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Prevedere: The world's leading provider of global intelligence and technology for enabling Advanced Predictive Planning

Prevedere: The world's leading provider of global intelligence and technology for enabling Advanced Predictive Planning

Through millions of global data sets, AI-powered econometric modeling, and deep economic expertise, Prevedere identifies and leverages external leading drivers for business performance. Integrating Prevedere insights into your planning process creates a significant competitive advantage in a world that is changing faster and with more volatility than ever before.

In the current COVID economy, there has never been a greater need for Prevedere’s Economic Scenario Planning solution, economic outlook reports, and opportunity and risk dashboards.

Prevedere’s innovation and customer success has been recognized by industry leaders. Prevedere was named a 2019 Red Herring North America Top North America company, a 2019 Top 10 Manufacturing Intelligence Solutions company, a 2017 Red Herring Top 100 Global Company, and the Best Business Intelligence Reporting & Analytics Solution of 2017 by the SIIA CODiE Awards. Prevedere was also mentioned in the September 2018 Gartner Cool Vendors in Information Innovation report.

Prevedere Advanced Predictive Planning Platform

The Prevedere Advanced Predictive Planning platform is a patented market-leading technology for identifying relevant external factors, creating forward-looking predictive models, enabling “what-if” analysis of potential future conditions, and monitoring for future market shifts.

Advanced analytics and machine learning platform

Proven: Track record of validating thousands of predictive models

Model ready: Major investment in collating and preparing external data

Econometrics ready: Unique combination of data, algorithms and modeling

Scalable: Systematic and repeatable for high frequency + volume

Prevedere Advanced Predictive Planning enables systematic and scalable modeling

Forecast Accuracy

Leverages Prevedere economic forecasts and scenarios for each platform and key market around the world. Forecast accuracy is improving, and confidence in planning has skyrocketed.

Guard Rails

Economic baseline forecasts combined with market assessments by Prevedere's economists provide critical intelligence and the ultimate safety net for planners.

Market Savvy

Planners and leaders around the world now understand what really drives their business, and are way more knowledgeable about economic impact on supply and demand.

Prevedere Discover - Identify external drivers of your business

Prevedere Discover is a search and correlation engine that allows organizations to quickly identify the most predictive leading indicators specific to their business and/or markets. It analyzes millions of global economic data series from thousands of public and private sources, and identifies which indicators contribute to outcomes.

Discover leverages the Prevedere Indicators global data repository and compares years of trends, patterns and lead/lag behaviors of millions of drivers, to find out which external forces actually impact a client’s line of business (whether total, or for a channel, division, product or category).

Benefits of discovering business drivers

  • Identify your unique set of leading economic indicators and their lead times
  • Enable stage 1 of the predictive AI modeling process - Discovery
  • Educate your business leaders on the exact economic drivers of their LOBs
  • Create a market savvy business with relevant economic intelligence

Prevedere Predict - Machine learning econometric modeling

Prevedere Predict is a predictive modeling engine that takes the leading external indicators identified by Prevedere Discover, and builds a multitude of predictive models. By leveraging cause and effect econometric forecasting methods, driven by machine learning and AI algorithms, thousands of predictive models are created based on permutations of the external indicators. The outcome for an organization is a series of forecasts (raw, CAGR, year on year) that enable market-validated forecasting and planning.

Prevedere Scenario

Prevedere Scenario creates forecasts from economic ‘what-if’ simulations and Prevedere Predict models. It applies planning guard rails by adding optimistic and pessimistic predictions to baseline forecasts.

Companies are now integrating economic scenario planning into their processes more than ever. Scenario planning is about identifying a specific set of uncertainties, and developing different “realities” of what might happen in the future.

Prevedere Protect

Prevedere Protect automatically monitors the performance of predictive models created by Prevedere Predict and Prevedere Scenario. It triggers alerts based on future market shifts and anomalies to enable planning pivots and reinforce strategic confidence.

Benefits of Prevedere Protect

  • Continual model health checking is critical for predictive AI
  • Health checks occur periodically and whenever underlying data changes
  • Alerts are triggered when health drops 5% (yellow) and 15% (red)
  • Comprehensive individual model analytics show root causes

Plan your marketing with unprecedented insight

Economic Benchmarking
The company’s advanced economic and modeling engine allows companies to determine how sales performance would be effected by external factors (economic, environmental or consumer behavior) without the influence of advertising spend or pricing changes. This will give your team a solid baseline to assess marketing effectiveness.

Campaign Impact Validation
Determine if boosts in sales were truly the result of marketing campaigns vs merely changes in economic conditions or consumer sentiment. Prevedere uses the latest in machine learning and predictive analysis to correlate marketing spend, external conditions, and the resultant performance allowing you to assess which campaigns truly moved the needle.

Rich Wagner, CEO & President

Rich Wagner brings 15 years leadership from big 4 consulting and Fortune 500. He worked with C-level executives on major corporate initiatives including preparing due diligence on dozens of multi-billion dollar mergers, acquisitions and corporate projects. Rich has experience in a variety of industries including manufacturing, consumer goods and retail. Rich is a Veteran and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from The Ohio State University and a Master of Business Administration.

“Our predictive analytics technology allows business leaders to understand and quantify the impact of external factors as part of their strategic planning and forecasting.”

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