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Make your Application Impenetrable with Virsec

Make your Application Impenetrable with Virsec

We’ve arrived at that point in time where the cyber space is brimming with risks and threats at every turn. But the cyber space isn’t what it used to be. We’ve moved into virtual and augmented realities. We’ve moved our enterprises into the Cloud, where most of our business activities take place. However, this new cyber space is lacking in security. This has paved way for many negative aspects and criminal cyber activities.

This is where Virsec comes in. The virtual and cloud-based platform from Virsec gets your business moving faster. The company can virtually terminate even the possibility of a data breach happening to your business application. At Virsec, cybersecurity is at a whole new level. It doesn’t matter which sophistication or approach you have in protecting applications, Virsec plugs the hole created by today’s application security technologies.

Mission-Critical Security

The company runs on a mission keeping in mind that security technology isn’t what it used to be. However, the unfortunate scenario is that security hasn’t kept up with the rapid shift to the virtual infrastructure. Disappearing network boundaries and hackers with advanced knowledge are gaining easy access to exploit various application weaknesses. Attacks are coming from file-less and memory-based attacks. “At Virsec, we believe that a new approach is required to counter today’s threats,” notes the Chairman and CEO, Atiq Raza.

Precision is an important factor that makes Virsec stand apart. It goes beyond the usual old way of guessing what attack is coming next and precisely pinpoints the threats right at the source within the applications. “Our platform maps correct application behavior, and instantly detects and blocks deviations caused by attacks,” explains Mr. Raza.

And the result from this deterministic approach? Virsec is able to stop threats in real-time and at the same time it delivers unprecedented accuracy, without any false positives. Patched or un-patched, Virsec protects any application across a full-stack from web threats to binary memory-based attacks.

The Talented Team behind Virsec

At Virsec, the team consists of experts and professionals leading from various backgrounds and fields. There are people coming with experience from network security, real-time memory systems, semi-conductors, and embedded systems. Moreover, the people here have worked and held leadership positions with tech giants like Palo Alto Networks, Websense, AMD, Juniper, Cisco, NextGen, BMC Software, and Dell. The list goes on as it includes many other high-growth and successful start-up organizations.

Virsec Pointers

Here are some of the pointers that Virsec has for you:

Is your Application doing the right thing? Ensure that it is!

Applications need to detect a threat or deviations caused by an attack immediately. Virsec understands this. However, instead of chasing some elusive threats, Virsec has the capability to really see what’s going on. The security firm can pinpoint an actual threat across a full stack of application. Be it on the web or in the memory, Virsec has got your back.

Pinpoint the Attacks. And Eliminate any False Positives

With Virsec, you can completely eliminate the guesswork when it comes to the security of your applications. “With deep context, code, process and memory awareness, Virsec precisely detects real attacks so you can take action with confidence and stop burning cycles chasing false alarms,” explains Mr. Raza.

Protect Applications in Vulnerable Environments

There are flaws everywhere. It may be near to impossible to find a perfect code or a network or even a chip that doesn’t have flaw in it, big or small. With Virsec, you are promised to an effective security in the real world. Virsec delivers this promise by virtually patching applications. The platform or your operating system doesn’t matter, Virsec ensures that there’s proper execution.

The Leading Force of Virsec

Atiq Raza is the Chairman and CEO of Virsec Systems, Inc. Mr. Raza is an industry veteran and has been working in engineering leadership and senior management positions for the past thirty-two years. He was the founder, Chairman and CEO of RMI which was acquired by NetLogic which in turn was acquired by Broadcom on the strength of the RMI processor. Earlier, he was Chairman and CEO of NexGen, the first company to challenge Intel in microprocessors. NexGen became a public company and subsequently was acquired by AMD. Mr. Raza became the President and COO of AMD and served on its Board of Directors.

Mr. Raza holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physics from Punjab University, a BS with Honors degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of London, and a MS degree in Materials Science & Engineering from Stanford University.

“Virsec’s solution is built on a patented ability to create AppMAPS of interpreted web applications and the underlying binaries that run the applications.”

“Our platform maps correct application behavior, and instantly detects and blocks deviations caused by attacks.”

“Regardless of your sophistication or approach in protecting applications, Virsec can take your cybersecurity strategy to the next level by plugging the hole left by today’s Application Security technologies.”

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