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PreCheck Highly integrated suite of talent screening and monitoring solutions to healthcare organizations

PreCheck Highly integrated suite of talent screening and monitoring solutions to healthcare organizations

The demand for health care is unlike the demand for most consumer products and services because while the desire for consumer products and services comes from direct consumption, the desire for health care is not derived directly from the consumption of the medical procedures themselves; rather, it comes from the direct value of improved health that is produced by health care.

Glenn Woolsey and Robert Sarta, founders of PreCheck observed in early 90’s that healthcare firms required help in improving hiring procedures as some approaches of this industry is different from other industries. However, this was the only area where PreCheck could help healthcare leaders get the finest practitioners to save and better patients’ lives.

After establishing its focus, PreCheck began its developmental journey as a background investigations firm helping an industry that faces a constant sea of change exacerbated by regulatory activity, accreditation standards, evolving workforces, and technological advances, among other contributing factors.

“Today, we provide healthcare organizations with the information they need to verify and preserve the integrity of their people and programs.”

Let’s begin the chat with Zach Daigle, President

How does your product and service measure up?

PreCheck has an amazing team of people dedicated to developing innovative solutions and delighting our clients. Our clients know we are committed to the safety of their patients and organizations. They understand what PreCheck is all about.

Vu Do, PreCheck’s Vice President of Compliance, wrote an article about the meaning behind PreCheck’s tagline, “Investigate further.” In the article, she covers several examples of how we help uncover anything from applicants with phony degrees to allied health professionals who don’t

disclose a license with action against them in another state. While it certainly says a lot about our investigations, it is also a reflection of our dedication to excellence.

Throughout the years, PreCheck has seen all kinds of situations across our investigative work, but one thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to providing our healthcare clients with the most accurate information they need to make business decisions. Vu Do captures the essence of our investigative approach in the following excerpt:


“When information that comes across our desks appears questionable, we dig deeper. We try our very best to ensure the data we provide is accurate and paints a complete picture of the candidate.”

No company is perfect. Problems arise frequently. How do you maintain your stand in the market?

PreCheck’s strategic focus promotes the development of client-centered solutions that create meaningful value for our healthcare partners. Our collective knowledge and experience gained from our industry focus allow us to anticipate the needs of our clients better and to provide a personalized level of customer service. PreCheck is dedicated to maintaining our high standard of quality and to staying ahead of the ever-changing compliance environment in healthcare.

In this ever-increasing market competition, what do you think, is your company a leader or a follower?

Today, as a part of a continued mission ‘to connect people with information to advance the quality of healthcare,’ PreCheck is working on enhancing the effectiveness of its services by leveraging disruptive technologies like Blockchain, Robotic Processing Automation and Machine Learning. At the same time, the firm is also investing a significant amount of time and effort to advance its employee monitoring capabilities. With a clear-cut goal to remain the healthcare industry’s trusted and preferred background screening partner, PreCheck is regularly upgrading its services portfolio to help healthcare organizations provide the highest quality of care by hiring and retaining the best qualified talent.

Current market demands are sky-high, how do you stay relevant to your customers?

In today’s highly competitive, dynamic healthcare environment, the ability to provide quality care begins with hiring the most qualified employees while also ensuring patient and staff safety. With healthcare talent shortages, competitive hiring markets, and navigating industry regulations around hiring, it becomes extremely arduous for healthcare employers to hire the right talent. Partnering with a comprehensive and specialized provider like PreCheck makes all the difference. Today, the well-established company offers a wide range of services catered to healthcare employers, including employee credentialing, professional license management, exclusion and sanction screening, immunization tracking, electronic I-9 and E-Verify processing and employee health screening. PreCheck currently serves over 4,000 hospitals, long-term care facilities, clinics, educational institutions, and other ancillary healthcare organizations across the U.S.

How is your company sui generis?

To become the company it is today, PreCheck had to transform its culture as our team continued to grow across two locations in Texas and New Mexico. Although we have remained committed to serving the healthcare industry, our culture and mission have evolved to align themselves with the changing landscape. Today, our mission supports that of the nation’s healthcare community:

“Connecting people with information to advance the quality of healthcare.”

