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mobilityView: Mobile Cost Management for Businesses

mobilityView: Mobile Cost Management for Businesses

The mobile smart devices are playing a huge role in running businesses today. They have become critical in winning new businesses and improving the existing customer relationships. The technology has enabled companies to generate more profit than ever before by managing the smallest of expenses through the data collected by these devices.

mobilityView is a company that is helping organizations redefine how they use mobile smart devices to improve productivity and lower costs. It is at the epicentre of where all key global tech trends converge - wireless, big data, analytics, cloud computing, IoT (Internet of Things), CoIT (consumerization of IT), BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), OTT (over-the-top) play and enterprise mobility. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, mobilityView was founded in 2014 by thorough industry professionals with extensive experience in wireless and IT sectors. mobilityView is a company that is helping other companies manage their mobile costs efficiently.

Relevance in times of IoT

With the widespread adoption of IoT in various industries, real-time mobile data analytics is becoming very important. The data from these devices have enhanced customer care/ in-house productivity apps and has enabled new kinds of interactions, business models, and solutions crucial in competing.

But often companies fail to realize how these devices can contribute to profitable business growth. Companies can benefit from the structured data to aid problem solving, adding a new dimension to their businesses and to become more customer-centric. mobilityView’s Smart Business Insight Platform delivers the data that a company needs for both internal and external business use cases. This solution by mobilityView is applicable for businesses of all sizes be it a small enterprise or a large multi-national.

The mobilityView effect

Big Data companies are extremely important in today’s world as they move, process and maintain a lot of data. Sometimes this data comes from unstructured sources such as social media and at times they collect structured data which are important to solve business related problems. But often it is hard to predict if this data is going to be useful for the Business Intelligence departments.

mobilityView’s platforms and solutions deliver real-time mobile smart device based data which is always useful, applicable and relevant to business related problem solving. This is mainly because the company uses the data captured from the mobile smart devices harnessed from within a business or via their customer’s smart devices.

The MCM Platform

Leading the innovations from the company is the MCM Platform which is an enterprise cloud service for wireless device fleets, enabling enterprises to only pay for business usage of mobile assets. It automates the separation of voice, data and texting consumption, for any wireless device, into business and personal - isolating business use is the only way to remain tax complaint in both USA and Canada. This is very poignant as personal usage of wireless devices has been shown to be as high as 70%, driven by streamed video and music, gaming, social media, etc. All mobile fleet configurations (COPE, CYOD, BYOD, Stipend, etc.) are supported and requires no wireless operator integration, as it is an over-the-top cloud solution (OTT). This provides enterprise customers with some big wins by reducing mobile costs by as much as 70%, eliminating bill shock and overages and future proofing both the business and workers against tax risk.

The platform is redefining how mobile devices are used to contribute to the business goals and objectives for many companies, while uniquely educating and changing worker behavior of how they utilize their wireless devices. Something no other solutions have been able to do before.

The MCM Platform is an incredibly versatile tool which is simple to use and automated for employees. It provides the necessary powerful insights and analytics solution for mobile smart devices which companies have always required.

Pioneering mobile device management by being compliant

mobilityView has multiple US issued patents and has more patents which are pending in over 80 countries. The patented software provided by the company is empowered by machine learning and automation which constantly improves their client’s results and provides the control and analysis they seek.

The EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) has been easily the most important change in data privacy regulation in the last two decades. The regulation has changed and reshaped how data is handled by organizations. Privacy by Design (PbD) has been at the core of the European Union’s GDPR legislation. mobilityView has ensured that it implements and adheres to PbD principles while designing its software solutions. The MCM Platform leads the company in achieving this by giving the users the power to be masters of their own personal privacy. The platform allows the users to disclose their personal data to employers and still live up to the standards. This stands mobilityView apart in today’s market which largely believes in providing businesses with business data and personal data which often puts businesses in a position of where they may be flouting privacy laws.

The company has come a long way from its initial days. With a presence in Europe (UK), Caribbean, South America, and Asia, mobilityView is truly an international company which delivers high standards of mobility focused growth.

Founder’s Corner

Thom Damstra, CEO & Founder

Mr. Damstra has spent over 20 years with the wireless industry. In all his time with the wireless industry he has worked in partnering, sales channel creation & business development with the OEM, Operator, B2B,VAS, and VAR/SI community. He has held various leadership roles at multinationals like Motorola, Verizon Wireless, Vodafone Group, AMD. He is a member of the exclusive Forbes Technology Council.

“mobilityView provides a clear view of how devices can contribute to profitable business growth.”

“We help organizations redefine the role of mobile smart devices and help turn them into powerful strategic assets driving measurable productivity improvements and lower costs for a leaner, more competitive business.”

“We believe in a world where mobile smart devices are critical to winning new business, enhancing existing customer relationships and generating profits.”

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