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An intelligent proptech for modern workplaces & multi-family  Residential communities—OpticWise

An intelligent proptech for modern workplaces & multi-family Residential communities—OpticWise

Among the many industries that weave together the fabric of the world economy, real estate has consistently ranked as one of the most impactful. Indeed, as the world’s population continues to grow, the need for housing has steadily strengthened, which has simultaneously prompted a surge in real estate jobs. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of real estate brokers and sales agents is expected to jump by seven percent between 2018 and 2028 — an outlook that transcends that of all other occupations. As reported by Forbes, real estate ranks as the largest asset class globally, contributing $3.5 trillion to the U.S. GDP.

In today’s highly competitive rental market, connectivity plays a crucial role in attracting and retaining tenants. Fast, uninterrupted connections—including cell calls, WIFI, security, and internet— are make-or-break amenities for both residential and commercial tenants. Unfortunately, technological deficiencies are often only addressed due to complaints, resulting in unnecessary costs and unhappy occupants. With a strategic approach to connectivity, you can improve both tenant satisfaction and net operating income (NOI).

The pandemic put working from home into high gear due to social distancing and workplace shutdowns. Even as restrictions are being relaxed, remote working has received a boost that’s unlikely to go away. Companies and organizations worldwide believe remote working is here to stay, and IT infrastructures are being transformed in the process. Office space will still be needed and wanted, but many workers have already shifted to hybrid and home offices before the pandemic. As more and more residents work from home, apartment design and community culture are being reshaped. Operators are being tasked with providing appropriate spaces and network connectivity for residents who must work remotely while enhancing the property’s living experience under these new conditions.

OpticWise pioneered proptech for modern workplaces and multi-family residential communities by providing world-class connectivity and putting more money on the CRE owners’ bottom line while pleasing tenants. OpticWise monetizes technology assets for office and apartment owners. The firm leverages proptech and in-building connectivity to deliver mobile, secure & private access to any technology.

Following excerpts are taken from the conversation with Bill Douglas, CEO of OpticWise

Q. What is your specialization, and how is it out of the ordinary?

We monetize technology assets for commercial real estate owners. OpticWise takes what was traditionally an expensive headache and turns it into a profitable endeavor. It’s out of the ordinary because we focus on the tenant’s experience while providing services that drive NOI for the owner while reducing OpEx and increasing resilience.

Q. How do you cater to multi-family property managers and owners?

Simply put: we listen and cater to the solution to fit their needs, property, and culture. The key is to drive NOI and take care of tenants.

Q. How do you help your clients build good infrastructure?

We work with them on three main points: resilience, protection, and their building-of-things™ strategies. Once those are fully understood, we design the digital infrastructure(s) for their commercial real estate properties and work with them through delivery, installation, testing, and golive. Typically, then, we manage the core pieces that impact tenants.

Q. How are your technology partners an asset to OpticWise?

We rely on the major manufacturers to integrate their software and equipment into our platform, thus enabling the 5S™ solution to be widely and successfully utilized by tenants.

Please elaborate on your services and how they are helping your clients.

Our 5S™ user experience sums up the tenant benefits: Seamless mobility, Security, Speed, Stability, Service. Our Commercial Firewall service generates income for property owners. And, our Digital Infrastructure Management service reduces expenses and increases efficiencies.

Q. What is your competitive advantage?

Our core values and our SaaS platform are our competitive advantages. We have a great team and a robust platform that scales across portfolios to generate significant benefits for clients.

Q. What is your philosophy of success?

It is simple: Success for OpticWise is wholly reliant upon our clients’ success and their tenants’ happiness.

Q. Where do you envision the company in a few years?

We feel that we are already a market leader. OpticWise continues to experience significant, sustained growth. We’re attracting high-performing talent and clients. In a few years, we’ll be driving further ahead with new initiatives to set standards across the industry and benefit everyone, not just our clients.

The man behind OpticWise’s trailblazing path to a market leader

Bill Douglas

Bill is currently the CEO of OpticWise and a proptech visionary focused on monetizing technology assets for commercial real estate. He’s a lifetime entrepreneur, having started, sold, acquired, and exited multiple businesses, made the INC & others growth lists, awarded a U.S. Patent, and more. He’s a mechanical engineering graduate from Georgia Tech and the Entrepreneurial Master’s Program at MIT.

Bill has survived two near-death experiences and overcome a significant medical diagnosis, thus receiving the ‘ResilienceGuy’ moniker. A father of two adult men, he enjoys fitness, biking, skiing, volleyball & golf. Bill has seen both sides of life and both sides of success. Many experiences have taught & molded him, and he’s passionate about giving back by helping others grow and succeed.

“Modern office and residential communities require technology solutions designed for the way this generation oftenants live & work.”

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