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PharMerica: Pharmacy Management Redefined

A post-acute and long-term care full-service pharmacy specializing in assisted living and skilled nursing facilities

The health industry ecosystem is unlike any other industry because here lives are at stake for real and therefore the services that are provided should adhere to the quality promises and should be prompt. Delays are not tolerated especially in this industry. Also, regulations are altered now and then, hence to keep track of all these updations and to provide quality healthcare may come up as a challenge to many health centers. Although access to pharmaceuticals is not so difficult in this world of logistics but to have a systematic and timely approach is hard to find,

Senior living communities, Public health organizations and post-acute care facilities are working day and night to provide the best health-care services for their patients. But do these communities have enough time to take care of all their verticals like maintaining accounts, ensuring quality pharmaceuticals and more while taking care of the patients. PharMerica is the one-stop solution for all these aforementioned problems. They have superior account management and long-term client relationships; they are also focused on delivering a seamless patient and resident medication experience.

The company grew from antibiotic stewardship to comprehensive pharmacy services, currently, it provides 24/7 medication dispensing. PharMerica understands the need of the industry and works accordingly to provide seamless pharmacy solutions.


PharMerica started its operation in 2017 at Louisville, Kentucky, and grew into a Fortune 1000 company with nearly $2 billion in annual revenues. It is one of the fastest-growing institutional pharmacy companies in America. They are dedicated providers of innovative solutions for customers and patients.  

The company provides its services to 95+ institutional pharmacies in about 44 states. Their operations mainly serve two segments institutional pharmacies and hospital pharmacy management. The institutional pharmacies take care of the pharmacy needs of nursing centers as well as other healthcare providers while the hospital pharmacy management runs the management services at hospitals. In 2014, the Company acquired BGS Pharmacy Partners, Inc. and later that year the Company announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary Amerita Inc, acquired Altius Healthcare.

Plethora of services

In the institutional pharmacy industry ‘PharMerica’ is more than a name; this is because of the world-class services they provide like the next-gen technology, innovative reporting tools, and analytics dedicated implementation teams, and ongoing education and training that best serve their clients. PharMerica offers monthly account and quarterly business reviews where the company provides detailed pharmacy spend and utilization reports, along with cost containment performance and opportunities. Their quarterly review, address any adverse trends and target potential opportunities to reduce your costs.

The company also has detailed reporting and intuitive analytics which can be customized as either daily, weekly or monthly reports, these report packages are tailored to the needs of the client organization and also address drug utilization by spending and drug category anti-psychotic usage, Med D non-covered charges, and other medication metrics as well. PharMerica also has a client portal called ViewMasteRx that deliver on-demand reports and can be scheduled for automatic delivery by mail, there’s a dedicated client reporting team to satisfy any extra requirements of the client.

PharMerica ensures stress-free transition of the client’s pharmacy service by maintaining dedicated implementation teams that focus exclusively on transitioning new nursing facility customers to PharMerica pharmacy service. This team also manages the implementation of new services the company’s clients may elect. PharMerica has conditioned its services so that transitions for new nursing facilities and clients are seamless. Dedicated implementation teams of PharMerica ensure that the process is stress-free and happens with minimal disruption. The company also provides on-site training and support for its clients.

A unique approach

PharMerica adds a little extra in its pharmacy services and that extra is what makes the pharmacy service unique. The company offers a variety of on-site services crafted specifically for nursing facilities. PharMerica provides on-site IV services day and night along with access to IV pharmacists and nurses. Also, the company's consultant pharmacists perform medication reviews to identify opportunities to improve patient care and lower medication costs, thus always keeping the client in loop with what's happening. The Nurse Consultants that are provided by the company can help you prepare for a survey by performing med-pass observations, cart audits and more.

Meet the leader

Mr. Gregory S. Weishar is Chief Executive Officer and Director of PharMerica Corp., since 2007. He has 20+  years of experience in the pharmacy services industry. Before joining the Company, he was Chief Executive Officer and President of PharmaCare Management Services, a prescription benefit management firm and a wholly-owned subsidiary of CVS Corporation, from 1994. He has a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Biology from Northwest Missouri State University and a Masters in Economics from the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

“We believe personalized Pharmacy services and cost management should be synonymous with delivering High-quality Healthcare.”