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Kaseya: Newly Minted Tech Unicorn is Solving the IT Tools Integration Pain Plaguing Multi-Function IT Users at Managed Service Providers and Small to Medium Businesses

Kaseya: Newly Minted Tech Unicorn is Solving the IT Tools Integration Pain Plaguing Multi-Function IT Users at Managed Service Providers and Small to Medium Businesses

Technology investments by small and medium-size businesses and by MSPs, for whom the SMB space is a core market, are rising dramatically. Worldwide IT spending by SMBs surpassed $600 billion last year and is expected to reach $684 billion by 2021, according to IDC.

While SMBs and the MSPs that serve them have become an enormous market, their IT success relies on small cadres of multi-functional IT administrators who wear multiple hats as they handle myriad requirements to service the IT needs of their consumers including monitoring, security, backup, data recovery, patch management, compliance, and IT documentation.

The most frustrating challenge for those who must cover this varied landscape is to shift among multiple, disparate software applications and tools, interfaces, and hardware – which is usually not designed for the specific needs of multi-function IT in the first place. Custom-built, cosmetic integrations between disparate toolsets and software providers, as opposed to a single technology provider with tightly integrated workflows, tend to be fragile and superficial as well as costly and can break asily over time due to code updates, design changes, asynchronous release cycles, and code incompatibilities.

The average IT administrator can end up spending as much as 40 percent of their time dealing with this patchwork of tools and juggling between multiple software platforms. This is where Kaseya comes in.

Enter Kaseya

Kaseya is the leading provider of complete IT infrastructure management solutions for MSPs and internal IT organizations at SMBs. Through its open platform and customer-centric approach, Kaseya delivers best in breed technologies that allow organizations to efficiently manage, secure and backup their IT.

With a sweeping ongoing initiative, Kaseya continues to optimize what they call their IT Complete platform -- the industry’s first-and-only purpose-built, comprehensive, end-to-end, IT infrastructure management platform for MSPs and SMBs – that deeply integrates these tools all in one place creating a unified experience that gives IT administrators the ability to perform their responsibilities across multiple areas without juggling multiple platforms.

IT Complete solutions are tightly integrated for maximum efficiency, allowing one person to do the work of 10 and scalable over time to support limited budgets. With Kaseya IT Complete, MSPs and internal IT are able to reduce costs, using freed up budgets to create new revenue-generating activities or avoid being seen as a cost center while better protecting the business. Through its aggressive acquisition strategy and innovative go-to-market approach, today’s Kaseya is comprised of six different brands to form their IT Complete portfolio — Kaseya, Unitrends, Spanning Cloud Apps, RapidFire Tools, IT Glue and ID Agent. IT Complete is thoughtfully designed to meet every IT management need — from endpoint management and security to backup and disaster recovery, compliance and IT documentation.

Newly Minted Tech Unicorn

In May, Kaseya announced the completion of an investment of more than $500 million to further accelerate its record growth and innovation of IT Complete. With  this investment, Kaseya now has a valuation of more than $2 billion adding them to the list of newly minted technology unicorn companies.

The additional investment propels the tremendous momentum that Kaseya enjoyed in 2018, which saw the company grow by over 30 percent while increasing its customer base to approximately 40,000 and successfully completing and integrating five major acquisitions. Kaseya says they will use this investment to fuel further growth through additional strategic acquisitions, deeper expansion into international markets, and increased R&D spending on cutting-edge, customer-centric products to serve their IT consumers.


CEO Fred Voccola is the visionary behind Kaseya who inspires his team with his ambitious vision to continuously transform Kaseya and to serve as the global leader of complete IT infrastructure management solutions for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and internal IT organizations.

He took over as CEO in 2015 and quickly began putting his IT Complete strategy into place.

Voccola credits much of the company’s success to Kaseya’s strong customer-centric and employee-centric focus and a desire to be the best at what they do - coupled with the manifestation of IT Complete, which he says is why Kaseya’s growth rate is faster than anybody else’s in the industry. “It’s really what's driving the financial success that we have and most importantly, it is making our customers more profitable and efficient, which is our ultimate goal.”

“For the first time in history, more than 50% of SMB discretionary spending is on IT,” Voccola shared at Kaseya’s recent Global Connect IT user conference. “Those SMBs are currently investing in security, disaster recovery and compliance — the key trends that surfaced a decade or so ago in the enterprise. Next up, current enterprise trends such as artificial intelligence and machine learning will eventually find their way into the SMB sector -and we’ll be ready.”

“I’m just excited for the opportunity that is before us. To get to witness and play a part in this industry growth has been tremendously rewarding and I am humbled to be able to lead a company like Kaseya with customers as amazing as ours - in an industry that is always changing, evolving, and presenting new challenges. I’m excited to see what the next decade holds.”

“At Kaseya we are a customer first team, working to bring solutions that make the lives of IT leaders around the globe easier and more predictable.” 

“We provide software solutions that help you take out the complexity of IT.” 

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