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NetNumber: Digital Transformation for Global Telecoms

NetNumber: Digital Transformation for Global Telecoms

Today's telecom industry is quickly starting to shift to a Cloud-Native architecture that adjusts dynamically and allows change to be implemented daily in order to address the fast paced demands of global subscribers and businesses. Carriers will need to use the same Cloud-Native principles and tools used by cloud providers to drive networking to the level of cloud compute and storage. Massachusetts-based NetNumber is helping to accelerate this drive into the future.

Established in 1999, NetNumber has an experienced leadership team at the helm stemming from both carrier and software experiences. The company has fostered a very strong team environment that leverage both industries' best skills to offer a true software solution tailored for carriers of all dimensions.

Based just outside of Boston, MA, the company delivers a range of products that address all generations (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G) of network functions in the core network, deep rooted security products and services, STIR/SHAKEN and wide set of options around data services (such as Global Number Portability in over 90 countries, Fraud, Toll Free, CNAM and more). “At NetNumber, we focus on what our core competencies – we are dedicated to providing industry expertise in Signaling, Routing, Security, Subscriber Management and Data Services. We provide customers a strong ROI through platform-based solutions that reduce Capex and Opex in the long-term,” says Matt Rosenberg, Chief Revenue Officer of NetNumber. Steeped in experience in building telecom solutions, software, protocol stacks, and integration of 3rd party tools, the company’s development organization has proven to supply to the industry with the most reliable and flexible solutions on the market.

A Superior Cloud Platform

We are in an age where cloud computing is augmenting business and business opportunities. At the very tip of this movement, is a cloud-agnostic approach that is driving today’s multi-cloud environment which is being deployed in private clouds, public clouds, and on-premise. NetNumber has been building software for the telecom industry for more than 20 years, and this experience in software has enabled them to create a superior cloud platform for several reasons. 

“We designed our products from the very beginning to reside on an inter-generational platform that can be deployed in a very wide range of scenarios, including COTS, Virtual, Cloud, and any hybrid in between. There are currently very few vendors that provide the full breadth of inter-generational services we do,” explains Matt Rosenberg. The company has a strong distribution model ranging from partners to direct. This has helped them offer global coverage to a global industry ensuring no client is left unsupported. “Because of this, we have a great industry adoption rate, supporting mission-critical components in most tier 1 operations across the globe. We also support a broad range of smaller tier 2 and 3 regional operators in over 60 countries. NetNumber has a strong investment in our industry activity and leadership as well,” adds the executive.

For carriers, NetNumber’s TITAN.IUM cloud platform provides inherent flexibility that stems from a multi-generational and multi-protocol approach. TITAN.IUM not only serves the core signaling and routing applications that carriers are looking to deploy into a cloud but also augments those applications with real-time data. NetNumber has developed the industry’s most robust cloud-native, InterGENerational platform that addresses both the legacy and 5G requirements of telcos. Cloud-based solutions from other vendors tend to be limited in terms of supporting particular network generations or protocols. “We also provide deployment flexibility. Carriers can fully deploy our solutions in their own private cloud or use a query mechanism from their existing network into our cloud, or we can host all the services and run a managed service for them,” says Matt.

Helping Stop Fraudulent Calls

Fraudulent phone calls are a great way for scammers to gain access to your sensitive information. Lately, they have been on a steep rise. But now, the spotlight is shining on this globally impacting issue. Being a leading player in Security in core networks, NetNumber has a significant stake in curbing this menace. NetNumber subject matter experts participate in and chair many of the fraud and security working groups across various industry associations. The company is able to stay abreast of industry requirements and bring real-world experiences from its global carrier community into its multiple solutions.

Signaling security continues to be a critical concern for operators as today’s SS7 and Diameter networks can be manipulated for banking fraud, authentication theft, location tracking, eavesdropping, DOS attacks, and more. To secure international roaming calls and emerging IoT devices, operators must proactively protect their signaling networks and subscribers. NetNumber provides unprecedented protection with the most comprehensive fraud and security solutions, including the industry’s first multi-protocol signaling firewall application delivered on the TITAN platform. It protects against all known threats, including fraudulent calling, and provides a fully configurable environment to address future attack vectors.

“We also provide industry data around security and fraud. The use of a deep set of industry sources to help fights against fraudulent number us is a central piece in our real-time cloud services to our customer base,” says Matt Rosenberg. With NetNumber by their side, operators can block robocalls by source numbers and call patterns, stop call-back scams, and greatly reduce termination fee fraud

Road Ahead

The pandemic has hit many companies hard. Any many of them have turned this adversity into opportunity. NetNumber was recognized a number of times this year for its trailblazing work, including being named as 5 Best Companies to Watch by The Silicon Review, and Gold Winner at the 2020 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards.

The company was recently approved by the United States STIR/SHAKEN STI Governance Authority (STI-GA) to operate as an STI Certification Authority (STI-CA). STIR/SHAKEN (Secure Telephone Identity Revisited/Secure Handling of Asserted Information Using Tokens) allows communication service providers (CSPs) to sign calls from known trusted callers digitally. The approval will give the company a fresh boost to continue the good work it does to protect consumers from nuisance and robocalls.

The Leader

Matt Rosenberg, Chief Revenue Officer

He started at NetNumber in 2008 and serves as the company’s Chief Revenue Officer. He brings more than 25 years of experience in sales executive positions in the telecom, software services and content distribution industries. An experienced leader, he has built and managed high-performing, multi-national teams across sales, services, delivery and field solutions divisions in almost all regions of the world. As the CRO of NetNumber, Rosenberg is primarily responsible for end-to-end management and growth of all revenues into NetNumber, while driving global sales, services and delivery. Rosenberg brings deep knowledge of the telecom software industry, including complex solutions sales expertise, building delivery and service teams, and driving organic and inorganic revenue for high-growth companies.

“The Lowell, MA-based company delivers a range of products that address all generations (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G) of network functions in the core network, deep rooted security products and services, STIR/SHAKEN and wide set of options around data services (such as Fraud, Toll Free, CNAM and more).”

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