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Simplifying parking with technologically advanced solutions: ParkHub

Simplifying parking with technologically advanced solutions: ParkHub is a complete parking ecosystem that offers premiere enterprise solutions to the industry’s top management and operating companies. Currently taking the event parking sector by storm, their hardware and software platforms are being utilized domestically coast to coast at over a dozen of the world’s top ranked venues and management companies. ParkHub provides software and hardware services for the parking industry. The products offer multiple payment options, real-time reporting of parking revenue, support for dynamic pricing, and insight into inventory availability and control. ParkHub’s technology seamlessly integrates with some of the nation’s renowned parking and ticketing solutions.


ParkHub’s parking payment devices streamline operations and keep customers on the move. With multiple payment options, each parking operation can choose the mobile point-of-sale that fits their needs. Promote contactless, frictionless payments with the highest level of PCI-compliance. Its optimal mPOS solution, Prime EMV accepts touch-free payments including EMV and NFC (Apple Pay/Google Pay), authenticates prepaid passes, and sends transactional data to ParkHub’s business intelligence tool in real time. The updated model also features a larger screen and longer battery life than its original Prime device. Every contactless function a parking attendant needs to perform in one handheld device. ParkHub’s original mPOS accepts multiple forms of payment, authenticates prepaid passes, and sends transactional data over to ParkHub’s business intelligence tool in real time. Prime’s fast processing time keeps customers on the move. Contactlessly authenticate parking passes on the spot. This scaled-down mPOS device is designed for operations that don’t require on-site payment but can benefit from prepaid pass validation and management. Prime S equips parking operations with instant data insights, deters invalid and duplicate passes, and boasts a long battery life out on the field.

ParkHub Pay

Quickly and securely process parking payment methods including NFC, credit & debit cards, and contactless EMV payments with P2PE. ParkHub’s secure; PCI-compliant platform protects your customers when they pay for parking and your hard-earned return. Don’t let parking revenue get lost in translation. ParkHub Pay takes the complexity out of payments by offering a flat rate for every parking transaction. Monitor parking transactions in real-time and in one place. Access ParkHub Support to troubleshoot any issue along the way. A contactless solution for transient parking transactions. ParkHub Pay&Go optimizes payment processes, allowing for custom rates and promotional codes. Customers scan with their smartphone on the ParkHub Pay&Go sign for the designated lot and input their license plate number, length of stay, and pay all on one page. No app is required and receipts are emailed to them in seconds. No payment terminal, power source, or internet needed. No cash to handle, utilities to pay, or paper supplies to purchase. Effortlessly set and change parking rates across your portfolio and apply custom promotional codes.

Parking Management Suite

Introducing the next generation of ParkHub's business intelligence. Suite provides real-time data and robust analytics to help you effortlessly monitor your operations - anywhere you are, on any device. Smoothly control parking operations from one centralized hub. Keep your data secure with individualized credentials and permissions. Guide every stage of your management process with timely insights. ParkHub’s integrated contactless technology simplifies the parking process and provides rich data insights. ParkHub’s mobile point-of-sale accepts multiple payment options, including contactless EMV and NFC (ApplePay/GooglePay), and authenticates prepaid parking passes. All transactions are stored in Suite, ParkHub’s business intelligence platform, which provides real-time operational and transactional data and robust analytics. Clients see faster ingress, streamlined operations, boosted parking and concession revenue, and improved customer service.

Event parking management

ParkHub delivers real results that count – at any scale. Accept credit cards, validate parking passes, track cash, manage inventory, and report on all of this data in real time, so everyone is in sync. ParkHub’s products are flexible and scalable – designed from the ground up to adapt to your operation. This means more revenue, improved guest experience, reduced slippage, and hyper-efficient operations. ParkHub leads the industry in integrations with SpotHero, Ticketmaster,, and many more. Quickly and accurately validate prepaid parking passes, reduce fraudulent transactions, and dramatically increase throughout. Stop making your guests wait in line just to park. Get them inside faster with ParkHub’s event focused solutions. The powerful combination of ParkHub’s Prime mobile POS and business intelligence system reduces ingress time up to 45 minutes. Guests are in their seats earlier, giving concession sales a boost, too. Introducing the next generation of ParkHub’s business intelligence. Suite provides real-time data and robust analytics to help you effortlessly monitor your operations – anywhere you are, on any device. ParkHub’s parking payment processing devices streamlines operations and keeps customers on the move.

ParkHub for Operators

ParkHub’s products are designed to adapt to your parking management plan’s unique needs. A thousand guests or a hundred thousand, its system handles it all, reliably and accurately. ParkHub’s suite of tools will help you control cash slippage, revenue control, and boost inventory utilization. Park more cars, faster, with fewer staff hours. Everyone wants to know what’s going on. Get them the data they need in real-time. Every parking space and every transaction is instantly available and at your fingertips, on any web browser. And if you need to connect parking data to other applications, ParkHub’s APIs are easy to use. Suite provides real-time data and robust analytics to help you effortlessly monitor your operations – anywhere you are, on any device. With its mobile point-of-sale at the front line of your parking operations, every transaction is instantly translated into data. LTE-based and PCI compliant, the device quickly and securely processes payments and authenticates prepaid parking passes in real time

George Baker Sr., Founder & Chairman of ParkHub

“Parking systems designed to give you a bird's-eye view of your parking lot operations.”

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