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Managing Information Systems 3 Inc.: Secure Digital Transformation Leader

Managing Information Systems 3 Inc.: Secure Digital Transformation Leader

Businesses worldwide are on the digital transformation path to optimize their operations and scale in this digitally connected world. For this, they need quality advice that centers on IT modernization; Toronto-based Managing Information Systems 3 Inc. (MIS3 Inc.) is a company that leverages this approach to help businesses grow.

MIS3 Inc. is a Business Value Technology Partner that specializes in Business Transformation through IT Modernization. It provides a 360-degree view of IT with an application-centric philosophy. The company guides their clients to understand the business value New and Emerging Next Generation technology platforms provide, to enable digital transformation.

Businesses across North America are looking for an organization that can provide thought leadership and awareness around aligning business outcomes with simplistic secure technologies and strategies to achieve secure digital transformation. “Achieving business transformation through IT modernization is hard, and not possible today without partnering with new and emerging next-generation technologies focusing on next-generation infrastructure, cybersecurity, and IT operations. MIS3 Inc. is the brand that will, and has, changed the IT landscape in Canada,” says Neil Mistry, Founder and CEO of MIS3 Inc.

Based out of Toronto, Canada, MIS3 Inc. is a privately-owned organization that has offices all across North America. The company is focused on helping clients reduce their technology footprint and moving towards IT operational simplicity. Its specialization is centered on providing innovative, disruptive technologies that have business relevance for every organization.

IT Modernization

To bring about IT Modernization, MIS3’s solutions focus on three core areas: next-gen infrastructure, next-gen cybersecurity, and next-gen IT operations. Since consulting is MIS3’s channel for providing breakthrough thought leadership, the company had to innovate to continue delivering strategic value to businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. “This pandemic time made our clients reimagine their business and revisit how they leverage technology to function. They needed Current state vs Future state visualization and an unbiased view of today vs tomorrow. Our virtual consulting was easy, and spanned across several areas, including infrastructure, cyber risk, IT Ops, public cloud, and more. It allowed our clients to get real value quickly and begin developing a new strategy for the new normal,” said the CEO.

Cybersecurity Solutions for Enterprises

Governance is one of the major challenges of any Digital Transformation project. Getting the right strategic vision is critical when building the right level of controls to minimize risk while enabling new business initiatives. Legacy technologies cannot provide the Visibility and Control that Information Security teams require. Moreover, with the speed at which threats are evolving and the existing skills gap to find qualified cybersecurity staff, Automation is necessary. MIS3 Inc.’s five guiding principles cover it all.

MIS3 Inc.’s CISO Alkin Gorgun also leads the company’s Next-Generation Cybersecurity services portfolio and strategy at MIS3. He told us about The Toronto based company’s five guiding principles that make it unique in its approach towards tackling cybersecurity threats:

  • We help you understand, adopt and benchmark against Cybersecurity Frameworks to better measure, communicate and improve risk posture
  • Build a dynamic Configuration Management Database (CMDB) to gain real-time visibility across all assets
  • Take an Early Detection and Response (EDR) approach rather than focusing on prevention alone
  • Build a Secure Access Service Edge with a Zero Trust framework (SASE/ZTN) which allows users direct access to Cloud services
  • Leverage Security as a Service (SECaaS) with Security Automation and Orchestration (SOAR) to augment security operations teams

MIS3’s virtual CISO services can help clients who are developing their cyber security program from the ground up. “We follow a 10-step approach to guide clients in an evaluation of their Information Security Program Plan. This approach includes identification of risks, building effective technical controls, and continuous program improvement,” said Alkin Gorgun, CISO. The company’s 10-step approach includes:

  1. Establish Business Alignment
  2. Decide on Framework and Compliance Standards
  3. Identify Information Assets
  4. Assess Threats, Vulnerabilities and Risks
  5. Manage Business and Technical Risks
  6. Implement Security Controls
  7. Incident Management and Business Continuity
  8. 3rd Party Risk Management
  9. Conduct Training
  10. Assessment and Audit

Protecting Client Operations

The way organizations collect, store, and process information has been changing at an incredible rate. Historically, organizations have had to procure and maintain massive hardware systems within their own environments to provide necessary technology services to the business. This is no longer the case. With the advancement of Cloud and Networking technologies, businesses can acquire these capabilities on a “pay per use” model and drastically reduce costs and complexity.

Unfortunately, many organizations find it challenging to take full advantage of these developments and often end up scaling back their digital transformation initiatives. Many organizations who quickly jump into Cloud services have found that their existing technologies did not provide the necessary governance capabilities, creating a massive cyber risk gap. As the technology environment changes rapidly, people and processes have to change with it.

MIS3 takes an application-first view into understanding how its clients work, who accesses which applications and how, and then helps clients build a strategy for how to best host and maintain these applications that are servicing the larger business. “We help companies protect their backbone by taking a holistic approach, establishing a clear infrastructure, operations, and security governance strategy and focusing on the technology stack, along with people and process to put those plans into action,” added Alkin.

MIS3 Inc. is helping its clients realize tangible business outcomes by leveraging technology transformation and modernization approaches. The company is utilizing new and emerging technologies that enable a business to push forward even in times of COVID-19. Its effort has been commendable and earns it a spot in CIO Bulletin’s 10 Best Security Companies 2021.

Alkin Gorgun, CISO and VP of Cyber Security

Alkin Gorgun has more than 20 years of experience consulting Medium and Large Enterprise organizations to achieve business outcomes through technology modernization solutions. In his current role as CISO at MIS3, he protects an organization and workforce that’s running 100% on Cloud services. Alkin also leads the Next-Generation Cybersecurity services portfolio and strategy at MIS3. Working with senior IT Security leaders, he helps clients to build effective Risk Governance programs and provides guidance on adopting emerging technologies, which supports a hybrid multi-cloud service delivery model for enabling Secure Digital Transformation. He is an established presenter skilled at communicating complex technical concepts to business executives.

“MIS3 Inc. is helping its clients realize tangible business outcomes by leveraging technology transformation and modernization approaches.”

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