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Providing a remarkably unified, single point of control where all customer data is connected: Redpoint Global Inc.

Providing a remarkably unified, single point of control where all customer data is connected: Redpoint Global Inc.

New age consumer demands more and expects something special each time he deals with a specific brand. The main reason for this is that a customer has a wide array of choices when it comes to choosing the right brand, and often go with the best brand with the best offers. In simple words, delivering an excellent customer experience still remains the main objective for a business to survive in this time of digital transformation. There is an ocean of digital marketing tools out there to improve customer engagement and customer experience, but somehow companies fail to do so. All we need is an expert who can help businesses connect to the right pipeline. In the light of foregoing, we introduce you to Redpoint Global.

Redpoint Global’s software solutions fuel brands to give a better customer experience. Redpoint Global’s solutions provide a single point of control to connect all customer data, determine next best actions in real time, and orchestrate interactions across all enterprise touchpoints. Leading companies of all sizes trust Redpoint Global to deliver highly personalized and contextually relevant experiences that optimize customer engagement.

The company started in the year 2006 by a team of proficient technology innovators who are skilled at solving customer-engagement challenges across data, insight, and actions. Many top brands rely on Redpoint for the unprecedented services it offers.

Redpoint’s market-leading solutions for customer engagement and data management consistently earn top marks for innovation, comprehensiveness, and ease of use. Redpoint is the only solution provider with a single platform across three Gartner Magic Quadrants critical to optimizing customer engagement:  Data Quality, Multichannel Campaign Management, and Digital Marketing Hubs.  Database Trends & Applications listed us as a “Trend-Setting Products in Data and Information Management for 2018.”  The firm is proud to earn top ranking for operational/transactional data quality and data integration in Gartner’s “Critical Capabilities for Data Quality Tools” reports.  Redpoint has built an ecosystem around its Customer Engagement Hub that encompasses a range of leading technology, marketing-services, data-aggregation, and implementation-service partners to provide game-changing outcomes for customers.

Redpoint bridges the gap between strategy and execution to hyper-personalize your customer interactions at the speed of the customer.

Products to back upon

Design and execute Omni channel marketing programs using Redpoint’s Omni channel message lists and next best actions.  You design the messages and sequences, then the system automatically delivers those messages regardless of channel. Use Redpoint’s machine learning to optimize across all your channels.

Be a major part of customers’ journey: Design an entire audience selection and messaging process using Redpoint’s simple drag-and-drop interface. Whether the journeys are highly complex or ultra-simplistic, a few simple clicks get you there quickly and intuitively.

Leverage Reporting and Analytics: Experience the benefit of a complete and current contact history with highly visual reporting tools and templates.  No other system demonstrates the effectiveness of your marketing programs as fast as Redpoint.

Real-Time Customer Engagement: Redpoint Real-Time Customer Engagement helps you deliver personal, contextually relevant customer interactions at the speed of the customer. Help customers shorten their path to purchase with insights and personalization. Redpoint simplifies the complexities by enabling you to unify data, create a single view of the customer, generate customer-specific content with automated analytics, and orchestrate customer experiences across every touchpoint.

Speed and Agility: Unleash the power and speed of the Redpoint Customer Data Platform that delivers real-time decisions that leverage data captured only milliseconds earlier. With Redpoint, you engage with each customer as a “segment of one” using complex, highly personalized decisions in real time across all touchpoints in the enterprise.

Redpoint is fond of challenges

Every buyer expects to be treated as a unique individual. When your data is cleansed, unified, and integrated, you can create a highly precise profile of each customer over time – including their online and offline behaviors, preferences, and purchase histories.

Redpoint equips you to create and deliver hyper-personalized messages that are relevant to each customer and orchestrate interactions across all touchpoints.

One-to-One Messages: Leverage your customer data to target customers as a segment of one and orchestrate interactions that improve campaign performance metrics, reduce cost of customer interaction, and increase customer lifetime value. Let Redpoint show you how to tap all of your data to make every moment of interaction personal.

Personalized Marketing at Scale: With Redpoint, you can seamlessly execute customer journeys that create a true connection across digital channels, stores, call centers, direct mail, social networks, mobile (apps and SMS) channels, and IoT (smart connected devices).

To deliver personalization at scale, you need to optimize your data so you can produce the next-best action in real time. Redpoint’s machine learning capabilities enable you to deliver highly relevant interactions that are in the right context and cadence for each customer.

Meet Dale H. Renner, Founder & CEO

Dale Renner has served as CEO of Redpoint Global since he co-founded the company in 2006 with a vision of enabling marketers to orchestrate meaningful customer interactions across channels years before the Internet of Things and Big Data irrevocably changed the nature of the customer experience.

Dale has more than 25 years of experience in CRM consulting and the data processing and analytics software industry. He was a global managing partner at Accenture, where he founded the firm’s Global CRM practice and grew worldwide business revenue to $1.5 billion. Dale was also previously CEO for Seisint, Inc. and ClarityBlue, Inc.

“Redpoint has built an ecosystem around its Customer Engagement Hub that encompasses a range of leading technology, marketing-services, data-aggregation, and implementation-service.”

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