Alexa Leading the way in wealth management technology and services: Avaloq

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Leading the way in wealth management technology and services: Avaloq

Leading the way in wealth management technology and services: Avaloq

New advancements technology are helping wealth management sector to address many of the concerns raised in the financial services. At the same time, it is also allowing firms to resolve some of the more pressing operational challenges facing wealth managers and financial advisers.

The way wealth managers and financial advisers collect and analyze the unstructured information is the root of the issues wealth management is presently trying to solve. With this said, for wealth management companies, partnering with an expert wealth management technology solutions provider is very crucial. In light of the foregoing, we introduce you to Avaloq.

Avaloq believes in one thing. Preparing its clients for the future and ensuring their success. Its strong heritage supports Avaloq as it looks to the future – and its vision is clear. Simplicity will be critical for financial institutions and wealth managers. Simplicity will keep you agile in an ever-changing, increasingly digital world.

About the company

Clients set the standard: Today’s banking and wealth management clients want nothing less than simple experiences – including support and advice whenever they ask for it.

In order to meet their changing demands and behaviors, financial institutions must therefore create the best possible client journeys. Every time.

Advice is empowered by AI: Data-driven insights and intelligent systems have immense potential to improve processing times, cut costs and free up relationship managers’ time to do what they do best – provide a reliable service and engage with their clients.

Platforms are open and collaborative: Today, established financial institutions may feel under constant pressure as a result of their competitors, fintechs, tech giants and more.

Embracing open banking helps turn their challenges into opportunities, allowing these financial institutions to utilize open APIs and integrate their offerings with third-party applications.

Turning simplicity into optimized business processes

Spend more time with clients to grow exceptional relationships: Client expectations are increasing, setting a new standard for financial institutions – and placing higher importance on both the software they use and the client experiences they provide. As the link between you and your clients, Avaloq enables you to optimize your business and deliver the best experiences. How? Through easy-to-use systems that minimize manual work and through the adoption of a platform that delivers unrivalled reliability and straight-through-processing.

Giving your clients access to world-class services they can rely on. Unlock the power of an open, collaborative platform. Those financial institutions that create the most attractive, agile platforms will be the ones that excel in the new era.

That’s why, through Avaloq open platform and ecosystem, we enable you to leverage the newest technology in order to stay up to date, offering a modular, API-based ecosystem for full integration with third parties and fintech solutions. Allowing you to create the best innovations. Together.

Let’s take ‘complex’ and make it ‘simple’: A company’s success is measured by how satisfied its clients are. While you constantly adapt to industry trends and the global shift towards digitalization, we’ll ensure your clients continue to experience excellent, seamless support. It means helping you spend less time on your systems – and more time with your clients.

It means helping you go digital – without compromising on compliance and security. And, it means ensuring you make long-lasting, solid relationships with clients your number one focus.

From idea to launch in months. Not years: When it comes to managing the technological changes taking place within the financial services industry, taking the lead is easier than it may seem. With the right solutions and expert advice, wealth managers and banks can become more dynamic, agile and flexible.

With us by your side we’ll transform technology into business value and actual growth – through adoption of standardization and automation, as well as utilization of the cloud. Making it possible for you to launch new products, faster.

Simplicity for a new era

Avaloq Engage: The financial sector has entered a new age – one where clients expect seamless, personalized service whenever and wherever they are. Advisors strive to meet this expectation by becoming easily accessible in order to provide trusted, quality advice on their clients’ terms. That’s where the Avaloq Engage mobile app comes in.

Avaloq Core: Is your legacy IT system impeding your ability to serve your clients’ changing needs? Avaloq’s core platform provides a continuum of capabilities from wealth management to retail banking. It also hosts a broad range of functionalities addressing a wealth of banking needs, from payments to complex structured products. That’s why it’s perfect for financial institutions that serve multiple client segments.

Avaloq Wealth: What could your relationship managers achieve if they had access to a wealth management platform from which they could connect with and serve clients, intelligently and personally? What would your clients say to continuous access to advisory services and a 24/7 overview of their portfolio dynamics? The Avaloq Wealth platform empowers advisors to provide highly personalized advice and bespoke services, while making them more efficient and productive.

Avaloq Insights: What could your business achieve with a centralized data platform that not only pools data from across systems, but transforms it into actionable insights for professionals across your business? Based on advanced analytics and AI, the Avaloq Insight platform delivers data science developed specifically for banking and wealth management.

Francisco Fernandez, Founder and Group Chairman

Francisco is Avaloq’s creator and a major shareholder, a visionary entrepreneur who’s dedicated his career to finance sector IT.

He sees his goal as disrupting familiar business models, reshaping the relationships between banks and their clients and making financial institutions more efficient, secure and transparent.

Francisco has a master’s degree in informatics from ETH Zurich – Einstein’s University – and a certificate in business administration from ETH’s Center for Industrial Management. Apart from his family, his great loves include playing jazz piano and helping tech start-ups.

“Our ambition is to provide end-to-end digital solutions that allow clients a level of flexibility and responsiveness that will pave the way for even more efficient operations.”

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