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Myriad Mobile: Helping Businesses Solve Problems through Inventive Technologies

Myriad Mobile: Helping Businesses Solve Problems through Inventive Technologies

We’re living in the shift! Information and communications have undergone a major paradigm shift. For one, mobile phones are one of the biggest players that have radically transformed how information is gathered and how it’s further communicated. And the biggest playground here is the Web. We’re witnessing most of the businesses taking place right on the web and today, organizations of all sizes are largely depending on the right mobile and web technology solutions. If you’re not on the web and can’t be connected through mobile technology, the future looks bleak already!

Worry not. In order to take care of your entire mobile and web problem, Myriad Mobile is here to guide your business journey. Through its mesmerizing designs, strategy, first-class support, and iterative development, Myriad Mobile brings you mobile and web technology solutions. Established in 2011, Myriad Mobile is situated in Fargo, North Dakota with its presence spreading to Minneapolis, MN and Sioux Falls.

Where Innovation meets Technology

Myriad Mobile is a place where innovation clashes with technology and beautiful designs to present a wonderful finale. “With a portfolio of 600+ projects since 2011, we’ve built a wide variety of learnings, experiences, and solid relationships with our clients,” says Mark, the President of the company. At the base of these 600+ projects is an experienced team.

Myriad Mobile has them all: architects, engineers, designers, mobile developers, industry thought leaders, and experienced strategists. The unique flavor binding all these innovators together is their common love for all things mobile. “Our army of engineers, designers and strategists are focused on developing tactical mobile solutions for businesses big and small,” Mark adds.

“We’re known for being curious, competitive, fast-paced, inventive, witty, fun-loving and dedicated. We like puzzles,” he says. And at Myriad, the more complex the puzzles get, the better! People here believe that bending the brains in multiple disciplines keeps us sharp and smart! So, everyone’s hard-working and brainstorming to build a culture of excellence over the years. In other words, working at Myriad isn’t just a job and it’s much more than that. “It’s living out a passion for mobile technology,” Mark says.

A Unique Focus: Agriculture

It’s been established that Myriad Mobile is your go-to place for any solution regarding mobile and web technology. However, there’s more to Myriad than just this. The unique point of focus here is the company’s focus on agriculture. “At Myriad Mobile, we work on projects in a variety of industries but we take a deep dive in agriculture and ag-related industries,” explains Mark. Myriad has worked with many leading agriculture companies in the world, aiding them to set up mobile and web technology solutions.

Myriad Mobile and its Core Values

The company upholds its core values in everything it does. These values are Community, Honor, Innovation, Mastery, and Passion.

–When it comes to the Community, Myriad believes that it’s best to get involved and help your neighbor and those in need. You need to share what you know.

–Speaking of Honor, the people at Myriad do what’s right and keep their word.

Innovation is key to every organization. Myriad encourages its people to bring ideas to the table, whatever it may be. It also pushes its people to ask questions, even if it’s uncomfortable.

Mastery is achieved through the constant drive to achieve better. Myriad is devout in this.

–Myriad inspires its people to be Passionate. It supports them to nerd out, unapologetically!


Ultimately, it comes to working with clients and what they need. Ever since its foundation in 2011, Myriad Mobile has built a strong relationship with its clients. “We’re client-focused and know our success is rooted in the relationships with our clients,” he adds. So far, 350 technologies have been implemented by Myriad at various companies and organizations. Be it building a paperless process or refining a competitive advantage, or even empowering customers, Myriad has done it all with its mobile technologies.

Myriad Mobile has a special emphasis on agriculture. However, apart from working with companies in the agro world, Myriad has also done multiple projects with many startups, finance companies, and also educational institutions. The service horizon of Myriad isn’t limited to just these industries. “We’ve helped media companies, telecommunications providers, state tourism departments, beauty product manufacturers -- you name the industry, we’ve done a project in it,” Mark notes.

After all, the company mission is: “To be dominant in the industries we serve with best-of-class mobile software solutions, while delighting our customers and building a solid, secure environment for our employees.” Myriad Mobile has one vision and that is: “We help businesses solve problems through inventive technologies.” With this, the company is surely looking at a promising future ahead.

Hello Inspirer!

Mark, President

Mark serves as Myriad’s president and COO. He has an extensive career in technology, including a stint at Apple. He has been the designer of innovative products, including the education industry’s first electronic textbook, which he created for McGraw-Hill. He also designed the bestselling educational software The Oregon Trail; the first medical website for the Mayo Clinic; and the Web’s first audio browser, NetRadio.

“We say it, our clients say it, and we’re sure you’ll come to say it too: There’s no place like Myriad Mobile.”

“We’re known for being curious, competitive, fast-paced, inventive, witty, fun-loving and dedicated. We like puzzles.”

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