We’re all familiar with the conventional wisdom that culture trumps strategy, and PreCheck’s leadership team recognized the need to become more intentional about this crucial element as the company matured. Today, we achieve our mission through our HEART core values: Honesty, Excellence, Accountability, Respect, and Teamwork. While these values had always been a part of PreCheck’s identity, it was necessary to formalize them to better align our expanding teams with our mission and purpose.

Share with us three experiences that have brought you here.

It’s no secret hiring in the healthcare industry is competitive and heavily regulated. In turn, background screening needs to be easy and convenient for both applicants to complete and hiring managers to manage. So when a large US-based health system started experiencing issues with their existing employment screening provider, they began to look elsewhere. The new hires that underwent background checks and drug tests complained of a poor experience, and the Human Resources leaders themselves were looking for a screening partner that truly understood the healthcare industry. This is where Houston-based PreCheck came to their rescue. Utilizing PreCheck’s thorough and timely background checks and drug tests, this large healthcare employer was able to comply with stringent employee screening protocols while providing new employees with enhanced experiences.

At its core, PreCheck’s thorough and effective background screening program not only improves the safety of a healthcare organization in terms of its talent screening but also helps the facility avoid legal liabilities. Through its background checks, PreCheck helped HR departments move away from

in-house screening, a responsibility that demanded considerable staff time and resources and the expertise that hospital HR staff lacked in conducting in-depth background investigations. To provide support to healthcare Compliance departments, PreCheck offers its exclusion and sanction screening service, SanctionCheck, which produces actionable reports and ensures employers avoid Civil Monetary Penalties. In addition, to ascertain staff credentials are valid, updated, and compliant, PreCheck also provides license verification and ongoing monitoring services. Using a proprietary healthcare license management system, LicenseManager Pro, PreCheck provides a continuous post-hire primary source verification of licenses, certifications, and registrations. With PreCheck’s LicenseManager Pro in place, healthcare providers can stay ahead of accreditation requirements and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) directives. PreCheck’s suite of solutions is designed to effectively solve compliance challenges for healthcare employers.

What advice would you like to give to the budding companies?

I would advise that you establish your core values and guiding principles to ensure that every member of your organization understands exactly how to go about doing their job for your customers. Establish your brand and become known for certain attributes.

If you could change one thing about the company, what would it be?

I would have done more early benchmarking with customers to establish a library of case studies with quantifiable results of utilizing our services. Thousands of customers have revolutionized their screening and monitoring programs through their partnership with PreCheck, but we did not always benchmark or document the improvements that were achieved.

Where do you envision the company to reach in a couple of years from now?

I envision that we will continue to experience tremendous organic growth and expand our international business materially. I anticipate that we will reimagine traditional background screening and deliver a new generation of solutions that enhance our clients’ experience and keep them on the competitive edge as leading talent acquisition organizations in their markets. I also believe we will provide best in class solutions for understanding the full credentials profile of their personnel while ensuring their compliance with state and federal regulations as well as accreditation standards that govern their organizations

"When partnering with PreCheck, you can be confident we have extensive experience in working with healthcare organizations just like yours."

“Our solutions will help you streamline processes and meet compliance and accreditation standards.”

Man behind the success

Zach Daigle, President at PreCheck, has been with the company since 2003 and has amassed over 16 years of healthcare specific compliance, credentialing and background screening experience. His expertise extends beyond personnel qualification screening and monitoring to building transformational and technology enabled compliance programs for healthcare organizations. With a background that includes leading customer service, product development, sales, marketing and operations teams, Zach offers a unique perspective and exciting vision for PreCheck. Throughout his career, he has a history of driving strong organic growth by building exceptional teams and sophisticated technology to solve the industry’s toughest challenges. Zach has been a member of the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) since 2004, and has carried a Private Investigator License in the state of Texas since 2003.

“For over 25 years, PreCheck has served healthcare organizations and health sciences programs to optimize their background screening and compliance programs.”

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