue to innovate and expand with leading customers around the globe.

The Dynamic Leader

Ron Yekutiel, Chairman, CEO & Co-founder

Ron is a serial technology entrepreneur, starting and leading companies in Israel, US, and Canada in the fields of Internet, mobile applications, and security. Previous ventures include Destinator Technologies, Paradigm Advanced Technologies, and VisualGate Systems. A former helicopter pilot, Ron enjoys extreme travel and sports. He holds an MBA with honors from the Wharton School of Business.

"Our mission is to power any video experience, for any organization."

"We are honored to offer the most open, flexible, and collaborative video platform in the market, catering to any video use case and helping to democratize media and make it accessible and impactful for so many organizations and people around the world."

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