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Miles Technologies: You request. We Respond. It Gets Done!

Miles Technologies: You request. We Respond. It Gets Done!

The information technology and the software industry have had many success stories over the years. One of the standout stories is that of a company called Miles Technologies, based in Lumberton, New Jersey. The founder of Miles Technologies, Chris Miles established the company in 1997. But the back-story of the company and how Mr. Miles founded it is quite interesting.

Mr. Miles’ tryst with technology began very early when struck by the bug of curiosity he went over to a house where there was a Timex Sinclair 1000. Although not quite a PC, it was a start. Some time passed and he started working in construction when he was very young. He got hooked on to the idea of making things happen for people. He eventually started a construction company. But he did something that companies at the time did not utilize – computers. He had a computer on him as often as possible and applied it for a wide variety of tasks such as writing estimating software, accounting, computer-aided design and much more.

He went on and acquired a degree in engineering. Then Miles Technologies happened in 1997. The company was based in the basement of Mr. Miles’ home in its early days. They had to find the way around challenges to meet the requirements of the customers. The company eventually had twelve people doing IT work from the basement. But the company has grown phenomenally since those early days. Today, it boasts of having a large twenty-eight thousand square foot facility.

Mr. Miles’ experience while running the first construction company came in handy as the company constantly improvised to do things which were never done before. At Miles Technologies, innovation became one of the company’s strengths due to his previous stint as a leader. The company added many new offerings building on what the customer needed. Their services today extend from IT services, cybersecurity, web design, software services to even digital marketing.

Since, its inception the company has been steady with its management and ownership which makes it a company which is high on the trust quotient and reliability.

Here to help

While there has been significant rise in the wait times over phone lines in the recent times – increasing the irritability of the general population. Miles Technologies is a believer in not keeping their customers waiting though.  In the IT industry, on an average, it is typical to sit on hold for 20 to 30 minutes but at Miles the average stands at 50.15 seconds.

Miles Technologies makes this happen through its proprietary process which processes IDs a customer and connects them directly to an expert in an instant. The company embodies its motto: “You Request. We Respond. It Gets Done!”

Moreover, the company has valued partners located all over the globe which allows it to extend its reach. The company is ready to support and provide services to anyone from any corner of earth.

Goes Miles beyond the world of business

The company has allegiances that extend well beyond technology and business circles which keep it grounded. Miles Technologies is a company with conscience and contributes to as many as 20 charities. But it holds two initiatives very close its heart.

A Step Toward Hope- It began in 2005 to raise money for those afflicted by paralysis. The organization has been doing some remarkable work to help individuals and families who are suffering from paralysis. The organization extends its support in form of funding to make lives easier for those with paralysis. All expenses are covered by Miles Technologies. 100% of the money raised goes towards helping them.

TEO Scholarship- Dedicated to students pursuing a degree related to computer science or information technology, Technology Equals Opportunity Scholarship is offered to select students to support their education. For 2019-2020, scholarship of $3,000 is being awarded to 4 winners.

Meet the founder

Chris Miles, CEO and Co-Founder

Mr. Miles founded the company in 1997. The company today employs more than 500 people. Under Mr. Miles’ leadership the company earned first place in the Philadelphia Business Journal’s BEST PLACES TO WORK 2013.

Mr. Miles believes in continued growth and profitability. He is an expert on business efficiency.

Customer Testimonials

 “Working with Miles Technologies was a simple decision. Everyone with whom we met was incredibly responsive, attentive, and results-oriented to ensuring that our project was their top priority. We are very pleased with the end result.”- Susan Garber, Gauze, Philadelphia, PA

The people at Miles Technologies are all very reliable, very courteous, very dependable, and very customer service driven. They are all team players, too. If there is a problem, Miles will use every resource available and won’t rest until the problem is solved.-Lori Gardner, Kramer Beverage

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