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See a limitless perspective of what technology can do in your business domain: PixelPlex

See a limitless perspective of what technology can do in your business domain: PixelPlex

PixelPlex has what it takes to hold on to its stripes of a trusted outsourced tech provider, delivering internationally. What’s the secret sauce? That’s not much of wisdom — PixelPlex just does its teqie job at its best not to become a shallow cliché. Walking into the unknown of tech battles, PixelPlex couldn’t ever imagine that it would master that many disciplines. Now here it is, fighting light to heavy weight in domains and verticals that are huge today for a reason. Now what is it that gets PixelPlex so convinced it can cope with your challenge and will it be a happy ending? On a large scale, it’s PixelPlex’s persistence. Under no circumstances PixelPlex give in to sophisticated calls, as inventiveness and flexibility are its nature.

Making strong partnerships was central to PixelPlex’s long-term plan from day one. Regardless of project scale and complexity, PixelPlex keeps being an all-time resourceful tech provider, making clients all around the business horizons have their hearts set on the company.

Omnichannel eCommerce

In today’s dynamic business environment, businesses and customers connect and communicate at multiple touchpoints. From websites to brick-and-mortar stores, customers expect retailers to be available everywhere, all the time! Businesses have to be excessively vigilant to deliver a favorable and unified experience to customers, thereby making them brand loyal. The process involves using myriad sales channels and integrating their approach across all these channels to deliver a consolidated experience. The secret to successfully delivering such an interwoven experience lies in implementing an omnichannel strategy that connects a never-ending loop of touchpoints without deviating from the crux.

An omnichannel strategy involves varied individual customer touchpoints spread across multiple channels that seamlessly connect into a unified front-end. It allows customers to pick up where they left off, and continue their experience from one channel to another.

Omnichannel eCommerce is all about developing integrated and consistent service channels so that when customers reach out to one’s business, they view a unified support service instead of separate departments. Traditionally, retailers used the sales funnel strategy to persuade customers at the physical stores. However, the multiple touchpoints of the eCommerce omnichannel have now replaced the sales funnel strategy. These touchpoints include social media, websites, digital marketspaces, native apps, and many more. The main idea behind omnichannel retail is for the business to ensure that information available at every touchpoint is identical, thereby avoiding any confusion. The purpose of an omnichannel strategy is to design and deliver a flawless user experience at any given touchpoint. This approach goes beyond optimizing individual channels as separate entities in themselves. In reality, it removes all boundaries between online and offline sales and marketing channels to create a unified whole. As experts have said, omnichannel strategies are successful only when they focus on converting customers on any channel.

Q. Why should businesses adopt omnichannel eCommerce?

A study by the Harvard Business Review revealed that close to 73% of all online customers use multiple channels before making purchase decisions. Another report disclosed that almost 44% of B2C buyers and 58% of B2B buyers research products online before visiting a physical store to purchase them.

Omnichannel eCommerce focuses on delivering a unified customer experience, no matter which online platform they are using. Broadly, adopting omnichannel eCommerce benefits both customers and the business.

Customer-related benefits include:

  • Customers’ convenience as a priority

Unlike traditional marketing strategies, which were product-centric, omnichannel eCommerce strategies are customer-centric. Given that the business environment is highly competitive with multiple alternative options, it is crucial for brands to reach the customers instead of waiting for customers to reach out to the brands.

The omnichannel strategy focuses on easing the consumer’s journey while shopping for the brand, thereby adding value and enhancing their experience. According to UC today, 9 out of 10 customers expect an omnichannel experience with seamless communication.

  • Increased brand loyalty

Customers make purchase decisions based on their experiences with brands. An omnichannel eCommerce strategy joins the dots between all platforms, thereby delivering a seamless, memorable, and lasting experience.

In addition, businesses get the opportunity to understand the journey and preferences of their customers. Thus, this strategy offers higher rewards for acquiring more customers for these brands.

  • Communications become cohesive

Multichannel commerce focuses on optimizing every channel separately without considering the bigger picture. It often leads to a gap in communication across the various channels.

Omnichannel eCommerce promises immense potential. Customer’s desire improved experiences, both online and offline. Therefore, retailers should constantly adapt to consumers’ ever-changing needs and behavior, and recalibrate their understanding of the target consumer. The implementation of a comprehensive and holistic omnichannel eCommerce strategy requires a strong foundation. The pillars that make this foundation strong include choice of channels, the back-end data collection and analysis system, marketing and advertising, operations and logistical support, and above all, unique disruptive technology!

The latter is one of the most important but at the same time the most challenging elements. You can delegate it to seasoned specialists from PixelPlex and thus greatly simplify the task of finding the most suitable technology. If you believe your business is ready to grow with a customized omnichannel eCommerce strategy and platforms, PixelPlex can help you implement technological solutions. PixelPlex’s team of professional web developers will support you through every step of the process, solving all your technology-related challenges.

Alexei Dulub, CEO and Founder                                    

“From square one to engineering excellence! PixelPlex assists in full-cycle software development, jumps in to take it over, or brings dedicated top-demanded skills.”

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