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Linking consumers to brands, clients to customers, insights to ideas, and people to opportunities: CROSSMARK

Linking consumers to brands, clients to customers, insights to ideas, and people to opportunities: CROSSMARK

Every marketing professional faces different challenges. Although everyone typically share similar marketing goals, some are stuck on hiring top talent, while others are having trouble finding the right technology which suits their needs, or a right strategy to engage their customers. Whatever the case may be, CROSSMARK is here to deliver smarter solutions to clients for faster growth in an ever-changing world.

It builds connections for growth through an approach that uniquely leverages the integration of its sales and marketing expertise from thought to boughtâ„ . Its commitment goes beyond providing clients with the relevant services they need. It adapts to changing dynamics in the marketplace to ensure smarter solutions that help its clients grow faster and more efficiently. Its industry-wide recognition of exceptional service is a legacy it has worked hard to create, and one it continued to build on every day.

Its areas of expertise include Insights & Intelligence, Headquarter Sales, Retail Merchandising, Shopper Engagement, and Consumer Engagement. Its solutions make an impact in store across a wide range of retail channels, as well as out of store through “live” and digital engagement along the shopping journey. Headquartered in Plano, Texas, CROSSMARK has more than 40,000 employees with offices throughout the United States, Canada.

Building connections for growth

We live in an ever-changing world full of exciting possibilities where it’s important to build meaningful connections. At CROSSMARK, the team passionately forges strong bonds on many levels. Whether it’s linking consumers to brands, or insights to ideas, these connections fuel growth for its valued clients and customers.

 As a trusted partner, it nurtures these connections with a smart, inventive approach and talented people that make it personal. The team builds genuine relationships every day through their spirit of collaboration and excellence.

Growth Solutions

CROSSMARK’s connectivity and influence in the marketplace are driven by great talent, trusted relationships, and proven success. Its solutions help clients grow market penetration, increase speed to market, improve on-shelf presence and availability, and connect with consumers and shoppers to drive conversion and brand loyalty. With efficient, professional service, the use of data and analytics, and a dedication to delivering a friendly customer experience, it empowers its clients to make their mark and become category leaders.

THOUGHT TO BOUGHT®: CROSSMARK’s unmatched integration of sales and marketing capabilities maximizes growth potential for clients by integrating efforts to more quickly identify opportunities and early watch-outs, deliver ROI-driven plans, streamline development, and ensure clear coordination and linkage from insights to activation.

INSIGHTS & INTELLIGENCE: CROSSMARK’s advanced analytics system includes unmatched data sources, world-class analytic talent, and state-of-the-art tools and technology. It identifies critical insights to understand and target the right shoppers with the right products, right channels, right locations, right pricing, and right message at the right time.

HEADQUARTER SALES: CROSSMARK provides headquarter sales and support services for manufacturer clients, covering more than 1,000 retailer buying points across the U.S. Its success is driven through a finely tuned mix of analytics, innovative planning, retail savvy, reliability and trust. Its in-depth knowledge of retailers, major retail channels, and product categories enables us to create winning strategies for its clients.

RETAIL MERCHANDISING: CROSSMARK delivers winning results in store with agility, precision and speed. The company recognized in the industry for its tailored approach to developing retail solutions for manufacturers and retailers. It is selected for the most complex and demanding projects across major retail channels. Its merchandising services influence the “4Ps” at retail across multiple channels.

CROSSMARK’s retail merchandising services are powered by 1Hub mobile application and 1H management portal, its real-time field force activation platform for executing sales, merchandising, and engagement campaigns.

Shopper Engagement:The team believes that the best opportunity to influence the shopper’s purchase decision is at the point of consideration where a shopper and brand interact … particularly where the “moment of truth” can be realized at the place of purchase. With more than 16,000 highly trained shopper engagement experts conducting more than 500 million personal interactions with shoppers annually in North America, CROSSMARK has become a leader in driving “trying, buying and smiling”.

Consumer Engagement: Influencing behavior throughout the shopping journey is most critical at key points of consideration where consumers interact with the brand … in store and out of store. Its marketing werks team brings consumer engagement expertise to its integrated planning process to help its clients’ brands be in step with shoppers every step of the way. Its teams collaborate to develop persuasive, personal, experiential campaigns for brands through high-impact engagement that fuel greater consideration and purchase through meaningful experiences where the “moment of truth” is realized.

Making People Smile

CROSSMARK’s unique model of growth drivers delivers solutions that enable faster growth more efficiently for its clients and customers, while better serving the needs of consumers and shoppers in any environment where they shop or can be engaged.

There’s something for everyone to smile about … from growth and efficiencies to consumer-centric solutions.CROSSMARK brings to bear the power of our core competencies to guide its clients along “Smarter Way. Faster Growth.®” – CROSSMARK’s proprietary practice for delivering innovative growth solutions.

Creating Value throughoutthe Shopping Eco-System

The company’s innovative approach, combined with its connectivity and influence in the marketplace, helps clients grow market penetration, increase speed to market, improve on-shelf presence and availability, and connect with consumers and shoppers to drive conversion and brand loyalty.

“Our strategic approach begins with personal, genuine connections. CROSSMARK exceeds
expectations through passion, innovation, and collaboration.”

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