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Kerubiel Ltd.: ICT Information Security and Privacy Services

Kerubiel Ltd.: ICT Information Security and Privacy Services

Incorporated in 2017, Kerubiel Ltd. is a Budapest-based company that specializes in ICT, security, and privacy services. With an impressive bunch of consultants and engineers on its workforce, the company is one of the leading security companies in Hungary with experience in both domestic and international projects.

We interviewed Kerubiel Ltd.’s CEO, László György Dellei, to get to know about the security landscape today and how Kerubiel is revolutionizing the security industry through its innovation.

Between ever-changing network, system, and application needs, many IT leaders don't know what they really have—even when they think they do. How do you manage to serve the needs of a highly volatile market?

Distances – even in the cyberspace – may alienate a consultant from its clients, and vice versa.  Understanding the customer is a key element for a successful partnership. Therefore, Kerubiel Ltd. seeks direct contact with its customers from the beginning. The direct contact with our customers allows us a unique opportunity to get to know the interests of the customers firsthand.

Our solutions combine self-awareness, data/information governance, transparency and accountability measures as well as all aspects of risk management. Thus, Kerubiel Ltd. offers complex, personalized, rapid, yet affordable ways for its clients to achieve high-level compliance. 

It is common in the Hungarian market, that a company providing assistance only has expertise in one field, i.e. either in the field of data protection or in information security. However, Kerubiel has established a wide network of contributing experts allowing the company to tailor its services in accordance with the needs of the customers. By providing united counseling in both fields, Kerubiel is prepared to answer questions related to various situations, hazards or risks, and to find appropriate solutions as well. However, there is always room for further development both on a personal and on company level. I seek to gain up-to-date information by continuously widening my knowledge via trainings and conferences. Furthermore, Kerubiel wants to utilize its expertise on a regional level, opening to other CEE countries.

Tell us about how your security services and how they stand out in the market.

Instead of being time-consuming and resource-intensive, our five-step method, self-awareness, data governance, documentation, transparency, and risk management, offers a complex, yet easy way for controllers and processors to achieve high-level data protection compliance. The company also delivers specialized IT services, customized as per every customer’s dynamic needs with its operations like system development and implementation, IT Outsourcing, Outsourced CISO /DPO, IT Audit, Security, and Cyber Security Consulting.

Kerubiel is venturing into VR-aided solutions. Could you tell us about the project?

Kerubiel continuously tries to expand its offerings; therefore a few months ago the company established its R&D department which among others tries to focus on Virtual Reality aided solutions in Stroke Rehabilitation. Virtual Reality (VR) environments have huge potential for those with compromised physical capability in providing a sense of freedom and motivation, but there are significant barriers in access and effective use in this context. To address these user and technological challenges, our EU-funded new project aims to develop an accessible, collaborative VR rehabilitation environment that uses a serious gaming virtual space to provide stimulus, socialization, and friendly competition for users on the path to rehabilitation.

Artificial Intelligence has been a buzzword. Do you think enterprises should embrace AI to drive much advanced cybersecurity?

Artificial intelligence provides unforeseen opportunities for companies in almost all aspects of our daily lives. From healthcare to banking, different applications of AI may be utilized as cost- and time-effective solutions. This may be true for privacy enhancing technologies as well as for different cybersecurity solutions. Human error poses a continuous threat to companies from the security perspective. This “human” element might be substituted with AI in many instances that may evade common mistakes or risk and, at the same time, may make the necessary decisions to protect the interest of the company and its customers alike.

Where do you see your company in the forthcoming years?

Kerubiel is not yet a global actor. However, the ever-growing clientele, the establishment of valuable connections with other experts and actors as well as the cooperation in international projects provides Kerubiel Ltd. with a unique opportunity to make a relevant impact not only on national, but on regional level as well. The company wishes to become one of the leading companies on a regional level in the next couple of years. Of course, there is a long way to go until we achieve this goal. But, we have already made the first steps.

Meet the ICT Pioneer

László György Dellei, CEO

László is one of the leading experts in the field of ICT and data protection in Hungary. He is a registered and active security expert of the European Commission. He is also a member of the Hungarian Chamber of Judicial Experts, Gold Member of ISACA, EC-Council, and John von Neumann Computer Society. He provides expert counsel to multinationals, big, medium-sized, and small enterprises.

‘‘Kerubiel offers unique  services in the field of data protection, information management and security, and GDPR readiness.’’

‘‘Open-mindedness, curiosity and lifelong learning are the principles that drive Kerubiel Ltd. towards innovation and new knowledge.’’

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