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Omaha Media Group LLC - Experts in web design, development, SEO, digital marketing, and more

Omaha Media Group LLC - Experts in web design, development, SEO, digital marketing, and more

A good web design can help you guide your users to specific areas you wish to. As the world is going digital, having a good design and other marketing strategies is crucial to remain ahead of the competition. Omaha Media Group LLC is a multi-award-winning search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), and web creative management company that designs and develops intuitive web, mobile, and SEO-friendly website applications. They help companies take advantage of the power in search, social, business collaboration, cloud computing, mobile applications, and next-generation tools for enterprise businesses. We interviewed Brad Nietfeldt to know more about the company and its services. Here are a few excerpts of the same.

How have emerging technologies contributed to the success of your business?

As a technology development leader in our field, we do our best to stay ahead of the various types of emerging technology as it finds the world. Technology can not only be disruptive but usually plays a critical role in our business’s success in many different ways. For instance, we’ve been able to utilize many different emerging technologies circumventing blockchain for additional payment type support and utilizing many different forms of AI, specifically around writing and even editing curated content to help streamline SEO strategy.

Effective SEO means you rank high. Sites that rank high are targeted by competitors who want a slice of the SEO pie, which means you’re always on your toes. How do you manage to keep yourself ahead of the curve? 

We use several different forms of metric monitoring and planning AI that helps us stay on top of the competitive landscape while identifying strategic opportunities for our SEO-managed clients.

These technologies bridged with our Monstrous.IO LABS platform allow us to constantly communicate with our clients to communicate and execute opportunities with them, not just for them.

You could update all your content and website features and still not find that your site has improved. Is it possible to promise results and engagement?

It’s never wise to promise any SEO results because you have zero control of what the actual search engine does with your

data in conjunction with others competing in the same space. You can, however, educate your client base on how building up domain authority and brand reputation in the digital world is a never-ending marathon and help them understand the why behind your suggestions so that you have their support while you execute the hows.

As time goes on, developers not only deal with changing technology but with changing user preferences. How do you manage to stay relevant?

As time progresses, just staying on top of design styles, technology fads, and standards really helps you stay ahead of the ever-changing technology landscapes. Being comfortable to step outside of your normal design and development box also enables you to stay ahead, especially when your client throws a technology curveball request your way.

Business owners trying to compete in this highly competitive market usually find themselves facing a dilemma with their digital marketing strategy. How do you help them find the right tool that they can use and focus on?

Specializing in working with Fortune 500 C-Suites and other Billionaire business moguls, these dilemmas are almost always caused by a wide gap of understanding, misunderstanding, and lack of understanding, of how certain digital marketing objectives are aligned or misaligned with the overall company’s marketing strategy. In most cases, there isn’t even an overall company marketing strategy that exists, or that everyone understands, or is governing all other company-wide marketing objectives. This is almost always solved by forming or reforming an overall marketing strategy, which governs all company-wide marketing objectives and sets the KPIs used to track performance, usually resulting in some form of ROI metric to the business. You’d be surprised how easy it is to create a living marketing strategy for a business that everyone can buy into.

How do you source highly-qualified individuals to maintain the standard of your services?

We look at historical evidence of performance and check references. In most cases, individuals working with us internally, or as an extension of our team, just need to have the desire and will to want to become better than they are while at the same time help us learn and grow. Educating our team members on why we’re doing what we’re doing for the clients being the sole reason that any of us exist, usually sets the right stage for wanting to do their very best for our clients. We succeed by helping our clients succeed.

What are the different factors affecting software & app development?

The factors affecting software & app development may include:

  • Staying on top of software and standard versions
  • Staying on top of environmental software and standard version that might affect performance and functionality of code
  • Staying on top of device standards and how your application might work cross-desktop, mobile, tablet, and other devices
  • Making sure to never program yourself into a corner, staying flexible and easy to externally integrate with 3rd party systems either by API or other data connectivity methodologies

With the ease of using any services, there is often the cost to pay for losing some vital customization features. How flexible is your service for customization?

We’ve never run into this because we program specifically with the idea that our applications will never stop changing, growing, enhancing, etc. Our systems are built specifically to be improved and evolved overtime without compromising flexibility or customization.

Staying ahead of trends is something today’s media firms must do. How do you manage to stay a step among the competition?

We have positioned ourselves to be an industry leader and do our best to set the trends. We do this by developing new technology-driven solutions to solve development and marketing problems and help identify and capitalize on opportunities when they present themselves. This is especially true when it comes to digital marketing (SEO, Email & Automation, AI, Social Media Marketing).

Meet the Chief

Brad Nietfeldt, the world’s pioneer of “Creative Management,” is one of the most sought-after digital marketing gurus in America. His entrepreneurial career involves writing and producing music, successful tech startups, working for several fortune 500 companies, and in his early 20s, he was one of the first IT Support staff at PayPal becoming an internal lead developer at eBay. Currently, Brad has brands that give 100% of their profits to charity, and he runs a faith-based creative management firm based in Omaha. Brad has offices in Austin, Denver, Dallas, Miami, and soon to be launching in New York City.

With nearly two decades’ experience in software engineering, web application development, and as a leading digital marketing pioneer, Brad Nietfeldt has a diverse background and experience that has enabled many companies to grow their business, spanning from medium to Fortune 500 enterprise businesses ranging from healthcare, banking & finance, e-commerce, travel & automotive, and logistics.

“Hands down the best outfit in Omaha. Attentive, professional, and motivated to take care of the client. Brad and Alyssa are the very best. My company and I couldn’t be happier,” Evan Raines, Gap Wallet."

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